how does negative body image and low self-esteem leads teens to harm

Explain how having a negative body image and/or low self-esteem can lead teens to make unhealthy choices and take drastic measures to change bodies.  Support your claim with evidence from your presentation and those of your peers.  List healthier alternatives to these unhealthy and drastic measures.

having a negative body image and low self-esteem can lead  teens to make unhealthy choices and take drastic measures to change body. It might include to do fad diets, surgery, and different ways to loss weight that could harm teenagers. for example, they may do some diets. According to my research, there is one kind of diet called “paleo diet”. A paleo diet probably is a dietary plan based on foods similar to what might have been eaten during the Paleolithic era (Stone Age), which dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. During the diet, people eat fruits, vegetables, Nuts and seeds, meat, especially grass-fed animals, fish and oils from fruits and nuts. There is a problem, the people on paleo diets doesn’t eat salt. This is a harmful way for teenagers, because teens do lots of sports and sweets a lot. If they don’t eat salt, that’s unhealthy for their body.

I think the better way of losing weight and changing the body image is eat healthy food, including vegetables,  meats, fish, egg and barley. you could calculate the calorie when you eat, and don’t eat over 1800cal a day for teenagers, that’s what my dad told me from a doctor. However, do not never ever eat puffed food and fried food, that would make you gain lots of calorie in only a small bite, and also that’s unhealthy for people.


Journal entries-Cultural Revolution of China

This three journals in the embed e-book shows the accurate understanding of the great proletarian Culture Revolution of China. The main character of these journal, Chen Meiling, is a 17-year-old high school student in Beijing, Shunyi. Chinese during the Cultural Revolution followed Chairman Mao’s rule and listen to him as respected a god of all the Chinese. However, Chen Meiling is the one who thought the revolution harmed Chinese people, but she cannot show it to the society. Though the revolution leaded the Chinese to the way of smash the olds and establish the news, in her opinion, this revolution indeed causes the death and bad influences of the Chinese. There are three key turning point during the revolution, the red guard rally, which causes the struggle session performed on counter-revolutionaries; the up to the mountain down to the countryside, forcing many urban students to get re-educated in the countryside; finally, the death of Mao made the Chinese lost their Chairman, and they could not imagine the China without the red sun’s leading. As the pressure and decision were forced on Chen Meiling, she could realize that she is improving herself and altering her opinion during the experiences. On that day which is Mao’s funeral, everyone in China was shocked. As for her, she would never felt the man who cried for him is strange. She changed her idea according social environment, and could directly facing problems and the conflict between herself and her society.


During my school time, I usually go horse back riding from 4:30 to 6:00. I have to travel form school to the equestrian centre by using 45 min of my time, during that time, I often watch some video on youtube and find pints on Pinterest. When I go home, it’s probably 7:00, so I have to finish my homework in one hour. Than, I can’t have my free time. Except playing piano, guitar and drawing, I would like to chat my friend for the old school to talk about my daily life and what have they learn when I was absent. I like to communicate with my good friends that we could not meet during day time, and maybe I’ll ask them for a dinner or go shopping next day.

If I want to manage my time better, I could not watch to much youtube video and Pinterest on my way to horse back riding. I would like to change it to read some books online or listen to some soft music.

How can you ensure your information is reliable when researching health-related questions?

According to my observation and earning about how to identify the information is reliable or not, I first check the website of the sources. If its a formal webpage, we could take a look on it. Like the “cancer age group” questions I was searching, I found some reliable webpage like “American Cancer Society medical information is copyrighted material”.Then, we have to take a look on the date that is was posted. If it’s near days, we could trust it, but if it is 5 or more years ago, we have to considerate about it. Because theory or technology may improve during years and years. Thirdly, we have to double check the author, if he is a formal person who had development on this specific topic or just a beginner. fourthly, we have to identify the tone of the passage, we could not fully believe that who is sharing the opinion or persuade somebody. Obviously, we can’t believe the propaganda. We could choose the passage which is telling about truth to leave a comment or believe it someways. Just like the passage I have reasserted, they’re all from professional health webpage and they’re teling about the truth.

