Ji-Li’s Journey

         Red Scarf Girl by Ji-Li Jiang is the memoir of Ji-Li’s childhood during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. The book shows Ji-Li’s struggles through the time of Mao Zedong reign because she is marked with bad class status as a “landlord”, which fell under the black-whelp categories. The novel really opens up how a child whose life was decided for her continued to attempt to unite her love for her family and her passion for her nation, despite knowing it would never work out. For anyone wishing to learn and experience how someone’s lifestyle could be as terrible as it was back then, this is the most compelling, touching, and grasping memoir out there for you to learn from.

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Red Sun Sky: A Memoir from Prof. Yu He-Fei

For ten years, I suffered. As a late-thirties professor at Beijing University, the top of the nation’s education, I had it all, but it vanished overnight. Even when I didn’t realize that I was being tortured, it was always there, the suffering. It began in ’66, but I couldn’t see what was coming. The bittersweet chaotic pain that the students loved tasting as they beat me would come much later on, after the times when I was in the daze, the control, just like everybody else. The years came, and, for me, the fog cleared, but for others, it only grew thicker, until they were determined that because I didn’t see the nation as I did, I must be punished into joining the overpowering hypnosis. China wasn’t my paradise anymore, it was only the chaos that I could only ever fear to experience. And if you care enough to learn of the horrors I saw, then read my journal, my journal that will enlighten you to see China through my old eyes.

         After the revolution, although you may doubt me, many things stayed the same. Mao was still a hero to the nation, and the country was still very much communist. Everyone was equal, and the workers lead the nation, not capitalist foreign nations. The CCP still led us, but it was not the same as when Mao was with us.


And even though things stayed the same, a lot of things changed. The nation could no longer move on with Chairman Mao, and the Red Guards evaporated into thin air. We had new leaders, new orders, and new lives. The religion of Mao Zedong Thought went extinct, even though he is still a hero to us. We were forced to move on from the days of Mao Zedong, and head towards the future with him left behind us in the past and Hua Guofeng at the helm.  And now every time I look at a yuan bill, I cringe at the memories attributed with his time.

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A not so common craft video


Imagine living in a world where just the shoes you wear could get you beaten and publicly humiliated? Or where your grandfather’s mistakes define who you are? And where if you were found with so much as one old photo your entire house was trashed? This was very much like the conditions of life many people faced during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution of China. The revolution was launched to purge the western and capitalist influences throughout the Chinese Communist Party and China itself. Mao Zedong headed this revolution and soon became a God towards much of the population, especially the youth. People revered him as a hero an a god, and he would be forever remembered as the man who’s leadership forever changed the course of China’s future and pushed them to become the world superpower it is today.

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SHELDON the Robotic Turtle: an engineering wonder of the world!

A piece of advice I would tell a student who was doing this project in the future is that time goes by really quickly, and to work first on how it works before you worry about how it looks.

My biggest success was getting this turtle to work. It was very hard to get the programming right (see photo below) so when it was finally perfect I was really, really relieved and proud.

If I did this project again, one thing that I would do differently is changing how he looks. I had a difficult time trying to make him look like a turtle. I didn’t want to be too precise on the looks, but I feel I could’ve done a bit better.

Overall, I think this product was successful because it made the kids really happy and excited when he started moving, which was my goal, so I feel that the project was successful because my No. 1 goal was achieved.

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The Seas of Tomorrow: Research on Extraterrestrial Life Funding

NASA’s Funding for Jupiter’s Oceans

                        NASA’s should focus on sending missions to Jupiter’s moon, Europa. In the passage, it says that “Europa has long been thought to have a hidden salty ocean about twice the size of our planet’s”, which makes Europa “one of NASA’s ‘top candidates’ for life in the solar system somewhere other than Earth.” Europa has also been proven to have plumes on it. This evidence shows that it has conditions that are possible for life. Since it seems to be one of humanity’s many quests to find out that it is not alone in this universe, we should fund a program to send probes to this Jupitorian moon to examine the moon and find any signs of life. The possibility of life seems more than possible and if we choose to fund the exploration of Europa, not only would we learn about possible life on the moon, but we would also be able to gain more insight on Jupiter and places in the outer solar system. By choosing this project to fund, we can expand our knowledge of the solar system even if the search ends as a failure and hopefully can find the extraterrestrial organisms we are searching for.


Image from here.


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Getting creative in One Day!

