Sugar Free Week

Pre Sugar Free Week:

(Grandpa’s birthday!)



Sugar Free Week:

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Post Sugar Free Week:


We did sugar free week because sugar do give us energy but when you gain too much energy you will not be able to spend all of it in that time. There was also a video which showed us what sugar could do to us if we ate it all the time. For this week I didn’t eat school lunch because in school lunches you do not know what they would put inside so I thought eating home lunch would be a better choice.

I used to think this was going to be easy because I don’t eat a lot of sugar but when it has started I found out it was hard. Very hard. I think what I would change is the way I eat because when I get home I would start writing my homework and when I do I would usually eat a lot of fruits. If there are no fruits the I like in the house I would get cookies and juice. For this week I cannot eat cookies or other sweets even if there are no fruit that I like.

To sum up, I think sugar free week was a real challenge for me. I never knew I was eating a lot of sugar every day.