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In our unit Feed The Future FA learned about the effects of agriculture on the Earth. First, we learned about how agriculture is slowly but surely destroying the Earth’s environment. Then we were told that we would have to design a sustainable dish that didn’t contribute to destroying the Earth’s land and sky. Our group did research and we came up with a protein that people have been using for ages, bugs. We went deeper and found the bug that could replace the third most GHGS producer, crickets. Then we found more sustainable solutions such as cauliflower. We chose these two because they are sustainable solutions that don’t harm the Earth because we want to preserve the Earth so it doesn’t become unhealthy. We also chose these two because the current practices of agriculture are using way too many resources which leaves little for the actual people. So our group tried a solution for the sake of the Earth.

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The Silver Horse


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To Move Or Not To Move

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Project Impact Beijing Link to Dragon Tube


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Questions and answers about ignite week

Questions for Ignite week


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My Recycled Music Instrument For Music

Movie on 9-6-17 at 9.26 AM

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My OneDay Project

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The difficulties where that some of the shapes on the shield I could not make. I am proud that I got this done on OneDay, but i did not make the shield’s stand.

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