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One Day 2017

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January 26th, 2017 Posted 9:46 am


For my very first One Day in middle school, my friend Katie Kim and I created 3 science experiments. The first one was Traveling Water, the second was Elephant Toothpaste, the third and last one was Mentos & Coke, Sprite and Fanta. We took notes and photos of each experiment, and we plan to present our project with a PowerPoint. I chose this for my One Day project because one of my passions is doing cool and interesting¬†experiments. Also, science is not one of my particularly good subjects at school, so I could improve my skills some with this project. Although some parts didn’t go¬†exactly as planned, everything worked fine. Also, it was fun, and we both learned about chemical reactions and other things. So my first One Day was a success.

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“Divergent is a Very Dangerous Thing to be…”

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August 22nd, 2016 Posted 9:31 am

My favorite book series is the Divergent series. The author of the series is the New York #1 bestselling author, Veronica Roth. Book one of the series is called Divergent, the second one is Insurgent, and the last one is Allegiant. The fourth is a special on one of the main characters, called Tobias. The book title is his nickname, Four. I like the Divergent series because the main character is a girl no one thought could succeed, but in the end she saved the entire nation with her friends. It proves the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is true. Also, there’s lots of interesting, funny, but most of the time suspenseful or scary things hapDivergent hc c(2)pening.¬†Beatrice “Tris” Prior came from Abnegation, a faction that frowned upon selfishness. Read the books to learn about all the factions. But when she transfers to Dauntless, another faction thats basically the comeplete opposite of Abnegation, no one thinks she is going survive the training. But she does, and she’s actually the best of the transfers. That’s because she’s Divergent, which is a very dangerous thing to be in her world…

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Hello world!

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February 3rd, 2015 Posted 7:55 am

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