Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

Name: Scarlett O’Keefe

Date: 12/02/19

Question: Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?



Claim: In our solar system NASA needs to focus on further missions to Saturn’s moon Enceladus.



Evidence: Like stated in the article by Associated Press, adapted by Newsela staff, “The planet Saturn has many small moons that surround it. One of them is called Enceladus.” And a spacecraft called Cassini has been studying Saturn for years and has found hydrogen on Saturn’s moon called Enceladus.


Reasoning: So why stop now, we already know all this information about the planet Saturn and its moon Enceladus. From the spacecraft, Cassini that has been collecting information about Saturn and it’s 62 moons circling it. The spacecraft is coming to an end. It has been circling Saturn for almost 10 years, that’s a long time. Also, they have found hydrogen on Saturn’s moon called Enceladus, that can further research.  In conclusion, we have done all this work to find out more about Saturn and it’s 62 moons. So, let’s use that information that we have and further it to find out more facts and important information that is still unknown to humankind.


 Resource’s used:







OneDay-Top Chef 2019………

Our menu: 

We decided to cook all these because we were all familiar on how to make them.

Appetizer: Fried cheese stick-

The first dish we made was the mozzarella sticks. they were made by using canola oil to fry rolled up mozzarella an undefined cheese and cheddar cheese. we then covered them in corn starch then egg mix. we covered them in bread crumbs then repeated the process twice then frying for a minute or two. the way we decided to plate our plate was a combination of spur of the moment thinking and the pre-thinking of trying to make our dish look spicy when it was mild. -Degan Cougle

Main: Falafel spread with pita bread-

Making Of The Dishes (Falafel P1) 

  In the late morning, after we had finished our mozzarella sticks and had a break, it was time to start on the falafel mix, it would to sit in the fridge for at least 40 min. I added all the necessary ingredients to a mixing bowl, 2 cups chickpeas, 1 chopped onion, a bunch of chopped coriander and parsley, 4 cloves of garlic, cumin powder, salt, sesame seeds, flour, and black pepper. We put in the blender and when we tried the falafel “mix”, we were mortified to find out that there was too much garlic. I frantically tried to add more turmeric, and curry powder and when that didn’t work, I was in terror. I frantically looked up on my phone how to balance out garlic in a recipe, and it said to add olive oil to the mix and add lemon juice to any liquid substance used. So, I added olive oil to the mix, and that helped a lot, so I put the falafel in the fridge, where it would sit for the next 40 min.-Daniel Savu

 Making Of The Pita Bread 

  In the meantime, the Pita Bread needed to be made for the main dish. I took the dough out onto a floured surface. I made 6 dough balls, ensuring that each group would have one Pita Bread to try. Once I had six dough balls, I rolled out two, and let the rest of my group members do the rest, since they thought it was fun. Once they all rolled out I got the pan ready, I heated up some olive oil on a heavy duty pan and put my first Pita Bread inside. It was required to cover it to get air inside the dough, then, I would need to flip the bread multiple times to get an even browness on both sides. The aroma of the bread was wonderful, and I was confident it would turn out great. Once the pita was finished, we took it out and added oregano, thyme, and tarragon leaves, given our bread a touch from the Middle East. We repeated this 6 times for the other bread. -Daniel Savu 

 Making Of The Dishes (Falafel P2) 

  After 40 min, we took the falafel out, we only had 20 min left. I frantically shaped the balls into the dough and prepared the frying pan with at least 2 cups of oil, and lemon juice the help with the overpowering of garlic, we now had 15 min left. I threw the overly moist falafel balls into the pan hoping we had enough time.  After another 5 min, I realized that nothing was happening. Then it clicked, the stove wasn’t even on, it was locked, I didn’t know what to do, I was stressed, begging the teacher to help. This was the main difficulty we had, it took us another 5 min to figure out the stove, and to unlock it. We had 5 min left to fry and to plate the dish, the Pita was ready, but the Falafel made me stressed, after 3 min, I had to make a decision that we would be plating Falafel Paste instead of Falafel. I took the unfinished falafel out and placed it next to the Pita Bread as a paste that could be eaten with bread. (6) It was I could accomplish in the time that I had. -Daniel Savu   

