Express It: Reflect and Exhibit

Through this project, I’ve enhanced my design skills. At first, I created plain, substandard wands, which I then realized no one would appreciate. Knowing what I know now, I would spend more time on indicate and appealing wands instead of creating big batches of plain wands.

Express It: Develop and Plan

We started this project by creating a sketch design (though the design we did later revise) and made a prototype following so. During the process of constructing the prototype, we realized how difficult and time-absorbant it would be to create big batches, leading us to decide to make fewer wands.

Express It: Define & Inquire

For my second Ignite Week, I chose Project Fandom. This project’s goal is to make a real-world object, art piece, guidebook, map, game, etc to showcase a favorite element from your favorite story. Working as a group with my friend, we strive to turn our obsessions into reality. For our L21, we chose Responsibility/Self-management.  We’ve decided to create […]

OneDay – Photography

Photos: A Meal During our visit to the village, we walked into a local restaurant for some rest. The food was great and prices were cheap. This photo captures the leftovers from a local’s meal, showing the simplicity of a normal meal there. Sky & River This photo was took on the river bank of […]

One Day Planning (Photography! )

Why did I choose this One Day activity? An elder friend I grew up with had developed a love for traveling over the past few years, and especially to some remote areas. After long “vacations” she’d return home with a camera full of photos, from small creatures like emmets to large structures like the Louvre […]


The coolness brings me to the present like nothing else. Underneath the surface, I can escape the dull drag of gravity; it is as free as I’ve ever experienced in my thirteen years; nothing else comes close. My goal has been somewhat satisfied, as I now have more knowledge on how to “hug” and “push” the […]

Aquatics Unit (Mid-Unit Reflection)

Swimming was the PE unit I chose, due to both internal and external reasons: I haven’t swum for half a year, so I wanted to revive my muscle memory, and the other choices were a little bland (shhhh), leading me to choose swimming. So far, I’ve learned how to dive (well really it’s more like […]

Project Consume – End of Project Blog Post

Overview of the project:  During the process of this project we were all able to strengthen many skills and gain knowledge in ranging areas about sustainability and consumption. This project included two major tasks: completing research on a plastic consumer product and demonstrating our understanding of those findings by including them in a narrative and […]