Possible Threats in the Future?

I believe that NASA should focus of exploring two of Saturn’s moons, Enceladus and Titan because Titan has the environment to possibly contain life. Titan, features a thick atmosphere and lakes and rivers of liquid methane. Scientists believe that this might cause Titan to contain life. Scientists wants to send a robot that can identifying large organic molecules which indicate signs of life. A liquid ocean exists beneath the icy surface of Enceladus. The scientists also found a lot of hydrogen, which also has a possible chance of life. “”We now know that Enceladus has almost all of the ingredients that you would need to support life as we know it on Earth,” she said at a NASA news conference.” (Newsela – Search for life beyond Earth might only need go as far as Saturn’s rings). This shows that Titan and Enceladus have research values. If there is life discovered on the moons of Saturn, the robots can bring back samples and the scientists could do research and possibly discover more. Enceladus and Titan could possibly be the first step of discovering other living creatures.

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Person Of the Year – William Race

This magazine is designed based on William Race in Temple by Matthew Riley. I chose to create a magazine because William Race has been through countless of interesting adventures, so he would probably get interviewed.


I used Bear Grylls as the main picture because I think he is very similar to William Race. They have both been through innumerable adventures and have similar characteristics. For example, they are both very bold when facing challenges. I put the word passionate, persistent, and responsible on the magazine. I put passionate and persistent on the magazine because he never gives up when facing difficulties or the most life-threatening situations. “God, you’re a persistent little son of a *****.” (Matthew, 475). This shows how even his opponent thinks he is outstanding. I also put responsible on the magazine because he always helps his teammates. He disarms the bombs to save his teammates and their mission. I put” William Race talks about his adventures” because he is likely interviewed because of his adventures.



https://www.speakersassociates.com/speaker/bear-grylls, BEAR GRYLLS , 2018

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The Professor Hero


William Race, a Latin linguist, in Matthew Riley’s Temple is on a mission to save the world. Evil neo-Nazis are racing to get a secret idol in the deep remote Amazon rain forests which can destroy the world. Worse though than destroying the world, it could be used to control the world and all of its inhabitants. Only the US government team, on which is William Race, and the neo-Nazis know of the Incan Idol’s true power and capabilities. What can a Latin linguist offer? How could a white-collar professor battle the deepest, darkest, cruelest forces in the jungles of Peru? He does it all with passion and intensity rarely seen. Both teams race to beat the other, and only due to William Race’s heroic efforts, the world is saved. For that reason, we can confidently say that Race is a passionate, courageous, and modest hero.


William Race was just a normal hardworking kind everyday professor who enjoyed writing his papers, helping his students, and reading Livy. That all changed one day when he was visited by Colonel Frank Nash who speaks to him about an urgent mission. Race is needed to translate a 400-year-old manuscript, written by a French Jesuit priest. The manuscript contains the all-important information detailing the location of the Incan Idol. The idol was made from a meteorite, and thus is a material unknown on Earth. The material, thyrium- 261 however can be used to make the powerful weapon in the world. Race must decide if he wants to join a mission to save the world. Race has no time to think. It is an urgent task which requires Race to commit or decline in 30 minutes time. At first, Race is most reluctant to join and ready to decline until he finds out that his former love, Lauren, is also going. It is his passion for her that really motivates him. “Race looked at Nash. He wondered just how much Frank Nash knew about Lauren and himself-wondered if he had dropped her name deliberately. If so it worked. “(p.14)


In an hour’s time Race was a plane with the other civilians selected to go on this earth-saving mission, and while on the plane he translated the document which disclosed the hiding place of the idol made of Thyrium-261. Knowing the location however was not the hardest thing. While important, it was the easier task that needed to be done. Getting to the location was the challenge and getting there before the neo-Nazis. Race’s work was really just getting started. After the plane landed, they rested shortly before embarking on a deep and dangerous journey into the Incan forests. More translating needed to be done and Race was up for the task even when facing the most terrifying and life-threatening situations. Although the manuscript was in essence translated, its meaning was still very cryptic and needed to be compared to the locations in the jungle to determine the true meanings of the words. The Incan jaguar idol made of thyrium-261 was guarded by none other than by huge cats much bigger and stronger than humans. The cats could lacerate a human to shreds in seconds. On top of that, assuming such massive ferocious cats was not a big enough deterrent, there were also humungous 22-foot crocodiles lurking around ready to pounce on any trespassers. Yet, in spite of these manifest dangers, our unassuming hero, Professor William Race faces all the impending dangers with greater courage, at times, than the Marines sent to defend and protect him. We should keep in mind though that these were only the indigenous dangers. The greatest danger perhaps was the group of cold bloodthirsty malicious murderous neo-Nazis. Let us consider this quote to get an idea of the bravery of our hero William Race. “Bullets smacked against the tree trunks just above Race’s head  as he flew by them at phenomenal speed.” (p.264) With such courage, Race conducted himself repeatedly. Never once forgetting what his mission was and never failing to risk his life whenever it was needed. When there was a bomb that needed to be disarmed Race was there risking all to get the job done and save his team. For he knew that saving the team meant saving the world and that was a mission worth dying for it necessary.