Dessert: Japanese jiggly cheesecake-

 I started preparing for the cheesecake about halfway through our time for the main dish because the cheesecake takes a long time to bake (an hour and 20 minutes). I prepared the ingredients and started preparing the batter while Scarlett, Degan and Daniel worked on the pita bread and falafel mix. First, we melted the cream cheese, butter and milk together in a pot until smooth.  -Sophia Wu 

Our team:

-Sophia Wu, Degan Cougle, Daniel Savu and ME (Scarlett O’Keefe)

The middle eastern sauce;

We first started off by making our appetizer, my role was to make a middle eastern sauce for the cheese sticks and for the falafel and pita bread. The sauce included yogurt, cucumber, lemon, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and corn starch.  Then I mixed all the ingredients in a bowl to make the sauce a thick consistency. For the pita/ falafel sauce. I wanted to change it up a bit by added different herbs and spices into the leftover sauce. I added herbs and turmeric to change up the taste to the sauce.

The sauce in the making photos- 



What did I do well? 

Our team worked well together and all trusted each other to be able to focus on a part of one of the dishes.

What did you learn? 

I learned a lot of new cooking skills from my fellow teammates. Also, I learned how to make falafels!

What challenges did you face?

One of our biggest challenges was the falafels, we did not have much time to cook them and the stove kept turning off. Cause us to have no time left. We fixed the problem by turning them into a falafel spread instead. Then we said it was a falafel spread for the pita bread.

One of the biggest problems of the whole day was baking the cake. We weren’t very familiar with the oven and baking dishes in the school kitchen, so it was a huge problem. The cake was supposed to bake in some hot water so the surface of the cake wouldn’t crack too much or become dry. Normally I use a cookie sheet with a tall edge so the hot water wouldn’t spill over, but we couldn’t find any cookie sheets in the ovens so we used around spring cake pan. The problem with this was that the water leaked through the bottom of that cake pan. The only way that we could slightly help the situation was to cover the bottom of both cake pans with foil and have a cupcake tin to catch some of the water at the bottom. In the end, the cake had a huge crack on the surface, but at least the cake was very moist on the inside. While the cake cooled down after finished baking, we worked on the plating for the cake. We cut up some strawberries and made a strawberry sauce for the plating. The strawberry sauce was not planned, as we kind of winged the recipe for it. We added some sugar, water, milk and cornstarch to the strawberries and let it boil in the pot.  

Why is One- Day important?

One-Day is important because it allows you to improve your skills or learn some new ones. like I already knew how to cook, but I learned new ideas and how to cook them. One-Day is an incredibly fun and enjoyable day.


All the different dishes: ( we were team falafel) 



OPTION 1: What do you think about this statement?

“Most important image ever taken!”

Do you agree or disagree?

What other images would maybe fall into this category? Why!


My statement;

I do agree that it is the “Most important image ever taken!” Because of shows that most likely there could be life out there, with the number of galaxies in the photo. The statement states then yes, it is one of sciences best discovery’s for space because they now further know that we are not the only ones out there.



Question: The video implied that there may be life out in space beyond earth based upon the number of galaxies, number of stars in each galaxy etc.:

What do you think?

Is there life out there? Why or Why not?


My statement;

I believe there is life out there based upon what the video said. The image implied that there are tons and tons of galaxies with millions of stars in them. Meaning that there would have to be planets orbiting those stars, which probably have life on them (Like our earth)




Order of the planets:

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto



How big is our universe…

How big is our universe…

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always loved the universe. I remember one day when my dad bought a telescope and I was extremely excited because I would be able to see planets just from our back yard. In science class when Mr Winkelman showed us the video on the “most important image ever taken” The video and picture really showed me that we are not the only ones out in this large universe. The activities that we did in class the other day showed everyone and especially me that our planets are VERY far away from each other. I never really knew that they were drastically far away. Also, the sizes of the planets are very impressive too (like the sizes of the stars compared to our little earth). All these videos, photos and experiments make me believe that we are definitely not the only ones in the universe.


This is a graph of what I really mean on how BIG the planets really are.

