Reflection: catchy title: skatey skate

to make this board I had to

  1. find inspiration
  2. create a prototype
  3. draft on the final board
  4. paint the final board
  5. ask for feedback
  6. re-paint the final board

during the process of making the board I feel I improved in the L21 area, problem solving. For example I didn’t want to paint my whole board because there were some parts i wanted to paint another colour, so I covered it with tape which would prevent the covered area from being coloured.

my favorite part of this week was making skateboards with my friends.

Develop and Improve: catchy title: skatey skate

while creating my final piece I was experimenting with different colours to see which would match with the board the best

I had a challenge of the pencil marcks being covered by spray paint so i taped up the areas i wanted to paint another colour

I asked people which colour would look the best to get feedback so i can change the colour i paint the skateboard

1/3rd marked skateboard

2/3rd marked skateboard

painted skateboard

finished board

Develop and plan: catchy title: skatey skate

I used markers, spray paint, tape, and transfer.

I hope after this project I will improve my artistic skills.

I feel that i would be able to get effective feedback from from my peers, teachers, and parents.

to generate ideas I came up with every idea and then weeded some out to pick one

blank skateboard paper

planned skateboard paper

blank skateboard



Define and inquire: catchy title: skatey skate

Skateistan is a international non-profit organization. They use skateboarding and education to help children. Skateistan programs exist in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa.

To create a custom skate deck we will need to plan the design we are going to insert onto the skateboard which we will then draw on.

My target audience will be the ISB community for example the parents and the student body.

One thing that inspires me is CSGO skins.

I feel the hardest part of this project will be creating a product that will appeal to the ISB community.

Creative Title: End of Project Blog Post (Project Space Race 2018)

Overview of the project

For this project we were needed to create a space companie, a website, and then develop a working model rover. THis project was split into 3 missions, missions that we had to complete to continue on another. The first mission was individual while the second and third were collaborative.

The driving question of this Project was: “What Drives Innovation?”

My answer would be: Innovation is driven by the want to achieve something, this includes competing against others, yourself, or other things. For example, I am competing against others in my class to make the most effective and attractive (meaning investor magnet) rover.

Feedback reflection 

A important idea the investors got was that traveling to exoplanets is not in our reach yet, actually pretty far away from our reach, approximately 40 light years away  🙂 .

The investors were surprised that if e use our current technology it will take approximately 164982 years to get there.

I feel that I wasn’t able to make many people invest in our company.

I learned to make sure the investors knew when they were going to get their money back and what were the risks for them to invest in us.

If i was able to relive that day i would prepare more by thinking of every question they may ask and all the answers to them.

Reflection to the driving question

Creative Title: jig benga (NOTE: it’s actually big jenga)

On my one day my group and I decided to make a giant Jenga set for the one day I selected, giant board games. Our group got our inspiration from a Jenga set located in a box in Mr. Laymen’s room. During the process of making our Jenga the girls in our group that were making the box to carry our Jenga blocks which was created by the boys. The girls ran into a problem where the box was too small to fit the Jenga blocks in it, so it had to be remade, lucky it was only a cardboard prototype. One thing that went well in our group was that we were able to complete our project in our time limit. We were able to complete this project because we split the roles, so we were able to work on different parts at the same time. From this project I learned that working in a big group is somewhat stressful, but it helped me develop group work skills. This skill will apply to me in the future in the form of any job where I need to work  with other people.


from stroke power to faster stroke rating :catchy title

The primary focus of  this unit was just to improve in swimming. We weren’t told what we needed to work on and most of the time the teachers didn’t plan what we were going to do for class, this swimming class was a self based class.

I started off training to get better stroke power to go farther for every stroke i do, soon my teachers and i started to notice that wasn’t the most important thing, it wasn’t the thing i needed to improve the most. It was getting more strokes in a short period of time. I had to improve my explosive power.

by the way these were photos of me at the start of the class and the end



so to me swimming is very important. i like it because of the friends i make, the feeling of winning, and also just the feeling of being in the water. when i am in the water it feels like i can fly or i can go really fast because of the resistance of the water in the pool compared to the resistance of the air outside running.

I feel that over the past weeks i have greatly improved my max rating (stroke count). before i would swim 60 or so strokes per minute now i my max is almost 90 and that will me my goal, to get above 90 strokes per minute consistently.

Michael A’s End of Project Consume Blog Post

End of Project Blog Post
Overview of the project

Do you use single use plastic constantly during the week? Do you know how your actions hurt the environment, how you may be buying from companies that have children working for them or workers being underpaid?

In this project we learned about the relationship between consumption and sustainability. You may ask What is the relationship between consumption and sustainability?

lets first understand consumption and sustainability


when you use/eat something like food or shampoo, information.


Sustainability means it can sustain itself or maintain itself forever, if we use a resource so much that the next few generations don’t have that resource anymore that means it isn’t sustainable. When we use unsustainable resources like oil, plastic and gas like what we are doing now it will slowly cripple the earth and then us.

the relationship between consumption and sustainability is we must not consume too much because it isn’t sustainable, we are chewing more than we can swallow.

How can we make a sustainable change?

we can stop using unsustainable resources like oil, plastic and gas because they are bad for the planet (unsustainable). we keep making more plastic while recycling plastic still makes it into plastic what do we do? stop creating plastic.

Feedback reflection (5-10 sentences)

  • What Important ideas did people take away?

they took away the idea of refusing to buy plastic is more important than recycling.

they also took away the idea that change starts with them and if they start refusing they can impact the world

  • Were they surprised or confused about anything?

they were really surprised in what the world may look like in the future if we keep on with our unsustainable habits

  • Were you able to change their thinking about buying stuff?

yes i able to change their thinking about buying stuff

  • Did they learn anything about the damage being caused to our planet?

yes they learned about the damage being caused to our planet

  • What would you do differently on your next iteration?


on my next iteration i would make my video more understandable by children

Reflection to the driving questions

  • What is the relationship between consumption and sustainability?

the relationship between consumption and sustainability is we must not consume too much because it isn’t sustainable, we are chewing more than we can swallow.

  • How can we make a sustainable change?

we can stop using unsustainable resources like oil, plastic and gas because they are bad for the planet (unsustainable). we keep making more plastic while recycling plastic still makes it into plastic what do we do? stop creating plastic.

This is by final product by the way

Catchy Title: swam sawm^2.0


Why did you choose it?

I chose swimming because I want to get faster to keep swimming competitively and get faster times.

What are three things you have learnt so far?

i learned things I like to change like breathing on both sides instead of one side only. My hands were not together during the dive and some of the underwater, and i’ve been trying to get a higher stroke count. i learned that the strokes cant be all reaching like im use to i must rotate my arms faster

What are you hoping to get from this unit?

being able to improve my technique and have faster rating.


i was going to do

-improve muscular strength for more distance per stroke

-improve flexibility

-improve body composition




-muscular endurance

-cardiovascular endurance

but i decided i would only do

-improve flexibility

-improve muscular strength for more distance per stroke

-muscular endurance

-cardiovascular endurance


because there wasn’t enough time and I felt that these four areas were the most important i only chose these areas