Soccer tricks

At 8:30, we’re planning for our project and I’ll update this post later.

At 10:20, we finished filming the beginner and intermedia skills, we also started filming the freestyle part which is “around the world”, “Rabona”…

At 11:40, we finished filming everything we need(Skills for all levels). we just need to edit our videos after lunch.

At 1:26, we are halfway throughout editing our video. we kind of all finished our blog posts and we are just waiting for Felix Li to finish editing our video,

During One day, I got used to iMovie a bit more and I practiced and had fun with the skills that we filmed, even though we had some failures like sometimes we were off task and not getting things done, and sometimes we just can’t do the tricks right.  but we still ended up having a good video. 🙂


Invincible Remix

When I first signed up for this sound art, I’m just thinking that you’re just supposed to make music and that’s it, but on the first day of this unit, it’s just making music but there are so many things that you need to care about! It’s what I thought that it would be!


I didn’t really do anything on my first day, just because I got lost in so many problems, I’m not used to the programs… The program is a big challenge to me, it’s almost the biggest challenge during this unit! Because I’m not used to the programs so I’m using more time than the others who are not like me.


Even though I failed sometimes, but I still had a lot of success, like the “perfect” timing on every add-on thing…

Reflection for Project Impact Beijing

I started a plastic-free week. I learned a lot more about water pollution, air pollution. Because I did a lot of research. I find out that the air pollution is really not that bad in Beijing sometimes. One of the data that I have is that only one out of the plastic water bottle has been recycled. How can I fit all the information in a short iMovie

Daniel, Daniel, Naughty Boy

I made a book for KG students to read that talked about a naughty boy that just finished kindergarten that made a lot of trouble in the class of grade 1, he also had a really strict teacher that made him do more work when he’s making troubles.

The successes that I had is I made the book rhymes. and I think the book will be more welcomed when it’s rhymed. and that’s what happened when we are finished.

The challenge that we faced is we can’t make the pictures for the book. none of my groupmates are good drawers, so it’s a big challenge to find or draw good pictures for the book.

I realized how important is teamwork. because teamwork can help you finish your work faster than working by your self. but sometimes, we are having trouble staying on task.