“Race looked at Bittiker with hard eyes. “While, I’ve still got one second left, I’m going to try and disarm that bomb.” “Is that right? “Bittiker replied. “Yeah, that’s right…because I have done it before.”, replied Race.(p.478) As we can see Race never feared death.


In spite of all his life-saving heroics we should keep in mind that Professor William Race was a down-to-earth kind, compassionate, modest man. Although he was the pivotal invaluable player on the team, he was polite modest and unassuming in front of others. When others greatly complimented him, he was always quick to dismiss their praise and say it was just his duty. He was a true hero.


In this paper we have examined how Professor Race, the Latinist, was the world saving hero who, due to his passion, intelligence, courage and modesty faced unsurmountable challenges and overcame them. He battled neo-Nazis, huge cats, massive alligators, and disarm bombs, among many other heroic actions, and never thought of himself as a hero. It can be said without a doubt that he was a passionate, courageous, modest hero who saved the world from utter destruction.





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Boxer Rebellion – The Ruthless Boxers

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Social issue poetry – Gun Control


“Owning A Gun Seems Absolutely Moronic. Why Do Americans Love Guns So Much?”. 2018 , https://thoughtcatalog.com/hok-leahcim/2014/06/owning-a-gun-seems-absolutely-moronic-why-do-americans-love-guns-so-much/

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Multi-Media Post – Beyond Fear

I chose to make my Multi-Media post in the format of a poster about the book Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne. I chose this format because I think a few pictures and some words would best describe Axel.


I used Bear Grylls as the background picture because I think Axel is similar to him. They all have challenges but can still overcome the challenges. Although they have all been through difficulties but still overcomes it. I used the word Achievement to show the fame and glory that Axel has after exploring the center of the earth just like Bear Grills. The picture of the bear also represents Axel’s bravery because a bear never gets afraid attacking anything just like Axel. Although Axel had found difficulties and was frightened sometimes, he still overcomes it and caused him to have more experience. I can relate this to ISB students like us because I think everyone has been through a process of overcoming themselves to becoming a better person. Axel’s attitude should be learnt by every one of us. I put a picture of Bear Grylls holding his water bottle because of the troubles Axel have been through. Nature was sometimes providing him precious nutrients. For example, “Nothing was more intoxicating than this attraction of the abyss. I was going to fall. A hand held me back.”  This shows how attracting nature could be. sometimes causing trouble for him. For example, he was running out of water when exploring. Which got him in deep trouble.


Bear Grylls Shares His Key to Surviving Almost Anything ”. 2018, https://www.gq.com/story/bear-grylls-survival-socks-interview.

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Marks & Spencer to sell Aquacai ‘pure water’ in outlets”. 2018, https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/609824/Marks-Spencer-to-sell-Aquacai-pure-water-in-outlets-Bear-Grylls.

“科迪亚克岛棕熊”. 2018, https://baike.baidu.com/item/科迪亚克岛棕熊/5270735?fr=aladdin&fromtitle=科迪亚克熊&fromid=9499308.

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Written Blog Post – Beauty of adventure


Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne is an exciting suspenseful novel which contains many themes. Three related themes which I would like to explore are man versus Nature, courage to help others, and explore and survive. Throughout the novel we see Axel and Professor Lidenbrock fighting the mighty forces of nature. We also see how their courage, which is seen again and again with each dangerous situation, gives them the strength to continue. Finally because of their courage, they survive and prosper at the end. Upon exploring each theme and seeing their interconnectedness, we will have a better understanding why Journey to the Center of the Earth is an exciting suspenseful novel.


Throughout the story it is necessary for Dr. Lidenbrock, and his companions, Alex, his nephew, and Hans the guide, to battle Nature. In fact, the entire story is really a journey fighting the great forces of Nature. As trained geologists, the uncle and nephew, clearly love Nature and appreciates its great powers, as does the guide Hans. Just as sailors are drawn to the sirens in the ocean, the men were drawn to the inner belly of the volcano. This can clearly be seen when Alex says: “Nothing was more intoxicating than this attraction of the abyss. I was going to fall. A hand held me back.” (pg. 86). His love of Nature almost made him drunk enough to fall to his death but thankfully he was saved by the guide Hans. Repeatedly the men need to try and outsmart nature as Nature tries to engulf them in the mountain. This happened when Alex got lost, Hans needed to fight for water, and when they had the daunting task of removing the rock that blocked their passage. Surprisingly, although all of the men do know the awesome power of Nature, they nonetheless become careless and somewhat arrogant by thinking that they can overcome its forces or that Nature will provide a way out for them. While they do eventually outwit Nature and make it to the end center of the Earth, Nature does, in a final show of awe-inspiring strength, expel all of them from its belly. In the end, it would appear that a draw has occurred where neither party has won and both have survived.As we will see next, courage was one of the main reasons they were able toovercome the challenges they faced.


