Upcycled Sprinkler System

We used our creativity to made a sprinkler that helps farmers water their plants faster and easier, this gives the farmers more time to plant and treat other plants.

We were able to make the sprinkler work and it worked pretty well.

Sometimes the tube will disconnect spraying everything or it would leak a little.

I did Communication and Collaboration for my L21 goal  I think I improved because I helped my group members build the sprinkler and lead the group a little.

In the future if i start a company i will need to lead them and if i don’t collaborate with them well they will want to leave.

Help Reduce Food Waste To Save Future Generations

Our population is growing at a very fast rate and to feed the people we need to reduce waste and change our diet. First we can reduce part of the 1.3 billion tons of waste we produce every year, then we can produce less meat products and substitute them with plant grown meat because animals eat 40% of the worlds crops. This is important because if we don’t we might go extinct, make earth inhabitable or kill all the animals. Therefore we ne need to cook only what you’ll eat, shop smarter and save leftovers.

lego Chair Journal One Day 2017​

on one day Kairei, Ryan and I made a  lEGO CHAIR.  after we made the base ryan sat on it but it broke so we added two more layers. after that it could hold him. then we made the legs they took longer than the base because we used more lego. we tested it and it could hold him. finally we made the backrest. making this was fun and COME AND SIT ON IT!