Masterpiece with a Message- Develop and Plan & Create and Improve

When I first started painting on my skateboard, I thought I was doing pretty well. Because I made my prototype I already knew exactly what to do for the final piece. I was using a pencil wrapped in tape to mix black, yellow, orange, and loads of white to create a realistic color scheme for my cheetah. I used an… Read more →

Masterpiece with a Message- Define and Inquire

When Ignite week was beginning to stroll from around the corner, I failed to anticipate what project I craved the most. There were just so many choices that I felt would be interesting. Ignite week is a week for FA students that is specially set aside for them to fulfill their passions. This Ignite, I am a part of project… Read more →

One Day 2019- Teacher for a day

In middle school we annually do this project called one day, witch is one day set apart to celebrate our passions. I chose to be a teacher for a day; meaning I helped the grade two teachers teach and play with their students.   I chose to do this project because I have always really enjoyed having children for company.… Read more →

Project Consume

  Overview of the Project: In the begging of this project we were shown the two driving questions: What is the relationship between consumption and sustainability, and How can we make a sustainable change. The whole project was about sifting though information to answer these driving questions to create pieces about the life cycle of plastic. Some of the stages… Read more →

Make It: Final Presentation

Before this week I had little knowledge of Beijing’s Metro systems, which put me in my target audiences shoes. This week has taught me about one of Beijing’s most complex traveling systems, and let me experience what local life looks like there. What I didn’t know before is the metro guaranties a exclusive vision of China’s culture and lifestyle. This… Read more →

Make It: Define and Inquire

Our trip to Tiananmen was very successful, despite small hiccups we may have happened. As we went on this trip, we collected digital data and developed resources for our final product. Despite my worries yesterday,  I found doing this was not as difficult as it would seem. As mentioned before, Our final product will be a blog post that will… Read more →

Make It: Develop & Plan

One of the biggest problems facing our world today is global warming. This is related to my Ignite week project because one of the largest contributing factors of global warming is transportation. By using public transportation like busses and metros we are using less energy that creates global warming than if everyone was using individual means of transportation. This Ignite… Read more →