Ariana Grande的爱好。。。

Ariana Grande的爱好。。。


对于不认识我的人。。。。(For people who don’t know me)

我叫Ariana Grande, 我是美国人。我二十五岁了。我只在美国。我的家人是爸爸,妈妈,哥哥。我的爱好是唱歌。我已经唱歌十年。我喜欢游。我的眼睛是棕色的。我的头发也是棕色的。我是小小的,我不是高哈哈哈(haha)。 我喜欢吃三文鱼和蔬菜。我的最佳歌曲在2018 年是 “thank you, next”, “no tears left to cry”, “god is a woman”,“the light is coming” “image” 和 “breathin” 我发布” sweetener” 在2018年。我喜欢中国但是我爱北京,北京很漂亮和凉。

我爱的中国粉丝 ❤️



Current Events: Blog Post Activity- Shark Attacks

Summary Paragraph

Shark attacks have been a real problem in Australia, “In NSW, there were six deaths in a 12-month period from 1934 to 1935, and in Queensland, there were five fatalities in 1929. But nowadays, the general trend in Australia, as well as the rest of the world, is towards more attacks.” (Australia geographic- Emma Young) The attacks have been becoming so regularly recently, like a couple days ago on December 9, 2018, a 36-year-old man got in a shark attack of the east coast of Australia. “The man suffered a severe leg injury below his knee on his right leg.”(Sky-News, Dec 9, 2018) The man is still in severe conditions. “Authorities have tried out measures such as aerial drones to track sharks in the water and “smart” drum lines that alert officials to their whereabouts.” (Sky-News, Dec 9, 2018) So far Australia has seen 16 “unprovoked” incidents in 2018 alone.


Opinion Paragraph

Shark attacks in Australia are becoming even more likely every minute. But like summer is in and thanks to new shark spotting drones, beachgoers there may feel safer getting in the water. “Shark-spotting drones will be flying above dozens of the most popular Australian beaches this summer to quickly identify underwater predators.” ( NEWSELA-Agence France-Presse) This will help the worry of fellow beachgoers to feel more safe and protected in the water. This idea of using more drones around popular beaches is such an awesome. This could help save lives a protect people from getting attacked, especially fellow tourists. I love going to the beach, so knowing that most beaches are having drones makes me worry free.


Questions for Classmates:

What beaches mainly have shark attacks?

What places in Australia have the most attacks?


Cited Sources :

Sky News, 09 December 2018


Australia Geographic, “ fatal shore: why so many shark attacks?”


NEWSELA, Aerial patrol: Drones used to spot sharks on the beaches in Australia.


Image Cited:


Boxer Rebellion Map- Thinkling

The Boxer Rebellion map in the city of China


I think that the Boxers do not deserve a bad rap, because during the tour it made me think that they were just trying to defend their country from being taken over by the Western Influences. The Westerners came in demanding their ideas on these Chinese people and forcing what they thought was right but some of the Chinese did not believe in this at all.  Then came the Boxer Rebellion.

My New Avatar!

I used BitMoji (snap-chat) to create my Avatar.

I chose this background because it represents me!

Peppa Pig – Design Class

Quick Overview: In design class, we had a fun project where we had to make a robot that moved in a way (robot petting zoo) for grade 1’s to enjoy.

3 Thoughts: 

My biggest success was getting Peppa’s Ears to move, when we turned the program on, we were both relieved that her ears moved when you touched her eye.

One thing I’d like to change is putting the sensor somewhere else on Peppa because the idea of the sensor being on her eye was pretty weird when the grade 1’s walked around and asked how to make her move 😂

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to make sure you get everything done in time because the robot petting zoo is really fun and a great thing to be a part of. Also, make sure to plan out every time so you have enuff time to get everything done.


Resolution – Thirteen Reasons Why

My book cover is based on the book Th1irteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher. The book is about A boy Clay when he discovers several cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker. Hannah committed suicide two weeks earlier and Hannah’s voice tells him that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Leaving the 13 people she considers responsible for driving her to do so a series of tapes outlining the different ways in which she feels they contributed to her death. Clay is one of them. This book is an emotional roller coaster of Clay finding out stuff and the people that made Hannah suicide. For my book cover, I chose a picture of a girl sitting on a swing alone, that’s what Hannah was like because she had no one to talk to, no one to understand what she is going through. I also put the quote “you don’t know what’s going on in anyone’s life but your own”- Hannah Baker (page 67) from the book and also added to the TV show because it’s true, you don’t know what anyone else is going through and you don’t know their emotions at all, you can’t just spread a rumor around someone when you don’t even know if it’s true, or how it could affect the person that the rumor is about. I think the book teaches you that your actions and words can hurt someone and you got to think before you say/do. That the words that you say can hurt someone really bad.

The background image        I changed it to black and white