A art work reflected the Cultural Revolution of China

This is a video showing which shows the important turning points of the  Chinese Cultural Revolution in English. This video is inspirited by the common craft video, made by Sophia Wu ad myself . We created the script and figures for the revolution, and we collaborated well during filming and writing the scrip of the whole video. This video show the new people who are not very clear and familiar to the Chinese Cultural Revolution new knowledges and new ideas about the key events and key characters during that period of time. That time, some people were counter-revolutionaries, so Chairman Mao announced the Cultural Revolution. This video also reflected the change of the whole China during and after the Chinese Cultural revolution in subjective perspective, which is understand by us, as the directors. China changed from a Capitalist country into a new Communist country. This revolution makes the Chinese society more equal and Chinese people became more unit. Also, some old culture, old ideas, old costumes and old habits changed into new ones during the Chinese Cultural revolution. To the whole Chinese history, which is 5000 years or more, it is a great and important turning point.

Historical Fiction/Theme task-Red Scarf Girl

#A. writing task

Red Scarf Girl

I have read a historical novel which is a memoir of the cultural revolution, the Red Scarf Girl. In 1966, Mao Zedong announced the cultural revolution had begun. Ji-li Jiang’s family was found to be the worst of a five black category, the landlord. She undergoes internal struggle as she wants to be loyal to both Mao and her family. She is burdened with a responsibility that people of her age should not have taken on.


The whole of society during that period of time had pushed young students and teenagers to be more responsible for the good of their country. Many had shouldered greater responsibilities, and it was enforced on them because of peer and parental pressure. Sometimes, this was in the way of family, such as Chang Hong, a novice red guard with a brother with epilepsy. But she has to sacrifice time taking care of her brother just to make time for the exhibition. “We can’t follow personal matters to interfere with revolutionary duties. Especially for an important political assignment like the exhibition.” (Red Scarf Girl, p205). As for Ji-li Jiang, she gave up her career and her dream to work in the city factory, went down to the countryside for her family’s safety. If she won’t attend the campaign, it will mark as she won’t follow chairman Mao’s thoughts for the establishment of the new society, and her family will be destroyed. “Ji-li, have you considered the importance of your political life? It’s not your fault that you were born into such a family. A slight slacken could easily cause you to be recaptured by your family and turned into their follower.” (Red Scarf Girl, p232). As a teenager, she was charged with protecting her family, she sacrificed herself to fulfill a responsibility that should not have been hers. “‘I will tack care of both of them. I promise.’ As soon as I said it, I realized that I had made my promise to them-to everyone in my family- long ago.”(Red Scarf Girl, p262) . That reflected the social inequalities during the revolution unrest, the Chinese society had pressuring the children. To such a small country, duty is a big concept. in the novel, Ji-li Jiang feels a sense of duty to her family, her country, herself, and the Chinese cultural revolution.


How big is our solar system?

How big is our solar system?


Everyone knows that our solar systems is big. But there is a question: How big is big? This question shows that people don’t actually know how big is the universe.

I have seen a picture which people called it “the most important picture ever taken.”

In that picture, there are billions of different colours of stars, every little shinning point is a solar system like ours. It contains many planets like ours too. That shows how small is our solar system compare to the whole universe. so, no one can say that he is the centre of the universe.

During this science class, we went outside the classroom and get to the stadium for measure the distance between each planet in our solar system. We notice that Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars were closest to the Sun, which is the centre of our solar system, so the name of these planet were called terrestrial planet. And the other planet, which is far from the Sun and run a different asteroid belt, as known as the outer planet: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. When we get down stairs at the stadium, we find a landmark as the Sun and measure the distance between it and our planets by using the scale 1cm=50000km in the table attached. Me and my partner were representing the Venus, we use the machine that teacher gave us to measure the distance between us and Mercury 10 meters. When we finished measuring all the terrestrial planets, we run forward and get to the outer planet. Then we notice that the distance between the outer planets were far away from each other more than the other planets. We get to the second last planet by a whole lap outside about 400m, and the last one we walk inside the building and passed the cafeteria to get the point. Now, there is a proximately distance between the planets in my head, and it is very difference from on to another.


