Big Numbers

Claim: To me, the Hubble Deep Field video was more humbling and awe inspiring.

Evidence: “Over ten thousand galaxies are in this picture-every dot, smudge, and smear is an entire galaxy. And each one of these dots has millions and millions of stars. Each star has the possibility of planets orbiting it. Each one with the possibility of a civilization. This is what we see when we stare at a blank spot in the sky where nothing appears to be. This is the number of galaxies in nothing. This is a picture of seventy-eight billion lightyears. It’s a picture of how small we are. It is the single most important image ever taken by humanity.” This part of the video, along with many other images, are what humbled and awed me the most.

Reasoning: A Pale Blue Dot is quite an inspiring video as well, but I felt is was not as powerful as this one. In Hubble Deep Field, there is no hint of a pale blue dot. Our planet, our home, everything any of us has ever known and have yet to learn is nowhere near the 78 billion lightyears the image captured. The idea of aliens, or other creatures on other planets used to be absurd. But the unknown part of the universe is many, many times larger than what humans have explored, and after watching this video, the idea of other planets that can host life seems a lot more believable. You may think, say, a couple billion is a big number. After watching this video, you will think again.