Leonardo Da Vinci

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Katniss Everdeen


Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

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The Renaissance

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Waverly is Very Diverse

Waverly has a very curious mind, she always wants to learn things and question’s why a lot. She is determined because when she wants something or likes something she focuses on it. But she gets irritated by her mom and they do not work well.

Waverly has a very curious mind. She always asks questions to people and wants to learn things. Like when she asked her mom what Chinese torture was “Ma, what is Chinese torture?” or how she asked Lau Po lots of questions for chess. This shows how she asks lots of questions even if there are a little weird because she wants to learn or know new things. This also includes how she is determined because she is curious and when she wants to find something out she is determined and finds it out. The way she approaches questions is not great, because she is very abrupt and blunt. She doesn’t ease into it she just asks it out of the blue. This can cause people to not want to answer or get annoyed.

She is determined because when she was asking her brothers if she could play chess she didn’t give up, and she didn’t stop learning about chess. It is like me and my older sister, because when she gets new thing I always have to nag her if I want to use it. Waverly would practice all the time and read books about chess to get better. She wouldn’t stop nagging her brothers until they let her play chess. This shows just how determined she was and she wouldn’t stop until she did well. The only problem about this is when people don’t want her to do something or don’t want her in something she just nags forever, and that can make people really annoyed. Sometimes this goes well like when she played chess, but other times it can make people really mad and set the mood badly.

She gets easily annoyed by her mom and they don’t get along that well. For example, when she was telling her mother to stop telling everyone that she was her daughter to show off her mom got very mad and said “Aii-ya. So shame be with mother”. That just shows how they are not on the same page and don’t understand each other. Being determined and curious doesn’t help the situation, because her mom tells her what to do and thinks she is always right but when Waverly thinks she is right she doesn’t listen to her mom. This is exactly what makes her mom mad and this is why they are always fighting.

In conclusion Waverly is a diverse person with qualities that help her be great, but can also be bad.

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Fishing is Dumb

From: The Bass, The River and Sheila Mant by W.D Wetherell


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My First Week

Sour, fun, surprises and embarrassing pretty much make up my first week of school.

It has been an action packed adventure full of adjusting and learning. Day 1- nervous, sad but excited pretty much make up my I emotions when I heard my alarm on the first day.  I got on my bus and arrived to class, only to see lots of new faces and only one familiar one.” Great I thought I would get to meet new people”. We go to  our assembly and learn all the new stuff, nothing but the usual. Day 2- also just learning new stuff not real school, and another assembly but this time in the gym. Once I arrived at the gym I thought to myself” Lots of new faces”. I maybe chat a little with the new people but not a lot. Day 3- Finally real school starts, and boy was I excited to see how was in my classes. By the end of the day I am feeling satisfied, because I had lots of my friend in my good classes. Day- 4 uhhhh I have Chinese Class is the only thing I was thinking the whole day. I might have enjoyed drama but the day was particularly dreadful. Once I reached Chinese Class I saw some of my friends and sat with them. The whole class was particularly confusing. Day 5- Yes today I have P.E, enrichments and no Chinese Class. I went on to enjoy the day and end the week in a happy note, except I have homework on the weekend.


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Books I have Read

Books I have Read

  1. A Matter of Days by Amber Kizer
  2. Divergent by Veronica Roth
  3. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
  4. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  5. Taken by Erin Bowman
  6. Midwife’s apprentice by Karen Cushman
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2018-2019 Humanities

  1. What are you looking forward to in grade 8 Humanities?

I am looking forward to reading more good books and writing about them. I am also looking forward to learning about history and current events. I also enjoy free writing.


  1. What challenges will you face?

I have trouble remembering all the rules of grammar and have some difficulty spelling hard words. Specifically, where to put commas and colons and why I should put them there.

  1. What is your plan to meet these challenges?

If I have trouble with things maybe practice it more or figure out tricks that work for me. Mainly work hard enough until I achieve my goal.

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Making 3d printed Maze

Building this was an amazing experience. I never thought I would be able to use this type of software. It was an amazing learning experience and was very fun. I can not wait to see how it turns out

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OneDay 2017- Football Trickshot Video

Football Trick shots: Our goal was to make a good and funny trick shot video by the end of the day.


We learned that making these videos were really hard and doing the trick shots were also very hard.


Our video went well because we did very good fun trick shots and they looked really cool.


I would get a camera and a tripod next time also only try to make one video and finally I would try to think of some trick shots before one day.


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