First and Second Sessions:

  • Goal: To create and positive/inspiring calendar Bonus goal: sell the calendars at the PTA store
  • Start picking some templates for the calendars and begin focusing on what our calendar is going to look like
  • Going to draw and design quotes for each month, so that the person has a positive/inspiring quote every month
  • Canva is definitely going to help me design and search engines like Google are going to make it easier to find quotes I can use

One Day!!!:

  • Goal: Finish Calendar
  • Find Quotes and draw six, other half of year will be free positivity posters
  • Process photos:


First two were hand made, last is a free poster

  • Quotes are, in my opinion, one of the best ways to spread cheerfulness
  • Easiest part: getting the posters into the calendar
  • Hardest part: either a) making the pictures, b) getting the pictures into the calendar, or c) fixing the dates on the calendar to fit ISB school year 2019-2020

Exhibition day!:

  • Pick up the calendar from the copy center at 10am, just as the exhibition starts
  • Get calendar up so that it can be seen by all of the middle school (😰)
  • ☑️ Finish blogging about One day experience
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The Pale Blue Dot


The Pale Blue Dot Video was more influential to me than the Hubble deep field video.”That’s us. On it, everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, who lived out their lives.”Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.” These quotes are very influential upon me, especially since we are the only known life in the universe, and we fight each other just to rule a piece of a tiny speck in all of the cosmos. That to me shows that we are so precious and we keep destroying each other for that one pale blue dot. The pale blue dot. Everyone we have ever known and loved and hated is just a meaningless speck of sand in the desert of what we call the universe. And we are just a speck in the known universe. What are we, then, in the entire universe? We destroy our home and think that there is another out there but in reality, even if we managed to find another Earth, image how long it would take to get there. And how long would that Earth last? That video was the most influential to me because it showed me our worth.

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из России с любовью (From Russia with love)

My multimedia project is on the internal conflict of our protagonist Sasha Zaichik in the book Breaking Stalin’s Nose by Eugene Yelchin. In the book, Sasha has to make a lot of tough decisions about whether to follow everyone else or break away for his father. The quotes I used on the front give more insight into the setting, while the quotes on the back show the internal conflict that Sasha faces towards the end of the novel. If you notice on the back side of the postcard you see Red Square with rows upon rows of soldiers in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral. I used this picture to show the Communist era of Russia and to demonstrate the seriousness of the time. I also specially chose the colors yellow and red on the stamp because those are the most common colors in Communism, red standing for bloodshed and yellow standing for wheat. I do hope that any readers, especially if you grew up in a capitalist and democratic society, read this book because it really shows a whole new perspective on the Soviet Union and its own society.

Do you want to make amazing posts like this? Go here!

Do you need Russian text? Use this!


Image Citations:

Kniec, Michal. Red Square at Night. 21 May 2011.

Osborne, Andrew. Josef Stalin’s Judgement Was Severely Impaired in His Final Years by a Degenerative Brain Condition, One of the Doctors Who Treated Him on His Death Concluded. 21 Apr. 2011.

Yuon, Konstantin. A Red Square Parade. 1941.


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People R Individual, Don’t Exclude (PRIDE)

My task for this poem was both simple and difficult.

I had to write a poem on one of the UN’s STG Goals. I decided to choose
Reduced Inequalities, particularly LGBTQ Rights.
And so, this poem was created. I hope you can feel the

characters’ emotions and see life through their eyes. After all,

the struggles of the world cannot be ignored with your

rose-colored glasses.


People R Individual, Don’t Exclude (PRIDE)


I wake up at the break of dawn

And lay in bed

Thinking of how the future will view us

Will view me

I have absolutely everything that could possibly make

Someone, anyone different

I am gay, my parents are immigrants, and I’m black

I have my entire life known one thing to be true:

I will never be normal


My apartment was miniscule, but cheap

As many were in this side of Chicago

It was dark, only a few dim, shadowed beams

Managed to creep through the window

The air smelled of burning gas and traffic,

And the cacophony of car horns was earsplitting

The glimmer of a wine bottle in the corner

Was brighter than the light hitting it

As I laid in my single bed

In this place that was a earthly purgatory

But Alex made it paradise,

He made this gloomy place heaven

We walked down the littered sidewalk,

As if it was the aisle, hand-in-hand

Whispers, murmurs fill the air,

But the windy city’s breeze spares our feelings

And gushes them away


A million stares pointed directly at us,

A thousand thoughts echoing the same observation

A biracial couple walking down the sidewalk. Together. Hand-in-hand.

How much more different could we get?

I glanced into Alex’s brilliant, cerulean eyes

His mesmerizing features beaming his

Proud, confident expression

He whispers, “Never let them get to you

We are happy together, that’s all that matters”.

I try to believe that

As I stare into his eyes, a blizzard of memories

Churns and violently whirls in my head

When we met, the Pride Parade, wedding day

Walking down the aisle together, all just us



And through that blizzard, a lone idea remains

I’m not gay; I am happy, a person second,

And after that Proud

I may sometimes wonder why I loved him,

If the wrong switch flipped in my brain

Why I made the decision to marry him

And then I remember one, single quote:

“People may hate you for being different

And not living by society’s standards,

But deep down, they wish they had the courage

To do the same”



Image citation:  https://www.zazzle.com/lgbt+fist+gifts


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A Journey through China during Imperialism

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