Project Trade Up Reflection 2018-2019

Some interesting things I learned about are: supply and demand, tariffs and how they work, trade wars, and resources, which helped me understand the economic structure of a nation/society. For example, tariffs helped me understand how societies protect their own native industries to meet their economic needs. Before this project I used to think that tariffs were on all goods, and their only purpose was to earn money for the government,  whether imported or native, now I realize that tariffs don’t apply to native goods in order to protect native industries, for example, if a Chinese company and a American company both sell bananas, the Chinese government would put tariffs on the American company to raise prices, causing for the Chinese people to purchase the Chinese bananas. Looking back on Project Trade Up, I realize what a societies needs are and how they can be met. For example, one need would be development, and that can be met by trading, supporting innovation, and such.

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Feed Our Future!

 This Feed The Future unit led me to understanding food unsustainability in depth and to witness cases of food insecurity, that there are many loopholes and snags in our current food system while many aren’t even aware of how unsustainable it is. There are two main issues that I feel a need to address: waste and alternative diets. Unlike the lack of knowledge towards the unsustainability issue, many understand the problems with waste, but few do make sense of it. Out of three portions of food, only one successfully makes it into our stomachs – not excluding the amount of food wasted after home food preparation and waste – while the other two go towards catering for farmland animals and utter waste in the process of agricultural production, processing, distribution, and retailing. If the food wasted in those two areas could be saved, then there wouldn’t be the approximate 793 million people starving around the world, and our current food system would be able to sustain for much longer. Another issue worth mentioning would be an alternative diet, since, as many may be conscious of, meat and diary products aren’t quite sustainable foods, and neither are agricultural crops, as they make a significant contribution to climate changing greenhouse gas emissions, along with giving rise to other major environmental impacts, including biodiversity loss, water extraction, pollution, and resource depletion. To conclude, over the course of this project, my views and opinions referring to this food unsustainability/insecurity has grown to be much more in depth, and now has a wider variation of knowledge in this topic.

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One Start, Many Endings – Ignite Week 2018 (cross-out)

Over the one-week period of time of Ignite week, I produced an interactive narrative with actual functioning “choices” (feasible). Along the way, I have encountered many successes and challenges, such as inspiration, style of writing, intriguing story plot and attempting to create/establish one, etc.,. In this project, I’ve improved a lot on the aspect of creativity, proven from how I swapped and replaced, then combined my several ideas to produce a final scheme. In the future, creativity and being able to innovate will be able to contribute to matters such as composing pieces of literature, projects, etc.,. From this project, I have accomplished and have harvested many skills.


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ONEday 2017

For my ONEday project, I made a drawing with paper quills glued on. My drawing focused on ocean pollution, air pollution, and some sarcasm towards human nature, but my original plan was only to focus on ocean pollution. My intention was to be able to raise awareness, but since this project came out way below my hopes and standards, I would not say that I completed my goals and will ever complete. I am quite disappointed at how my project came out, yet I’m proud that I managed to complete this project, since many people did suggest that I give up on the paper quilling part, as it did take up quite a lot of time, effort, and resources. I really struggled when I realized that there was no way that I could finish the project, since there was too little time and a serious lack of paper; my solution was to leave the middle blank and shade that space, so that, for me at least, it would stand for “you-might-think-ocean-pollution-is-not-serious-but-it-is”.


Presentation Link:

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Sugar-Free Challenge! (No Sugar… For a Whole Week! *O*)

Sugar-free week didn’t actually have that much of a effect on my life, due to the stomach flu that I caught. I was limited to the foods in my house and was only allowed to eat rice porridge and drink water. And, even after I got better, it was quite easy. Through this challenge I learned that I actually don’t consume that much sugar, at least much less than I assumed. I think that the reason, or at least this is the reason that I did this challenge for, we did all this for was to inform us and make sure we can revise our food choices to make us more healthy. Truthfully, my diet didn’t actually change that much; the only major change was that I couldn’t eat these little flavorless snacks that I would munch on when I was bored.


To continue this healthy diet, I will have to check the wrappers of all the food that I buy (I don’t like eating dishes—like those in a restaurant—that contain sugar; the only food I consume that contains sugar is snacks and other stuff that you can get at, let’s say, Jenny’s) to make sure that they don’t contain sugar or at least only a small amount of sugar. My family will also have to make changes, for my mom really likes to make dishes that contain sugar (not lots of sugar, but some) and it’s hard resisting the food when it’s on the table. What I’d like the school to change is to put little signs on all the sweet food that they serve at the Deli Marche, because some people aren’t that educated about sugar and they still would consume it; the sign might say something like: “Contains Sugar (Health Warning)” or something along that line.


