An Ember In the Ashes by: Sabaa Tahir

The book is about two people and their different perspectives and story of how their fate is intwined with each other, both people have very different stories. Elias was taken from his home and born from the second most powerful person in the dystopian government and he was trained to become a murderer; Laia however was working with her grandparents and her brother got kidnapped for a notebook with information that could be used to destroy the government. Elias didn’t want to be part of the government’s army and was trying to escape and Laia was trying to find a way to rescue her brother from the prison they kept him in. Eventually both of them end up meeting each other with Laia as a spy for the rebellion in trade for her brother back and Elias trying to pass the trials that will make him emperor of Blackcliff.

Comedy Central’s Book!

I Funny Book Cover Enjoy Comedy? Well you’ll enjoy this!I Funny by James Patterson is Comedy book about a middle schooler who is the class comedian in a wheel chair. Wheel chair or no Jamie will knock your socks off.When his uncle suggested that he joined a competition he kept trying new material on different people, will he finish in first? Read I Funny for the longest laugh in your life!!!