The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer


coverThis series is probably my favorite series of any type since I love Fantasy and the types of books that put old stories or just regular stories into modern times. So basically this story is based on our regular bed time stories for example ‘Red Riding Hood’ or ‘Rapunzel’. This series is about how these regular stories are actually alive in a different dimension of sorts. These characters are all in this ‘Land of stories‘ which us normal people cannot enter. The only reason why this story exists is because of these two children who were born half human half fairy. All ages can probably read this book since it is very funny at times and is very interesting since we only know the sweet hearted stories and don’t know how these people really look like or behave. For example in this book Jack from Jack and the beanstalk falls in love with Goldilocks who is actually an outcast for crimes she has done against this lands “Fairy” so called government. As a conclusion this book is very fun to read and I would recommend this to everyone I know.

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Smoking Impact Unit Reflection

Our impact project was trying to stop people from smoking or at least try, in the end we didn’t affect people smoking but the people around them since we picked up cigarettes on the street and presented to other classes which informed them on the harms of smoking and what it does to your body. We also presented them with an important video which explained the life of a man who died of smoking and lung cancer. I think the best part of our presentation was the video since it touched my heart it probably touched others hearts since he had a family and everything.

I think our impact project went pretty well so to say since we had a lot of children and teachers/parents come on our presentation day to our trifold and watched our video.

A challenge we had was that we didn’t plan that well which concluded in improvising to our presentation and our project which also shrunk our time frame so we didn’t have much time to do more than we really did. The so to say easiest part and most fun part was when we actually did our actions and picked up cigarettes and presented to classes because we knew we had made a difference. Even though we didn’t complete our first idea of our project I think that since all of our group members are still staying at ISB for the next years we could continue our project and even spread it around to other people who are passionate.

One of my favorite parts was presenting since we also got to see other peoples presentation which was fascinating and was pretty cool.



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Reading Journal: April 22, 2016

The book I have been reading and have finished is called Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.

In the end Murray who was the man characters friend turned out not to be his friend and was a double agent working for terrorists, as for Alexander Hale, he turned out to be a total snob and can’t even fight well, he makes other people do his job for him and he’s only very respected because he has people up there.

A connection that I have is I have read another book about spies and things related to that, but I like this book more because it relates to us children and our problems at school but in a cool way.

I think Stuart Gibbs chose Murray’s personality because Murray has a very hung back personality and I think thats actually a really good type of cloaking your inner self to the outer world

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Reading Journal: April 15, 2016

The book I’m reading right now is called “Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.

Spy School is about a boy named Benjamin Ripley who gets accepted into a school for spies, when Ben was very young he loved James Bond and even just the idea of being a spy wowed his mind. When a strange man was sitting in Ben’s living room the next morning the man turned out to be Alexander Hale, a top spy and graduate from the CIA’s Academy of Espionage and invited Benjamin to the academy. Of course Ben said yes straight away but right when he arrived at “Spy School” as every other student calls it the school had been taken over by a group of enemies. It turned out this was all a test for Ben and he definitely failed.

A connection I have is that when I was 5 I would always draw gadgets and watch spy cartoons just like Ben.

Alexander Hale is a very skilled man in martial arts and gun handling. He is a very understanding and cool person, he looks handsome and basically always wears a suit with a gun sticked into his pocket and a bowtie

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SLC Reflection

My favorite part about the SLC’s was designing the Piktocharts because we were allowed to design and color our own E-Posters, it was fun because we could choose our own designs to put inside words and backgrounds.

My least favorite thing about the SLC’s was putting everything together, it was hard because I couldn’t choose and sometimes couldn’t find things for each category. Another least favorite is when I had to bundle it all up and it was pretty messy so I had to sort it all out.

A goal I would work on for the next 2 months of the school year is trying to challenge myself more in all different kinds of subjects.

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Human Body Unit Reflection

My favorite thing about the human body unit was the presentation in the end because it was fun planning it and researching about the skeletal system, another favorite was watching and doing other peoples projects to learn more about what they were researching about.

Some parts of my project were really good and some were kind of bad, a good one is that I had it all planned out and was prepared for it. A bad thing was my speech because I got a little nervous and didn’t talk as well as I had planned.

My least favorite was one of the body stations because the teacher didn’t really make it exiting and fun like the others the teacher just showed us loads of videos.

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Reading Journal: March 11, 2016

Benji is a fifth grade boy that has a fainting issue and thats why he has a dog called Ripley who is his personal health assistant for when he faints and falls on the floor. Before Ripley, Benji had Elvis who was supposed to be the presidents dog who he would turn out to be but Elvis and Benji had a great history together so when Elvis sends Benji a secret coded message Benji quickly finds out a way to get to DC to see whats up with Elvis.

Elvis has a know it all attitude dog who can only talk to Benji. He is a Newfoundland dog with black fur and a very smart brain who was trained to be the presidents dog so he can read, write, speak 3 languages and body guard.

A connection to this is a have a dog too and my dog always thinks she’s the boss just like Elvis.

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Reading Journal: February 26, 2016

Goosebumps – How I Met My Monster by R.L.Stine

Noah Bienstock is a fifth grade girl and she has having to have these weird nightmares about monsters following her and trying to kill her, her mom says that its because she’s nervous about the swim trials but maybe its not…

A connection that I have is, when I go swimming in the deep end of the pool I always think about what could be down there



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Reading Journal: February 19, 2016

A new book I’m reading is called Treasure Fever! by Andy Griffiths

So what I’ve been reading is that there is a school called Northwest Southeast Central School and in this school there is a class called 5c, then there is this group of friends in this class but the point of view in this book is from Henry, one boy from this group of friends. So, Henry was sent to the principals office because it had looked like he had jumped onto Fred Durkins (The school bully), Fred Durkinds and his little brother Clive who is in Henrys class stole a lollipop from Henry, Ok lets get back to the part when Henry was going to Principle GreenBeard’s office. Mr. GreenBeard was a very fascinating man with the dream of making his school a pirate ship (it came true). After a few moments of Henry listening his principle talk about respect and honor he was talking about a lost treasure… And it was Henry’s job to find it in his very school grounds.

Henry is a very attention paying boy, he is happy to do anything and is very quick thinking. I think that he likes Jenny a girl in their group of friends but I don’t know yet.

A connection I have is that when I was small I loved ships and water so when i was 5 I got a big lego pirates play set.

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Reading Journal: January 29, 2016

Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar

A lot has changed between the last reading journal entry and this one.

First of all Tamaya knows what her rash is from and its the “fuzzy mud”. The fuzzy muds spread all over HeathCliff and is now affecting other people too!

But lets get back to the very start of this spreading, Chad gets hit in the face with the mud by Tamaya, no one sees chad for days. Tamaya feels like its her fault that Chad is lost so she runs into the woods to find him. Now we are at the part where she finds Chad but his face is totally swollen and he’s blind. Who knows, will they get back or will they stay in the woods forever seeking help?

Chad is a seventh grader in Woodridge Academy that has been kicked out of school 6 times and thats why he came to Woodridge, not because his family had money and not because he’s smart. Now we know that Chad picks on Marshall because they have the same birthday and Chad heard Marshall talking about how he got his favorite food for his birthday and Chad gets nothing

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