Though this challenge didn’t have that much of an effect on my life, it really did educate me in depth about sugar and it’s dangerous. BTW, in the weekend, I went to AnnaRosa’s (my classmate) birthday party, and guess what? I had tons and tons of sugar. 😉

Pre-Sugar-Free Week:


Sugar-Free Week:

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-33-58-pm screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-53-48-pmscreen-shot-2016-12-07-at-1-53-55-pm^-^

Post-Sugar-Free Week:


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PE Health Post


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Impact Project Reflection


Me, Akari, and Nicole, a.k.a. M.A.N. F.N.C Drivers, did a food and clothing drive, we wanted to help people get their needs. A drive is a efficient to collect items since people normally won’t go to Roundabout and donate things, drives inform people and therefore people will donate. Our goal was that we had to collect 30 items, which seems rather ambitious now that I look at it properly, we failed to collect 30 items and instead, 3.

Action Plan:

Our action plan was to speak at lunch and spread posters around school. What we failed to realize was that that was far from enough, we didn’t get enough attention.

Proof Of Impact:

If we got 30 items or more we would have completed our goal, which we didn’t.


Our project is not sustainable, it is a one-time thing.


our project was a failure, but all three of us now realize our mistakes and will do better if there is a next time.

Personal Reflection:

I think that even though we have failed we still made a impact, even though if it’s minor. Maybe, which is what we hope, the puny three pieces of cloth will help someone. My only regret for this project is that we didn’t present to classes, if we did, we could collect more clothes and food to help more people.

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Reading Journal-April 22, 2016

“Liar and Spy” By Rebecca Stead


When seventh grader Georges (the “s” is silent) moves into a Brooklyn apartment building, he meets Safer, a twelve-year-old coffee-drinking loner and self-appointed spy. Georges is happy to hang out with Safer’ warm, eccentric family, because lately things haven’t been so easy at home: his dad lost his job, and his mom has started working extra shifts at the hospital. Life is no better at school, where Georges is the new target of Dallas, who is always on the lookout for other kids’ weak spots (so he knows exactly where to hit them).

Georges becomes Safer’s first spy recruit. His assignment? Tracking the mysterious Mr. X, who lives in the apartment upstairs. But as Safer becomes more demanding, Georges starts to wonder: how far is too far to go for your only friend?


I think this book is quite the book “When You Reach Me”, which is also by Rebecca Stead. These two books are similar because they both keeps you guessing till the end. That makes me wonder: What is justice and what is evil? Or rather, what is right and what is wrong?

Character Information:

Georges is a shy but strong boy. He has learned to stay strong from all the bad things that are happening to him: Being bullied at school, dad lost job, mom working extra shifts, but most of all, no friends. When he finally gets a friend, Safer, he is puzzled on if it’s worth it. And by “it” I mean flipping though someone else’s clothes for a key, breaking into an apartment, calling the police on a serial killer, or maybe he’s not a murderer, but a normal citizen spooked by Safer and Georges weird behavior.

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Reading Journal-April 15, 2016

“The Garden Of Eve” By K.L. Going


Evie and her dad head to Beaumont, their new home. They are moving there because of money, and to throw back memories. Since Evie’s mom died, Evie’s life toppled down to it’s lowest point. As Evie and his dad head to their new home in a carriage, Evie spots a young boy in the cemetery, his face was pale, and he almost seemed transparent. Evie and the boy, Alex, became friends. Maggie, a old woman who has been in lots, gives Evie a seed. She also tells her of a mystery: Years before Evie arrived, Eve, Maggie’s sister, went missing. Evie and Alex soon discovers a unknown world, similar to the real world, but different. And that world is the key to the door that will unleash secrets and stories that will change their life forever…… 


I’ve read a story before, I forgot what it was called, but it was about a young boy called Jack who discovers that Jack The Hero was his father. He is destined to follow his lead, into a unknown world. Will he be able to return? Or be trapped forever, like his father? This is similar to “The Garden Of Eve” because Evie also has to go into a unknown world, like Eve. And Eve never returned… 

Extension: (Character, setting, plot)

Alex’s, or Adam’s brother has died, and he’s very sad. He discovers that in the unknown world, he cab bring back his brother. Adam doesn’t want to return to the real world. But Evie brings him back. 

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