Trading With a Bunch of Other Countries – Project Trade Up

Some interesting things that I learned about were about tariffs, trading (in general) and also about boundaries for trade. When we learnt about tariffs, I was really confused, because I didn’t know why people would put taxes on imported goods. I soon understood that people can put tariffs on goods that are being imported into their country or exported to earn money. In our trade war called Chicken Friction, the USA lost 246 million dollars after France and Germany put a tariff on chickens. To get money back the USA put a tariff on goods that were coming into America, so that they could get their money back from the European countries. This meant that people could get money both ways off of tariffs. When we played Catan during the unit, it was one of the first time I was actually looking at how trading affected people. Resources travelled easier between people who had alliances. Because of that, it meant that people were successful, because alliances let resources flow easier between them. Trading was also very key, but the problem was that barriers to trade tend to make it much harder for everyone. When we watched the Opium Wars series, I saw how barriers in trade worked out. This is because China was the only place that had things in high demand, including tea. Britain was very far away from China, which was the first barrier to trade. The only problem was that China had so much rules on trade. They also only had certain ports and places where foreigners could dock, and also where they could trade with the Chinese.This meant that it was very hard for the British to get resources, which was a barrier to trade. I learnt that there were so many barrier to trades that exist in the world currently, including different currencies, different governments and so much more. This stops people from trading, and it was one of the biggest things that I learnt in this project. The driving question impacts me and my community, because the government has to meet all of the societies needs and wants to be able to survive. For example, in the final trade conference, if we met our people’s wants and needs, we would be given extra points, because we were making our people happy. How happy your citizens are is very important. Societies also have to address all of the societies needs. If you can’t meet society needs and wants, then that means that you won’t have people who will back you up, and you don’t have people who will be well enough to survive. This impacts us and our communities, because if we live in a place permanently it means that we trust the government and the services that they have there are meeting our expectations. Looking back on Project Trade Up, I realize that the most important thing about this unit was being able to collaborate with each other, and trusting your team mates to do the work. Sometimes this was very successful, because people would work together very well. Sometimes we had an argument and didn’t get a lot of work done. This is something that we can learn again in the future, because collaboration is very important. However, a big question I still have is why do trade wars start? Do most trade wars just happen because another country dislikes or wants money from another place, so they place a tariff on them? Why does this happen?

Creating a More Sustainable Food and Plastic Choice for the Future

I think that sustainability is going to be a really large thing later in the future. This is because currently we think that it’s ok, or we just don’t care, even though we know the negative effects and what can happen. The problem that we are facing is that millions of people just don’t care about anything except what is happening now. They don’t care what will happen in 50 years, what will happen in 100 years, what will happen later. They just care about what is happening in the present, and that one plastic bottle that they just threw into the ocean doesn’t matter. They don’t understand that it does matter. According to Ocean Crusaders Plastic Statistics, 100,000 marine life animals are killed every year, and those are the only ones that are found. 1 million sea birds are also killed every year, as they get entangled in plastic and can’t get out. The problem with meat is that it isn’t sustainable. So many of our resource got towards it, so that we can eat just that bit of meat. One of the things that I learnt during the process to get to the exhibition, was that trying to get rid of just the school’s plastic wasn’t going to be easy. This is because we use plastic so much in our daily lives, and we don’t know how much we rely on it, or how much we actually use it. To get rid of the plastic, we would have to find a sustainable reusable thing instead of it, and that’s not easy, because we will have to be able to buy it for about the same price and use it everyday.  I think that in 50 years time, so many people will be fighting for food. This is because we will run out of food, because we will not have enough land to continue farming. This means that 3/4 of the population will be able to eat, and the other 1/4 won’t have enough food, because there just isn’t enough for them. I think that in the end, we will have to think of new ways to find and make food, because we don’t have enough space to get this much food, or to hold the amount of people that we need to hold.

This is an infographic that we created for our final project. You can see that our problem was that we were constantly using so much plastic. We were very passionate about this project, and this is an infographic about our plastic usage and what we can do about it.

This is a logo about how I thought we were going to be in the future. I made the logo like this, because I didn’t think that we would have a bright future. I thought that we would have a future that was mostly dark and grey, with little pricks of light that represent the ones that were lucky. I wanted to reflect the mood that later in the future we were going to be in a dark place, so we need to change what we do very soon, so that our future can turn into a brighter and better place.

My OneDay Project


My OneDay project was to make a dance to the song How Far I’ll Go. I succeeded in creating the dance and performed in front of the group. One of my challenges was, while I was doing a handstand, in the first 30 minutes of OneDay, I hurt my wrist and spent another 10 minutes trying to put weight on it. I might do this project again because dancing is something I’m not really good at, but I wanted to try it and add gymnastics into it. I’ve been doing gymnastics since kindergarten and really enjoy doing it so I decided to do it. I was really happy with what I created and I thought that it was a great day for me.

Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar children

Miss Peregrin

Horror, Fantasy, Adventure all your thing? Then you must read Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. One of the best books I have ever read in my entire life! Jacob Portman just an ordinary boy has a weird grandfather. He talks about monsters and weird people who could levitate and all that junk. Jacob doesn’t believe him until his grandfather dies to a monster, that only Jacob saw. Soon it’s up to Jacob to get help from people who don’t exist. Find out what he does in Miss Peregrines home for Peculiar Children.