The courage of all the men can be seen throughout the entire novel. One person’s courage stands out above all though and that is courage of Hans. Hans has chosen to face death as a living, and he takes his job seriously. He is never afraid of facing death and knows that is what is expected of him. He rightly fears Nature at times, but is never afraid to face it. He keeps his fear inside and never reveals it to the uncle and nephew. Lidenbrock has courage too but his courage is at times, thoughtless, careless, and even reckless as when he explodes the rock and has no idea what will happen. It should also be pointed out that the professor did not hesitate for a moment to go on this treacherous journey upon learning that his nephew had deciphered the code. Within ten seconds of knowing, he told his nephew to get ready for the trip. The professor never once feared death. Axel, however, is different. He fears death, but is still courageous. In spite of wanting to quit the journey on numerous occasions, he persevered and continued until they had succeeded, As can be seen, they all possessed great amounts of courage, and it was courage that allowed them to survive. Survival, and thus not dying, depended greatly on their courage.


While undertaking their adventurous journey, the men faced death numerous times. It was, as if Nature was waiting to entomb them in her bowels. It was really only due to Hans with his real practical hands-on experience, that the Uncle and nephew survived. It would not be exaggerating to say that every step of the way had the potential of ending their lives, and they could have perished in numerous places. Knowing how to survive in the worst conditions was imperative. For example, when Axel got lost, his life was in serious jeopardy, but once again, if it were not for Hans, Alex would have died. One of the most fascinating and terrifying parts of the story, is the great storm they must endure. The men, understandable doubt their survival when they see the massive size of the storm as seen by Axel’s words when he says:

“No, the luminous power of this light, its flickering diffusion, its clear whiteness, the lowness of the temperature, its brilliance, all pointed to an electrical origin. It was like an aurora borealis, a continuous cosmic phenomenon, filling this cavern big enough to hold an ocean.” (pg.138) The danger of death could not be more clear and their only job was to survive the clutches of Nature. They do survive but sometimes due to a greater amount of luck than skill.

As we have seen throughout his blog, the men had to repeatedly overcome the massive, incredibly strong and unprectable forces of Nature. To do this, they had to possess great courage, and without this courage, they clearly would not have survived. Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne, is book with filled with many themes, but these three themes are so importantly tied together that they enable us to better perceive the beauty of this story.

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Lysander Magazine Cover

Laura Somers. “Dominic West set to turn Irish castle into a lavish hotel”. 2018, http://vipmagazine.ie/dominic-west-set-to-turn-irish-castle-into-a-lavish-hotel/

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The Next Stalin

I chose to make my multi-media post in the format of a magazine cover about the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. I chose this because I think a straight forward picture with words and short sentences would best describe Napoleon.

I used a picture of a pig that looks harmless and changed the color to black and white. I did this to describe Napoleon as someone that looks harmless but is actually very cruel and sneaky. I used “The Next Stalin” because the story of Napoleon is really like the story of Stalin. At first, Lenin was actually trying to achieve true communism but then died. This person’s story is very alike to the character “Major.” The pig Major died while leading the revolution. Then Napoleon takes over Major’s credits and turns everything to his advantage, not thinking about the community. “ “Never mind the milk, comrades!” cried Napoleon” (George , 13). Before Major died, he promised to split the milk equally among the animals, but the greedy Napoleon saved it for the pigs. This shows how Napoleon is only thinking of himself and his family, and not the community.

Napoleon is a very creul pig too. “As soon as the newborn pigs were weaned, Napoleon took them away from their mothers, saying that he would make himself responsible for their education. ” (25) This shows how cruel Napoleon is. He would brainwash the babies to listen to his commands. As we see, he is only thinking of himself , not the community. On the magazine cover, I used black as the color of the name Napoleon and Stalin because they were all very cruel. They would only do things that would benefit themselves. Black would be the perfect color to show how terrible they were.


“Pig | Alltech”. 2018, www.alltech.com/animal-nutrition/pig.

“Your Designs – Canva”. 2018, www.canva.com.




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Leonardo Da Vinci Post – About Leonardo Da Vinci

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