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Friendship vs. Despair

“There and Back Again” a journey that consists of many challenges and surprises. This is a story of how a Hobbit had an adventure, found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected. This book by J.R.R. Tolkien is a book that takes you to a different world. It is all about friendship and despair. The main character Bilbo Baggins is about to start a journey with his new friends, a journey that might lead him to death. During this journey, there will be times where he retreats and declares to give up. However, with the support of his fellow teammates, he managed to make it.

Gandalf sat at the head of the party with the thirteen dwarves all round: and Bilbo sat on a stool at the fireside, nibbling at a biscuit.” (Tolkien c1). Bilbo did not think having thirteen dwarves visiting him was pleasant. In fact, he did not enjoy spending time with the dwarves at all. Yet, friendship can come unexpectedly. Bilbo and the dwarves set out to “greet” the dragon, they wanted to take back what once belonged to them. “As they sang the hobbit felt the love of beautiful things made by hands and by cunning and by magic moving through him, a fierce and jealous love, the desire of the hearts of dwarves.” (c1) Bilbo certainly was not a stingy man. However much he disliked adventures, he saw the desire burning in the eyes of his fellow teammates. It was as if a switch was flipped. His inner beast has now awoken and is ready for the unknown. This reminds me of the movie Jupiter Ascending. Jupiter Jones is somewhat similar to Bilbo Baggins. First, an adventure knocks on their door. Then, they exceed their limits and discover something new about both themselves and the people around them. Bilbo Baggins became friends with the dwarves while Jupiter Jones fell in love with a man that she once felt hostility for.

Bilbo soon regretted his decision of “trying something new”. Nothing is easy, especially this mission of Bilbo’s. “Mostly it had been as good as May can be, even in merry tales, but now it was cold and wet.” (Tolkien c2). This describes the weather conditions that Bilbo and the dwarves encountered. When they set off, the weather was great, everyone was singing and enjoying themselves. By the looks of it though, they had gone too far into the Lone-lands. Dreary hills rising higher and higher. Castles with an evil look, as if they were built by wicked people. Everything seemed very gloomy. “Bother burgling and everything to do with it! I wish I was at home in my nice hole by the fire, with the kettle just beginning to sing!” It was not the last time that he wished that!” (c2). Before long, Bilbo started an inner struggle with himself. He detested himself for his crude decisions, unfortunately, there is absolutely no turning back now. He was now alone, anxious and helpless. This reminds me of a comic that I once saw, the name of the comic is DOLO. The main character’s life changes dramatically when she took a pill that was given to her by Dolo. However, she broke her promise and told others about her intriguing experience. For punishment, the effect of the pill would waste off at certain times and return once the designated time is over. The main character lived under pressure of the pill wasting off at any time but has no other choice but to keep an eye out.

Negativity hits him over and over again, he falls down when it strikes but the dwarves help him up. Many times he refused to go further, he lost hope for everything. Luckily, he had the dwarves. They supported him when he was almost definite that he could not accomplish anything. With their help, Bilbo managed to do what was thought to be impossible. As a person who is terrified of heights. I completely understand how he felt. During our mentoring trip, we were required to do climb up a pole, lean back, and fall. The teachers encouraged me to go up but I refused. After a while, my friends came up to me and invited me to go with them. I wanted to reject them but then realized that I trusted them more than I was afraid of the height. I succeeded, just like Bilbo. The Hobbit teaches you about friendship and perseverance. You should always have faith in yourself. When you feel like giving up, think about the people supporting you. You should never let them down.

*This book is read online.

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Personality for Success

Many say the type of community you dwell in determines your wellbeing. In fact, scientists prove this point reasonable. However, the family you have is already decided for you. What could you possibly do about that? Having this being said, we are still individuals and are able to decide what role we play in the society. Waverly possesses traits like determination, obedience and many more. She is the youngest in the family but often receives pressure from her family members. Her family is not perfect but she is doing her part inside the family, acting her role as best as she can.

“I read the rules and looked up all the big words in a dictionary.” (Tan, 3). Waverly’s determination can be seen from her actions. On her way to taming the game Chess, she faces a problem of having to use another language. It was like an awful plight, looking for words in the dictionary, borrowing books from the library just to understand the game of Chess. “I lost many games and many Life Savers. …… I added a new secret.” (3) The road of Chess was very obscured for her, fortunately, she managed to persevere. Not many are able to achieve such things. Take me as an example, my parents often say that my passion only lasts for three minutes. If I was in the same position as Waverly, I do not think I could have done any better.

Too much of it will limit your creativity, too little will bring chaos and anarchy. Waverly respects her mother in many different ways, one of them is obeying her orders. She often gets upset about her mother’s opinions or actions but rarely starts a conflict with her. “I was annoyed, but I couldn’t say anything.” (Tan, 4) Waverly frequently tries to quell her anger, but chances are that she may not succeed every time. Instead of describing Waverly’s mother as “supportive” she might as well be aggravating. Waverly truly is a daughter with reverence towards her mother. “I knew it was a mistake to say anything more, but I heard my voice speaking, “Why do you have to use me to show off?” (5). Referring back to the passage, we can all see that Waverly rarely talks back towards her mother. When she does, it is defiantly something that provoked her. Something that she felt necessary to disagree with.

Waverly possesses many traits and qualities that many of us crave for. This includes determination for chess and obedience towards her mother. In fact, many teenagers facing puberty are having issues controlling their tempers and or achieving a goal that requires perseverance. Sometimes all they need is just the same thing from their parents. Empathy and a little patience is the antidote for puberty. We may never discover what Waverly really thinks of her mother, we may not know what pressure she has gone under. What we do know about her is that she holds many features that we all should look up to.

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The Largemouth Bass

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

It is very difficult to adjust to new classmates or a new school year. Fortunately, the first week of school has been very amusing for me. I finally got to see my friends after the long summer vacation and made new friends with new members of our community. Me and my friends have decided to join clubs and after school activities to improve our learning and spend more time with each other. I am sure it will be an enjoyable year!

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Humanities Preview

  1. In 8th grade Humanities, I hope to earn more confidence in speaking, writing, and reading. Writing especially would be something I hope to find myself stronger at.
  2. As a learner, I will absolutely face challenges and fail to succeed. For the past years, convincing myself to share my thoughts to others has been a great challenge and I hope this year I will earn the confidence to speak up.
  3. To meet my goals, I will read in order to expand my knowledge and learn sophisticated vocabulary. By doing that, I believe the quality of my essays will rise dramatically and will also earn more confidence presenting my work to my classmates.
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Sugar Free Week

Pre Sugar Free Week:

(Grandpa’s birthday!)



Sugar Free Week:

img_9599 img_9598 img_9689 img_9688 img_9687img_9330



Post Sugar Free Week:


We did sugar free week because sugar do give us energy but when you gain too much energy you will not be able to spend all of it in that time. There was also a video which showed us what sugar could do to us if we ate it all the time. For this week I didn’t eat school lunch because in school lunches you do not know what they would put inside so I thought eating home lunch would be a better choice.

I used to think this was going to be easy because I don’t eat a lot of sugar but when it has started I found out it was hard. Very hard. I think what I would change is the way I eat because when I get home I would start writing my homework and when I do I would usually eat a lot of fruits. If there are no fruits the I like in the house I would get cookies and juice. For this week I cannot eat cookies or other sweets even if there are no fruit that I like.

To sum up, I think sugar free week was a real challenge for me. I never knew I was eating a lot of sugar every day.







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Hello world!

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