How your body affects your self esteem- Monika

Explain how having a negative body image and/or low self-esteem can lead teens to make unhealthy choices and take drastic measures to change bodies.


Having a negative body image  and/or low self estem can lead teens to make unhealthy choices becuase they fee consious of their bodies so, they want to make a cahnge to look better to boost their self esteem. When teens do this they can make some unhealthy and healthy choices. Some unhealthy choices may include, fad diets, surgery, steriods or even diet pills. Almost all of these things have a negative impact or have a postivite impact that will go away. And example would be the grapefruit diet, which falls into the category of fad diets. The grapefruit diet claims that grapefruit contains certain enzymes that, when eaten before other foods, help burn off fat so people lose weight. This diet lasts about 10-12  days and claims that it will help you lose 10 pounds. This may help you lose weight after the week is done but, a study was made and they found out that once people returned to their normal diets they gained back that 10 pounds. This isn’t a healthy chose becuase sometimes for this diet you only comcume 800 calories per day, which is unfit for the growing body. If they really wanted to lose weight they could take up some much healthier options. For example, they could start eating healthier, but not starving themsleves, they could also take up exercising if they wanted to lose weight the healthy way. But, be sure to balance your calorie intake, your exercise rate and most of all don’t be ashmed of your body.

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Question: Describe the positive and negative effects of your tech use on school performance, personal relationships (think friends and family), and physical health. Use evidence from article, videos about the brain and discussions with counselors to support your claims.


Technology can have positive and negative effects on the human body. Some factors technology could effect are school performance, personal relationships (friends and family) and even physical health. I like to think that technology is a double edged sword, it can help but also hurt you if you aren’t careful. Ways that technology could affect you positively are, helping you with your homework, answering questions, connecting with family member that lives far away, maybe even friends, it could also help you record your fitness data to help you get more fit. However technology not only can help you but it can hut you too. If can distract you from your homework, you could only be on your electronic, not interacting with your family members, it could even stop you from exercising.



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How can you ensure your information is reliable when researching health-related topics?

You can make sure information is reliable by using the CRAP test. The crap test is used to check the currency of a source, the relevancy of the source, the authority, and the purpose. Each of these factors can help you tell if the source is reliable. The currency test sees when the information was posted, this can help you tell if it is outdated, which could mean the the information is false. One other thing you could do is check the relevance, which checks the usefulness of the information. You can check the authority, which checks the source of the information. Finally the purpose, this checks why the information exists. If you use all of thee techniques you can see the verdict, unreliable, somewhat Unreliable, somewhat reliable and finally if it is totally reliable.

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Final reflection- Bard and Brawl

Our final product!

    I grew in my chosen L21 focus area because for the final product we had to think creativity for this to be successful. For this Ignite week project, Bard and Brawl, I chose creativity for my L21 area. The reason why I chose this is because I think that this section is the most important one out of all of the sections. In order to make our fight scene the best it can be we needed to be creative with what we did and how we did it. If I didn’t apply this our fight scenes would look very similar, therefore boring the audience. Since my partner and I applied this, our sequence was the best it could it be because we tried to put our own spin in this project. During this project I grew in my chosen L21 goal, creativity. One example of my growth is one sequence that the audience really enjoyed. My partner and I were stumped on what to add to the fighting for our unique spin. We tried out some patterns then chose one where she falls on the ground and then jumps on me, “choking” me until I fall onto the ground. Since we added this into our fight the audience laughed when my partner jumped onto my back because they weren’t expecting that to happen. This proves that I grew in creative thinking because if we didn’t think creatively the audience might have been bored with our performance.

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Express It- Develop and Plan

While making my skit for Bard and Brawl I realized that you need to have a certain level of control that allows you to not hurt your partner. If you don’t have a certain amount of control you can seriously hurt your partner or even you. And if you hurt your partner that means that they can’t participate in the activity. In order to have control you need to keep a mental check of how much power you are using, and all the while controlling how much power comes out. If you manage to do this my partner and I can safely create a fight scene.


Arm bar- If you apply to much pressure you can break the person’s arm

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Bard and Brawl- Define and Inquire

In Bard and Brawl for 2019 Ignite week our problem is to incorporate Shakespeare into a fight scene that people could enjoy. To solve this I need to dig deeper into Shakespeare and find a good part of his play scripts that includes a fight scene of some sort. Once I figure out what script I need to use the only thing left is to piece together the fighting scene with moves that I have learned and maybe add some fight music.

However with fight scenes might cause some challenges for our group. For example one of our group members might get hurt and so we might have to redo the fight scene we might have to redo the scene.  

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Rectangles of Galaxy- One day

The paintings pretty turned out how I wanted them to be. I made the small blue painting because I had some spare time on my hands. At first the galaxy looked like blobs but with time it turned out to be ok. Overall my project turned out pretty well considering it had a rough start.

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One Day- Open Art Studio- Monika



My inspiration is my love for Outer Space. I have always loved the Space theme so I wanted to have a little bit of Outer Space in my room. I have actually made a galaxy painting before so I know what I’m doing with this beautiful painting. Im this project I will express my passion for acrylic painting. I will paint a galaxy with white lines in the background. I will achieve the white lines by using tape.

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Monika Midd- Plastic Problem

Answer to driving question:

    One thing I found really surprising was that plastic just doesn’t affect the environment and us it affects the economy too. For example when we drill oil for the plastic it boosts the economy because oil is a booming business. But is it worth the environment and us? Before this project I use to think that we just need to recycle the single use plastic, now I think that recycling isn’t the answer, just not buying or using single use plastic is. During this project I learned that the single use plastic can only be recycled only 4 times before it is cant be recycled anymore. This showed me that recycling may delay it getting thrown out but still leaves a significant mark on our Earth. Looking back on this project, I realize that we can’t just look at consumption and substantiality separately. They should be thought as sustainable consumption. This is when the products are produced, but still minimizing the resources used. And minimizing the impact on the environment to preserve for the future generations to come. If we don’t do this now there will be now future Earth for our generations. However, I am still disappointed how some people ignore the fact that we killing our environment. Before you buy anything think about this, “It may be cheap and affordable but is it really worth our Earth? ”


In this project we learned about single use plastic, how its made, how its distributed and how it is disposed of. We learned about the whole process  through research and more research. We learned how it affects the environment, the economy and us, then we tried to convince people not to buy the single use plastic with our own creations.

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My new avatar

I chose a horse to represent me because I like them and I love horse back riding. It is one of my favorite past times. I have always liked horses so it made sense to chose it.

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