Can You Make It?- Final Presentation

During this project we were asked to design something that could help new people that came to ISB. Our group decided to make a interactive digital resource to help. This resource provides information about how to get around the subway, how much the ticketing fares are, and what locations you can visit. In the end we were very successful in creating this digital resources but, we had some bumps along the way. Some of those bumps were technology, and subway issues. For our final project we needed technology, but in the beginning the technology was malfunctioning. As a result was could only have one person working on the product at a time, which made is inefficient. The subway was another problem because the line that we needed to get n was always packed full. This meant that not all of our group could get on. Therefore, it knocked us off of our time table. While we were creating this project I developed skills, this skill was communication. I wanted to delve this because communication is key when working in a group, you have to communicate your ideas and thoughts. After this week passed I think my highlight of the week was probably traveling on the subway, it was so fun to go places with my friends and explore Beijing. Despite these bumps and successes we were successful in creating and amazing product that helps people better their knowledge of Beijing and its subway.

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Can You Make It?: Create & Improve

During this project many things did and didn’t work. Some things that didn’t work was, all of our group trying to fit in one door and people not listening. This happened because it was our first time traveling as a group so, we didn’t know how to coordinate and communicate between ourselves which make us more vulnerable for mistakes. Another thing was the technology. For our final project we needed technology, but in the beginning the technology was malfunctioning. As a result was could only have one person working on the product. Things that did work out after the first hiccup of the first trip was our collaboration. After some people got left behind we developed a plan to stay together.After that it ran pretty smoothly with no bumps along the way. The most challenging thing listening for our group. Some people didn’t listening when we did role call which make it frustrating and it make it take longer. We will use feedback to improve our product so it is more helpful and informative for the new people.

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Make It: Develop & Plan

The materials and techniques that we will apply to our digital product are a variety of things. We will use a digital platform to create our map, and we will use photos and videos to explain what to do and were to go on the metro. It will also give tips and were to see different things. During this project the skills that I hope to develop are problem solving skills. These skills will developed when we are faced with problems on our trip, such as, people getting lost or stations being closed. Problem solving skills will allow me to stay clam and how to get out of the situation. People who can provide me constructive feedback are peers, and teachers. This will allow me to better plan our digital map so it is more efficient and useful. Some techniques I used to generate ideas are, I thought of places that are exiting to see, forbidden city, temple of heaven and other exiting places. And then I linked them to the metro to show the new people were to go and how to get there.

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Make It: Define&Inquire

In this ignite week we are  trying to make a digital resource to navigate Beijing by the metro, for new people who have just come to ISB or new to Beijing. When people just come they don’t know what to do or see so and they my not speak Chinese, so, we are going to try to make a metro map to guide them as theytour around Beijing. It will include basic metro knowledge, attractions, food, and sport venues all on our digital subway map. Some complications are that, it will be difficult to make group decisions, we might get lost, and we might not be able to hit all of the stations within the time limit. After ignite week we hope to create a digital map with all the information that the new people need to get around.

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Project Trade Up- Reflection Monika

   One thing I found really surprising was that there was a trade scale between countries and that you can tip it by just by putting tariffs or restrictions. (Which are called trade barriers.) I also learned that there are many different types of economies and there are also different types of trade. We learned that if you tip the trade scale you create a trade defecate. For example, we learned about trade wars that happened in the past and are going on today. We learned that if you put up trade barriers people will stop trading with you leaving you in a bad shape. This leaves you no choice but to take down the trade barriers.

  This changed my thinking because I use to think that there was only one type of economy and one type of trade. That it was all good with the countries and their trading, but there isn’t just on type and everything isn’t peaceful. This opened my eyes to see that there everything isn’t peaceful between the countries and that there more to economics than I first thought.

  However, after this project,  a question I still have is why do some countries have command economy and why they still remain even though most of the people today have mixed economy. And I’m curious and how successful they are.

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Feed The People


In our unit Feed The Future FA learned about the effects of agriculture on the Earth. First, we learned about how agriculture is slowly but surely destroying the Earth’s environment. Then we were told that we would have to design a sustainable dish that didn’t contribute to destroying the Earth’s land and sky. Our group did research and we came up with a protein that people have been using for ages, bugs. We went deeper and found the bug that could replace the third most GHGS producer, crickets. Then we found more sustainable solutions such as cauliflower. We chose these two because they are sustainable solutions that don’t harm the Earth because we want to preserve the Earth so it doesn’t become unhealthy. We also chose these two because the current practices of agriculture are using way too many resources which leaves little for the actual people. So our group tried a solution for the sake of the Earth.

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The Silver Horse>.

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To Move Or Not To Move

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Project Impact Beijing Link to Dragon Tube>.

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Questions and answers about ignite week

Questions for Ignite week


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