Planets Mean


Scale Diameter(cm) Mean distance from sun(million   km) Scale distance from sun (meters) Scale distance from sun(cm) Travel distance


Sun 1,392,000 27.840
Mercury 4,900 0.098 58 11.6 1160 193.3333
Venus 12,100 0.242 108 21.6 2160 360
Earth 12,800 0.256 150 30.0 3000 500
Mars 6,800 0.136 228 45.6 4560 760
Jupiter 142,800 2.84 778 155.6 15560 2593.333
Saturn 120,000 2.4 1,427 285.4 28540 4756.7
Uranus 51,000 1.02 2,870 574.0 57400 9566.7
Neptune 48,600 0.972 4,500 900.0 90000 15000
Pluto 3,000 0.06 5,900 1180.0 118000 19666.7


Is there life out in the space?

Question: The video clip implied that there may be life out in space beyond earth based upon the number of galaxies, number of stars in each galaxy, etc.

-What do you think?

-Is there life out there? Why or why not?


I believe there may be life out there. Because earth is only a little planet in the milky way, which have air and water supporting the life which live on it. Our universe is very big, there are a plenty of different galaxies and in the galaxies there are plenty of the planet too. So there may be a planet which smiler to the earth that has water, air and conditions that is suitable for living creatures. Because of our science technology is not advanced enough to search it and prove it to people.



Current event: The first genetic editing babies in the world

I was focused on a news few weeks ago, it did catch my eyes. He Jiankui, a biological researcher in Shenzhen, Guangzhou province, announced on Monday that he has helped to create the world’s first genetically edited babies. Lulu and Nana, was the first twins who has successfully genetic editing to prevent contracting NIV. I saw a article on Straits times, it probably said :  “The researcher who shocked the world with claims that he was the first to genetically modify human embryos drew early support from Chinese government initiatives designed to build up the country’s nascent biotechnology industry.”(“Scientist who claims he created genetically edited babies drew backing from China biotech push” , Straitstime , Dec.28.)I also notice that this project use lots of money: “Participants in the program with advanced skills receive the equivalent of about US$143,000 (S$197,000), with the possibility of additional research grants of roughly US$700,000, according to its website. ” ( “The scientist, the twins and the experiment that geneticists say went too far”, article on Edition, Dec.1.)according to the articles, I thought that if this experiment have succeed, the technology in China may developed. and China will gain the respect of the other countries, and also give china a head start. On individual’s perspective, the Chinese may benefit by the experiment because the scientist can help them to change their DNA to prevent the disease.

Of course the experiment have positive influence of individual or the whole China, but on the other hand, I think it’s not a good thing for scientists genetic editing the babies. However, this claim has stirred heated discussions on the internet, Forum readers share their opinions. Not only the readers internet were discussed this issue, but also the professional  researchers. A article on China Daily I had notice is called :”Should genetic-editing be performed on human embryos?” also in this article, I found out that the researcher Cecilia Zhang (China) mainly described the opinion: “I think I can understand gene-editing technique is used to prevent genetic disease, but shouldn’t we figure out what will be the long-term effects on the two girls before the experiment is carried out? What will their potential offspring inherit?” that’s all the Chinese are worried about. Soon a topic on the internet quickly became the main point of the discussion: Is the technology that people developed of genetical editing babies ethical? In my opinion, it’s unethical to genetically modify humans’ babies. Because first, there’s high risk of mistake which might kill the embryo, and that may destroy a baby’s life or the parents may be sad . Secondly, it is not certain if the modified gene would have other desired functions. In another word, if the scientists change the gene that may have different use of the embryo, it will never work  to prevent the other disease or doing the function that it have to do. Thirdly, the genetically modified human would have defects, now the scientists cannot identify the threats of the embryo when it grows up, they can’t make sure there aren’t be any mistake or defects of the embryo few years later. Fourthly, life is precious and unique, it should not be manually changed. Imagine, if your genes were changed when you were born, you would be paste on a sign “genetic modified human”. You may be derision by some people, and also you maybe wouldn’t get in the groups of average person. And this consequences is terrible.According to these four reasons, I really think continue improve genetic editing babies were unethical.

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A journey back to the boxer rebellion

Do the Boxers Deserve a Bad Rap?

In my opinion, i think the Boxers deserve a bad rap.According to the four questions of the Boxer rebellion history, I think the Boxers were dreadful and terrible.During the Boxer Rebellion, they murdered lots of Christian missionaries, and torn their children into pieces.They attacked them, shouted to kill them, lead everyone to join in the riot, and force them to only live in a small church with fear. However, I think what they do was totally crazy and it have bad impact of the Chinese society.