Europa Water Plumes

Claim: Nasa should focus their research on the moon Europa, because it has signs of water and life.

Evidence: When the ship Galileo passed by Jupiter’s moon Galileo to collect data there was strong evidence to suggest that it had passed through a geyser or a spray of water. One time it got very close to the surface of the moon (93 Miles from the surface) and on that pass the got very weird signatures that they never understood. That area has been reported many times by the Hubble telescope that they spotted evidence of plumes. They believe that there is a warm ocean under the thick layer of ice on Europa.


Reasoning: Nasa says that if the plumes erupt like geysers then there is a possibility that material from the ocean will also come out. That means it would be easier to take samples to check for life. Also they think the reason the ocean is under lots of thick ice is to protect the water from harmful radiation. They also think because the ocean is deep under the ice it is warmer because it is closer the the center of the planet. They want to launch a craft as early as June, 2022 to sample the frozen liquid and dust.

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The Crazy Witch Hunt

The author Rosalyn Schanzer in the book Witches was trying to put a sense of horror in people who read the book. She was also trying to get people to wonder and learn why the people were running around hunting witches.

First of all, she was trying to put a sense of horror and dread in people, because she wanted to show people how it was during that time period. When reading the tales, you really get a feeling as if you were there personally, and it really hooks you in. You know when you watch a really good movie and you finish it you feel different and your mood matches the movies tone. That is basically what is happening with this book. In the book it even said that “I hope to transport readers back through time, to evoke the sense of horror and dread”. The whole style of the book was targeted toward this goal, even the way to illustrations were made were to make the book seem dreadful. The illustrations were made in black and white with red accents on an Ampersand Scratchboard. The vocabulary and sentences used definitely add to the tone the author was trying to create; vocabulary like mangled, disembodied, scratched, tortured, agonized and so on. I really enjoyed reading how this book created a mood of dread and horror but still was very enjoyable and made you want to read more. So in conclusion, this books had many aspects contributing to give it a horrible and dreadful mood; but was still very enjoyable to read.

Also, she wanted people to wonder and understand why people were just running around hunting witches. The whole books purpose just kind of seems like the author is trying to show you how crazy people were. But the book also tries to get you to understand why all this happened. One of the reasons this book explains everything so well and gives you so much of the story is because the author researched everything herself. What she did was research lots of what happened during that time and handpicked her stories, translated them from old English to new English and put them in the book. The stories she picked were so good, she wrote them in a way you could understand and organized the stories in a way where it all turns into one great big organized story that you can read so easily. In authors note it said “To clarify this for modern readers while still retaining the tone, I have abridged many long-winded passages, updated much of the spelling, and clarified a small number of the most archaic terms”. So in conclusion she really left you with lots of knowledge of what happened but got you to think a little bit by not answering all the questions.

So all in all this was a very great book that set a mood of horror and dread while still being enjoyable and helped people understand why and what happened during the witch trials. I would definitely recommend this book for people who like creepy and interesting history.


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One Day


For One Day I am doing Hutong Cooking Class. I choose this because I like cooking and I wanted to learn how to make some Chinese food. I also thought it would be fun to go out of school and go somewhere to cook. Lastly I also wanted to go eat good Chinese food and I thought it was even more fun to also cook some. To choose what we will be cooking they gave us many options and we voted on what we wanted. We ended up with a Sichuan meal which consisted of Meat with vegetables, shredded chicken salad, and a cauliflower and bacon salad. It was a really fun experience to go to. The place was a house in the Hutongs and it was really nice. The food has great flavor and was very spicy. The preparation involved lots of chopping up vegetables, and when we cook it you add soy sauce and spices. All in all the food was fun to cook and delicious to eat. We also had a tea making part at the end where they gave us many different flowers and herbs that we could choose from. After we chose we designed a logo and put the tea in a big with our design.


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The Hubble Deep Field

The Hubble Deep Field video had more of an impact on me because it shows how it seems almost impossible that there is not alien life.

In the video it says that in that photo every smudge, speck or dot is a galaxy and in those galaxies there are billions of stars. All of those stars have a possibility of having a planet, and all of those planets have a possibility of having life. So just from that photo alone there are billions and billions of planets that could contain life. Now if that still isn’t enough for you then think that that is just one photo, and there is so much more of the universe that we don’t even know of

So this means now we are dealing with billions more of what we just talked about. So now we have billions of sections that hold billions of galaxies that hold billions of planets which all have a possibility of life. Just try to wrap your mind around that. All this strongly suggests that it is almost impossible that there is no other life in this universe.

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The Capitol

I made this because it shows how the capitol will kill anything against it and had no mercy. “How could they drop bombs on their own people? Because they want to stop the rebels at all costs” (Collins, 180).They are horrible and unfair but have all the power so they control and brainwash people to keep them under rule and force them to do bad things. I used piktochart because I can create a kind of infographic the capitol would give out to its people.

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The Capitol

In the book The Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins the Capitol was ruthless, stupid and selfish

First of all the capitol was ruthless, because they would not stop the bloodshed and did horrible things. As a little background to show you how ruthless they were before this war; every year they would host something called The Hunger Games where they send 12 kids to kill each other and survive in an arena for their amusement. This is what causes the whole war in the first place. The commander of one of the army’s groups in district 13 said “you must show no mercy to the capitol as they will show none to you”. (Collins, 142) The capitol would slaughter little children and bomb hospitals full of families and wounded people. They had no thought or mercy for what they were doing. This all shows how ruthless they were.

Second of all They were stupid, they had no thought in what would happen if they did the things they did. They would treat people horribly kill them but did not think there might be an uprising. They tried to keep people under control by killing anything that might cause uprisings but they did not manage to stop Katniss. So their solution was to bomb everything Katniss knew like her district and her friends, but most of her friends and family made it out alive. This is all evidence of how the capitol does not think before the act.

Last but not least the capitol was selfish, they kept everything to themselves and treated people horribly. For example, the capitol cannot survive without each and every district, and they force the districts to work for ever. But they do not give them enough, housing money and on top of that they have peacekeepers that kill/torture anyone who stops working for one second. Just as Katniss said “we work and work and work but never get anything in return, this must stop”(56). The Capitol has no regard for human life and think of them as machines. Not only that but sending 12 kids to die and ruin family’s life just for the people in the Capitol to have amusement. Just the thought of it is horrible. Just this shows how selfish the Capitol is.

After you read this and see how the Capitol is ruthless, stupid and selfish do you think you would have made the same decisions as them.

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What Did The Boxers Do?

A short video about the history of the boxer rebellion.

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Robot Petting Zoo

My biggest obstacle was getting the whole robot to stick together, because when we were trying to put the wings and sensors on. We ended up putting more reinforcement and lots of hot glue to fix it.

I would like to change that our robot is not durable and can break easily. Our wings were very heavy so when the motors moved I thought they were going to break every time we used them. The motors ended up breaking in the end.

The advice I would like to give to the next group is to make sure your robot is built well and sturdy. The most important thing is that you plan how you are going to do everything to the last detail before you start. If not you will run into many problems.

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Join The Wave

I used a newspaper and called it the grapevine because that is the name of the newspaper in the school of the book. I put the wave, bullied kid, the secret note and the wave parade to show how people are obsessed with the wave and kids get bullied if they don’t join the wave. People are so scared of saying they do not like the wave they have to use a secret note. All this shows how serious the wave got, and I also showed a photo of a kid being bullied and a photo of the wave to show that people get to into it.

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