ONEday 2017


For ONEday this year, my partner Annarosa Lam and I decided to build a Minecraft Medieval Fortress with a village. The original plan was to not only build it, but to teach others how to build it. But we didn’t have enough time and ended up finishing the castle and village only. We had to stay behind after school to get the final touches, but everything went better than expected. Before ONEday, we built only a tiny bit of the village, so during the morning, Annarosa worked on the village and I did the Castle Walls and the Fortress itself. In the afternoon, Annarosa finished to village to help me with the castle. We realized that the fortress was too small, so we had to rebuild the entire thing. It turned out pretty well and I’ve improved a lot with my building skills and speed, and learned to keep calm under pressure.


Enough of me talking – here are some photos!
Morning progress:

screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-9-30-30-am screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-9-30-36-am

Afternoon progress…

The Sugar Challenge!

This isn’t what it sounds like. It’s actually the SUGAR-FREE challenge, not the Sugar Challenge. The point isn’t to eat as much sugar as you can – it’s to cut off sugar for the entire week. I know what you’re thinking “Why would anyone in their right mind do this?” Well, this is for a PE Health unit, and we did this to learn about how much sugar is in our everyday foods, and how to (try) to have a healthy diet and a healthy life. How to make healthy food choices. And by that I don’t mean eating all healthy the entire time. It’s okay to have a bit of sugar now and then, but keep away from it when possible (getting an after-school snack is not that important) That was a really different week for me at mealtimes. I had to confirm with my Mom that the food was sugar-free. At lunch times, I had to check the sugar amount in foods, and multiple times I just ended up eating salads or sandwiches (without white bread) It was hard for lunch, as I was always really hungry when I got home. Salads and Sandwiches don’t fill me up good. I don’t know how I kept away from sugar for the entire week – it was hard, not because I couldn’t resist sugary snacks, but because almost all foods have a certain amount of sugar. I’m glad I didn’t starve.

Right now, I think I’m doing good on making healthy choices. The foods my Mom cooks don’t have sugar in it, and I don’t eat junk food or sugary snacks often, only occasionally (once or twice a week ) For me, the biggest problem is school lunch. The problem is, almost all the foods in school contain sugar – pizza, pasta, Chinese dishes, Delimarché – you name it. Only salads are the healthy choices. One cannot eat salad for their entire lunch! If only the school can make more sugar free food, then I think I will have a pretty much healthy diet.

I’ve learned a lot from this unit. EVERYTHING has sugar in it. It’s really hard to avoid it when things around you have them. But it’s been a good experience. I’ll try to make more healthy choices from now on.

Thanks for reading!

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