Protein Story


This is my protein story about antibodies.

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Leonardo Da Vinci

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The Explorer: Written Blog Post

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” Fred and 3 other people named Lila, Con and Max will find themselves in the jungle because of a plane crash and of the driver dying. They will have to survive by their own without any help from civilizations. But someone was there before. Another “explore” had his plane crash too. But the difference between The explorer and Fred’s group is that the explorer wants to stay in the forest in the ruins of a city that nobody knows of. Fred has a dream to become an explorer, so he would want to tell everybody about the ruins. But the explorer wants to keep it preserved as a secret, which creates a conflict between the two characters. Fred is a young leader with a lot of leadership skills, he is brave and he tries to impress the other peoples.

Fred has a lot of leadership in him. This quality is going to come in handy for the long journey he and his friends are going to live for a long time. Being the leader isn’t always so easy, there is some ups and some downs. Even if the people won’t always follow you, you got to keep going and be a good leader. He knew that every day he would need to lead his friends, tell them suggestions on where to go and what to do because if he decided to let them down, they will probably die and he might not have the help he needs every time. Even though he made some mistakes, he is still a good leader. “I’m going to make a raft. You don’t have to help if you don’t want to” (70) He tries to convince his friends to choose the same choice as him. Most of the time, they listen to him. But some of the time, his friends disagree, which then sets a conflict and it is not so intelligent to set a conflict whenever you have risks of dying and Fred knows that so he tries to be nice to all of his mates and help them survive their epic journey. “It’s not bad. You should try it. Here, try a leg of mine.” (261)

Fred is not only a young leader; he is also very brave. Each day, he had to wake up knowing that he was going to be brave, to not think of his parents, and to continue living and helping his friends survive. For an eleven years old boy that never quitted his dad before, it is a big challenge. “‘It’s coming from there, from behind the vines,’ he said. ‘I’m going to go and see.’ (286). Fred has to be brave to survive in the wild. Otherwise, if he is scared of a little sound of a mouse, then he would die. Fortunately, he isn’t scared of many things or at least he acts like it. His friends believe that he is a brave boy, and he likes that so he continues to become even braver every day he stays in the jungle.

Fred is a leader, and he is brave, but sometimes, his braveness goes down to showing off in front of his friends to look better. He wants to become an explorer with his name written in big in “The New York Times”. But too survive with his friends, he has to make a promise to not tell anyone that he explored the ruined city in this jungle. Unfortunately for his friends, he first refuses to make that promise because he says that he can survive by himself and that he doesn’t need the help of the explorer, who has a lot of experience in the wild. He even told his friends that he could climb up a cliff to tell his friends what’s up there. “I could go up by myself,’ said Fred, ‘and shout down what’s up there?” (180). The problem with Fred’s personality is that sometimes, he thinks he is alone and he thinks his ideas are the best and that nobody has better ideas than him. No one is perfect. Most of the times when Fred acts like that, he walks alone for about ten minutes and comes back and becomes the great team leader he already was before.

Fred has a lot of potential in him. He is a good leader and he is also brave. But, he sometimes makes stupid things trying to impress people because everyone has strength and weaknesses in life. If someone is perfect, he is not a human being. That is why Fred is a brave leader that sometimes breaks the limit of bravery and enters idiocy. But it never lasts long because Fred is a good person.


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The Renaissance: Humanism

I scored 16/20 because I agree with most the beliefs that humanists have. I think everyone should have an education and i think that the churches should have less power. I also believe that ancient ideas should be practiced again.

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Waverly’s Characteristics: Focused, Listening to orders and wanting to learn.

From Rules of the Games by Amy Tan.”When you fight for what you want, you will always suceed.”Waverly lives in Chinatown in San Francisco, America. She is originally Chinese. She lives with her mother and her two brothers. Througout the story, she will learn to play chess and she will win tournaments to get better. Waverly is a very focused on what she does, she listens to orders very well and she wants to learn new things.

“I read the rules and looked up at any big words in a dictionary.” (Amy Tan, 3) Waverly is always focused on what she does. As shown in the text, she learns to play chess and she is focusing on each little detail about the rules. She even participated in tournaments and won most of them. She was so focused that she could hear a wind telling her the answers. “I saw a clear path, the traps to avoid.” (Amy Tan, 3)

Listening to orders is a crucial thing to do for Waverly. When Lau Po taught her the moves to attack and defend, she was in her own world, listening, and keeping the techniques in her head. She always listen to her mother, even when she doesn’t like it. When you listen, you earn. She became one of the best chess player in the country. “By the end of summer, Lau Po had taught me all he knew, and I had become a better chess player.” (Amy Tan, 3)

Waverly is focused and she listens to orders, but she also wants to learn new things. “I studied each chess piece, trying to absorb the power each contain.” (Amy Tan, 3) She wanted to learn to play chess. With the determination she has, it was pretty easy for her to learn what she wanted. She is also a very fast learner because Lau Po taught her how to be very good at chess in less than a summer and managed to win a tournament in that same summer.

Waverly has been one of the most focused person playing chess in the whole America. She learned to play chess in less than a summer because she listen well to her teacher’s orders and because she wants to leran to play chess. She managed to learn to play and win a chess tournament in less than a summer which is very good for a person who just learned to play chess that summer. Waverly learns quickly whenever she wants to, she stays focused whatever the sircumstances are and and she is very good at executing orders.

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Found Poem

From: The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant  by W. D. Wetherell

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My First Week

During my first week in ISB 8th grade, I saw my friends again. I hadn’t see them since the last day of school. I was very happy to see them. I also met my new teachers but the only teacher that I knew from last year was Ms. Cheng. I also got enrolled in new enrichments that I never tryed before.

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The Humanity Dreamer


  1. What are you looking forward to learning in grade 8 this year?


During the course of grade 8 Humanities, I am looking forward to learn more about history and the revolutions that happened in the past. I want to learn about how these revolutions started, how destructive or non-destructive they were and how did it end.


  1. What challenges will you face?


I will face some challenges during my 8th grade Humanities such as working with new people. I am shy when I work with people I do not know which may happen during the course of the year. Like I said, I am shy so it will be hard for me to do some presentations, debate and give speeches especially in front of many people.


  1. What is your plan to meet those challenges?


To overcome these challenges, it will be hard for me. I will first of all try to be less shy by talking to new people and trying to make new friends. I will also have to practice talking to many people at a time and participate more in group work. It will help me to be less shy than before so I won’t be as scared before doing a presentation.

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The Legend of JUJU: The God of Thunder

This is our OneDay project.

It is a stop Motion Movie made by me and Elgin

We used stykz to do this. We added a green screen behind our stykz figure so we could add a forest, but we had to choose bright pictures so we could see the stykz figure very well.

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Genius hour project

I made a sticker. It is a big knife.

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