Exposition of An Ember In The Ashes

I analyzed the exposition of An Ember in the Ashes and The Hunger Games. An Ember in the Ashes takes place in terrifyingly brutal world, where Laia and her family lives in a poverty-stricken city known as Serra. Under the Martial Empire, the slightest defiance is met with death. The one’s who don’t pledge their whole life to the Empire are met with executed along with their loved ones, and the destruction of everything under their possession. “A familiar look – the one he gives me if I wake from a nightmare or we run out of grain” (3). This sentence suggests that their family struggles to maintain simple necessities, such as food. Furthermore, the word “familiar” emphasizes how frequently this problem occurs. “The martials conquered Scholar lands five hundred years ago, and since then they’ve done nothing but oppress and enslave us” (5). This sentence expresses Laia and her family’s hatred for the Empire, and also the cruel things they do keep their city in line. It also communicates what the Empire wishes for from the citizens, which is slavery and labor.

The exposition of The Hunger Games takes place in Panem, a nation that lies in the ruins of North America. In the middle of their nation stands the Capitol, and surrounding it are twelve districts. The Capitol is unforgiving and cruel and does anything they desire to keep the twelve districts under control. Any act of rebellion is punished with execution that is broadcast to the entire city. The protagonist of the story, Katniss, lives in the poor side of District 12 with her mother and sister. District 12 is a poor, coal-mining district where men and woman with “hunched shoulder” and “swollen knuckles” (4) live and work to provide for the Capitol. In both texts, the protagonist lives in poor conditions. Serra and District 12 are both the worst living conditions in the nation/country. “In theory, it’s supposed to be electrified twenty-four hours a day as a deterrent to the predators that live in the woods that used to threaten our streets” (4, The Hunger Games). “We can’t own property or attend schools, and even the mildest transgression results in enslavement.” (34, An Ember in the Ashes). These sentences show how less the Capitol really cares about their citizens. The rulers of the cities/districts were one of the many aspects where An Ember in the Ashes and The Hunger Games are alike. They both don’t are for their health, education, or safety. All the Empire/Capitol desires from the citizens are the products and services they provide to make their lives more enjoyable. Additionally, both Empires are punishing and merciless towards their citizens. Any act of revolt is punished with death. Public executions are methods that both nations use to threaten their citizens. “Taking the kids from our districts, forcing them to kill one another while we watch – this is the Capitol’s way of reminding us how totally we are at their mercy” (18, The Hunger Games). “Usually, the Empire raids in the heat of day. The soldiers want Scholar mothers and children to watch. They want fathers and brothers to see another man’s family enslaved.” (5, An Ember in the Ashes). Based on these segments, I can infer that both Empires are frightened of rebellion from their citizens. They are unsure if they can withstand the power of it. Consequently, they make sure their citizens don’t have the courage to start a revolt by constantly threatening them. The Capitol and the Martial Empire both try to act invincible to hide their uncertainties.

Humanism Infographic

“The Money’s Paw” Found Poem

This found poem was created with the words of William W. Jacob in the short story “The Monkey’s Paw”. This poem is about the theme of story. In line 58 of “The Monkey’s Paw”, Sergeant Major Morris said, “Fate ruled people’s lives, and to interfere only cased deep sadness.” I believe that the theme of this story is that interfering with what is set to happen, in this case, fate, is pointless, and will only cause harm. I also think that this story warns people to be careful of what you wish for. For example, in line 115, Mr. White stated, “I don’t know what to wish for and that’s a fact. It seems to me I’ve got all I want.” But, he still ends up wishing for two hundred pounds. Later in the story, the old couple finds out that their child, Herbert, died, and as compensation they will receive two hundred pounds. If Mr. White was careful of the consequences, then he might not have wished on the paw. If he didn’t, other possibilities could have opened up to Herbert.
The background of my poem is a picture of the gloomy day and the shadow of a man, taken from inside a window. This resembles the setting of the beginning of “The Monkey’s Paw”. The author described the setting as “the night was cold and wet”. Also, the shadow of the person resembles Sergeant Major Morris (when he came to visit the Whites), who brings up the theme of the short story.
In this poem, some words are bigger than the others, and they are not placed together. I placed the words this way because I wanted to emphasize the important words. For example, I emphasized the word “reasonable” because it relates to the theme of being careful of what you wish for. It also expresses that whatever is wished for later on in the story will not reasonable.


Dot Me Poster

30 Word Poem

Just Me

Humorous, empathetic,

But also obstinate 13-year-old.

Constantly fascinated by show jumping

Ballet, ceramics, double bass

For now

Continuously grateful for my companions

Thriving to be self respecting and conscience free


Show jumping (n) – Also known as “stadium jumping” or “open jumping” is an English riding equestrian event

Companions (n) – A person or animal whom one shares the experience with. I chose this word because it expresses both people and animals. The people who have influenced me are very crucial, but my horses also play a big role in my life. They have taught me countless things, and they will keep on motivating my to become a better version of myself.

Conscience (n) – A restraining sense of what is prudent. I chose this word to express how I want to feel about my choices. I want to be proud of the decisions I make, and not feel any regret.

Garden 8/25

My block in the garden has basil growing in it. I removed the grass, and I also removed the top of the basil where there were flowers growing.

                   Before                                                                                      After

Lit Circle Working Agreements

These are the working agreements my lit circle group has made:

  1. Fulfill your role
  2. Stay on task.
  3. Be respectful to the speaker, listen to what others are saying.
  4. Everyone is participating, everyone is engaged.

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