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Making 3d printed Maze

Building this was an amazing experience. I never thought I would be able to use this type of software. It was an amazing learning experience and was very fun. I can not wait to see how it turns out

OneDay 2017- Football Trickshot Video

Football Trick shots: Our goal was to make a good and funny trick shot video by the end of the day.


We learned that making these videos were really hard and doing the trick shots were also very hard.


Our video went well because we did very good fun trick shots and they looked really cool.


I would get a camera and a tripod next time also only try to make one video and finally I would try to think of some trick shots before one day.



Every summer vacation I go to Colombia in South America. My whole family lives there but I stay and live in my grandma and grandpa apartment it has a soccer court, basketball court, swimming pool and a park. So I play a lot in there. Also we go to a club called the club campestre it is really fun there they have a waterside, big pool, zip line, 2 soccer courts, park, golf court, ping pong court, tennis court, video home room, boating place, fuze ball, bar, restaurant (with great amazing food), river, cycling rink, fishing place, basketball court and a horse riding place. I love to play there and go there most of the time to play soccer and swim.

Then after a while we have our own mountain house/farm I stay there and sleep for about a week it is awesome there. My cousin comes with me and so does my uncle my and my cousin both have the same dirt bike just his is a older version of mine. It is really big about 100 acres of land the land is about 20 and the rest is 80. If you go out of the house and do a right and climb up a hill there is something called the culumpio de vuele which is a seat attached to a giant pole by string and when you jump of the mountain the seat makes you stay up so you fly. If you walk to the right there are the swans, chicken and flowers if you walk passed that there is a giant river the a green house then just a bit of forest.

I love dirt biking there because there is so much land so you can do what you want to do. You can set up jumps try to rode the awesome forest and just ride around the house. There is also out side of the house a bog trail of rocks to get to the other houses so you can ride there fore fun. I love all the open land to ride and have fun on my dirt bike. Also you can do a lot of hiking there.


On the Ning Nang Nong
Where the Cows go Bong!
and the monkeys all say BOO!
There’s a Nong Nang Ning
Where the trees go Ping!
And the tea pots jibber jabber joo.
On the Nong Ning Nang
All the mice go Clang
And you just can’t catch ’em when they do!
So its Ning Nang Nong
Cows go Bong!
Nong Nang Ning
Trees go ping
Nong Ning Nang
The mice go Clang
What a noisy place to belong
is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!!

I like it because it is good length and very funny. Try to say it fast it is a tongue twister and it sounds really funny fast so i like it.

BY Spike Milligan

Dirt Biking

I love to dirt bike it is my favorite thing to do dirt biking. It is awesome you just fell like your flying when you ride it just is awesome. I have a Honda CRF 70 that is the one in the middle. It has a motor which is 70 cubic centimeters that is why it is called cry 70 it has a four stroke engine which means the pistons have to go up and down twice to make an explosion which is what gives you power and acceleration. Two stroke means it only does it once which gives more power but more pollution. It has 4 gears it goes about 60- 80 miles per hour pretty fas huh.

There are normal jumps which are pretty big as you can see in the video. There are jumps called whoops there are like tiny jumps like almost bumps so you could lose control there is also a note section it is like whoops but bigger. The turns have very tall sides so if you get on the top you can accelerate earlier and go faster. In the video it shoes the back of there bike going sideways that is called a whip you do that because it slows you down because of the wind so you can enter the jump faster.






Review For the book The Voyage of the Frog by Gary Paulsen

I think the book was great it left you thinking what will happen next because it was always changing. The reading age is probably 7 years old and up because it is a bit sad and scary. Think of surviving in see with a concussion dislocated arm and a crippled boat. How scary is that think you trying to survive that.

This book is connected to his other books because of the theme survival. He did not win a award for this book. But personally I think this is a really good book. It talks about a teenage boy how goes out to sea and gets carried away by a storm and thrives for survival will he do or die?

What do you think? What is the frog is a real life frog or a name? Does he have enough food will he have enough water. He’s sailing he gets hit in the head nearly faints will he make or not……………?

Review for the book Flat Broke by Gary Paulsen

I think the book is really good cause it goes happy happier and then it goes back down so you don’t know if it will go back up. Money Money Money it all comes down to that Kevin’s parent wont give him money for chores because he used to lie a lot. So he is trying to get money.

 So first he makes a job by setting up poker games and betting for money, cleans garages and sells food at a high school but will this all workout or will it be shut down? Or will everything workout and he will be rich?

 He also wants to impress a girl Tina to go to the dance but she thinks of him as a friend. This book has not won awards it is more of a funny book lying around to read whenever your board. The reading age is 7 because it is tricky to read.

Iron Man

J3CZQIyIron Man is a suit with rockets, repulsers, missiles, guns and a laser. He uses all these things to fight different iron man suits and extremis people (they are people who have regenerating powers, can breath fire and melt things).

Stan Lee is the person who invented iron man the actor of iron man is called Robert Downley  jr. He has 3 movies, has his tv show, is in the avengers and will be in the avengers 2 (age of ultron). The first movie came out in 2008. He was made originally in USA. Because Stan Lee made the Avengers and he thought of more ideas and then he got iron man. Also more movies more money also more entertainment

Sailing Camp

Every single year I go to sailing camp in Connetecet. It is like school I have Saturday and Sunday off for a month. Every day we practice and learn a new thing. Sometimes we go to a island called Takkini Island. Sometimes the wind is really good and sometimes we can’t even sail because the wind is so low. Sometimes we do cannonball contests and water gun fights.

The boat is about as big as a big tub it is made of fiberglass. It’s tiller and center board are made out of wood with glass around them. Its sail is about 4 feet tall and it is 2 feet wide it is a normal sail not a racing sail. It is green and white the side is green and the rest is white. It is called SEA DESTROYER.

At the end we always go to Takkini Island to search for a bucket of candy. The teacher leaves us clues of where to go first he leaves clues of where to find the shovel then where to find the candy and then we dig up the candy. Its really fun because we go around the whole island.



My favorite movie is Journey to the Center of the Earth because there is always suspense and you don’t know whats going to happen. They always find a way out of situations and over all it is a great movie. It is about some people who get stuck in a volcano with min carts and live skeletons dinosours. Lots of gems to how will they escape the volcano…