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Feed the future

A sustainable solution that we can create to feed our growing population is sustainable farming of types of plants, for example kelp. Kelp farming is a sustainable solution because you can mass farm it in the ocean and in doing so, it oxidizes the ocean water, which helps the climate because there is too much carbon dioxide in the ocean, which is bad for most animals with shells, because high levels of carbon dioxide weakens their shells. Aside from oxidizing the ocean, kelp is a extremely fast growing plant that reaches harvest within one or two months or so, and requires no taking care of after sowing the seeds. The benefits of kelp and other sustainable plants are one of the many things that I learned through the whole process of making a pitch then presenting to people at the exhibition. Some other things that I learned are what I feel like important presenting skills. One of them is lasting eye contact, which was once something I struggled with but now after multiple pitches and the exhibition I have found myself being able to comfortably make eye contact with strangers as I talk about my project. Another thing I improved was the ability to “freestyle” when presenting and not using any notecards, in fact, I find this way of presenting much better then using a draft or notecards because I feel like I involve the audience more.  Aside from that, considering my scifi story, I think that humanity can go in two ways; either we start changing now, and the world has once again become sustainable, or like Stephen Hawking predicted, we will run out of all resources in 50-60 years and the apocalypse will come. Overall I think that this unit largely helped out with my oral presentations skill, along with many other things.


So… Where should we move to?


One Day 2017 Ice Cream Project

For one day, I created an acrylic painting of a really fancy looking ice cream. One of my successes with my one day project is how it turned out, because I really liked how it turned out. Another one of my successes was how well the mint color turned out and how easy it was to make that color. The only challenge I had was painting the bottom left corner, because I the original paint that I had to paint the bottom right corner was all used up, so I had to make more of the same color, but I couldn’t make the exact color so I ended up having to paint the bottom left corner several times. I learned that when you are planning to use one color for a large area, you should make a large amount of paint so you don’t run out, because it is way better than making small amounts then running out and making some more. I will continue painting outside of one day, and I will paint more food, desserts and such. The impact I made was one that probably only impacted myself and my friends, and perhaps some people in the future that want to paint for their one day project. The impact I made on myself was that I enjoyed the experience of painting food, so I might paint more food in the future, the impact I made on my friends and a tiny bit of the students at this school is that maybe more people will think of painting with acrylic as a choice for next year’s one day project.

Story Bird Poem

Why YOU Should Read This Book

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.15.31 AMDo you like comedy? Do you care about the ecosystem? If so, then Hoot is for you! Hoot is about a boy, Roy, who sees a barefoot boy running into the woods one day and gets concerned, so Roy goes to find him. Meanwhile, there is a construction going on and in the site, there lives a family of burrowing owls. When Roy, the boy that lives in the woods, and Beatrice “the bear” find out, they try to stop the construction in a series of events. Will the trio save the owls, or will the constructions go on, kicking the poor owls out of their burrow? Read Hoot to find out!



Impact Project Reflection

For my impact project I did a food and clothing drive with May and Akari. Our goal was 30 items but we only got three so therefor, we failed. Personally, I think that we could have done better this time if we went around the classes to present, this way more people would have payed more attention to us and perhaps donate. If I were to do the impact project again I would not do a drive, because there are to many people doing it, and for a drive, you need to depend on other people to donate in order to achieve success.

reading blog April 22nd 2016

The Cruisers by Walter Dean Myers

The Cruisers are getting angrier and angrier about Alvin criticizing the African Americans and saying that they are uncivilized. So the cruisers hatch a plan to make alvin embarrassed about saying these things. Mean while, Zander’s dad wants to make a subpoena but Zander doesn’t want to live with his dad.

My connection is that in my school in America we learned about slavery and segregation which is what Zander is dealing with.

I think that the plot of this story is Zander and the Cruisers disagree with Alvin and make him admit that what he said was wrong.

Book Reflection April 15, 2016

The title of my book is The Cruisers by Walter Dean Myers ,and it is about 4 african american kids Alexander, Kambui, La Shonda, and Bobbi in a school for the gifted and talented where they run a newspaper. That is all I’ve read so far. My connection to the book is that it takes place in america, and I’m from america. So far, I’ve only read a little, so I don’t know the plot yet. The setting is in a school in america. Alexander, who his friends call Zander doesn’t get described much as in looks or personality, but I think Zander is a african american boy who is spunky,  but levelheaded.

Student Led Conferences Reflection

We finished our student led conferences last week and I thought it was good.

We started preparing for SLC in the beginning of the school, by putting our work in our SLC folders. Since the beginning of the school year my SLC folder has been getting thicker and thicker. As SLC got closer and closer, We started working on evernote and piktochart. Then came the actual SLC. It was actually ok.



Human Body reflectio

We finished the human body project before spring break,so here is my reflection.

We started the human body with human body centers, there were 6 of them in all skeletal system, respiratory system, circulatory system (dissection), digestive system , nervous system and muscular system. My favorite was dissection, we dissected a pig heart and pig lungs and I thought that it was very cool. One that I didn’t enjoy very much was the digestive system because I think it is gross.

Then we moved on to human body projects and I did the immune system. I think that I did pretty good and I learned a lot about the immune system. I enjoyed my human body project a lot, and there wasn’t anything that I did’t like.

I also liked some of the other projects other people did, like May Akari and Sophia’s project about the digestive system. It wasn’t gross, and their powerpoint was really cool. I also liked their activity, the crossword puzzle.

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