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Make It: Reflection Ignite Week Iconic FA

Looking back at this project I have learned two skills in design, particularly to prototype thoroughly and I learned some extra skills in Adobe Illustrator design, these are both skills I will use in the future because Design is a big passion that I have. although there were a few pros’, with good things come bad things, in the case of this project I didn’t have any dead ends, instead, I had obstacles that I have surpassed in meaningful ways. Overall this project was fun and meaningful while adding to FA’s unique design. My L21 focus area was creativity and innovation, I improved my skills in creativity when I was given obstacles. then I had to creatively get past these obstacles.

Make It: Create and improve Iconic FA

In the making of our LED lights, my group and I have made quite a few varying prototypes, our final one, however, was merely a drawing. although it was not physically available to check it was approved. our other designs and prototypes also could’ve worked with the problem of size, our first Idea was way too big and then our second one just wouldn’t have worked because of no way to assemble the LED light with the acrylic piece. Once we were at rock bottom our facilitator Mr. Geoff helped us recreate a simple design that integrates the acrylic slab with a frame plus a slot to put our LED light.

pic no. 1 is our third prototype.

pic no. 2 is our first prototype.

pic no. 3 is the picture of our final prototype.

pic no. 4 & 5 is the adobe illustrator files to laser cut the final design.

Make It: Develop and Plan Iconic FA

while planning my group and I had little to manipulate in our design. the only thing that we could bring to the table, this was the  numbers 7 and 8 on top of our led panels to symbolize grade 7 or 8 we made many designs and at the end agreed on two  in particular. the first picture shows how we are going to hook everything up and as far as we know, materials. the second shows the design for the numbers.

Make It: Define and inquire Iconic FA

My audience in this project is mainly students because I am trying to give out essential information to them through visual objects. I have noticed during my 7th-grade year in FA that students lacked the information of when they are allowed to use certain rooms, that is why I want to make a solar powered light that symbolizes whether the room is available or otherwise, if the light is on then the room is available and vice versa. I was inspired by the bright lighted ‘OPEN’ signs on barber shops and restaurants.

Feed the Future Forget the Past

When population exponentially increased around the industrial revolution we had more mouths to feed. Fingers cant be pointed to technology for making us this way. Agricultural differences between countries have made wars and slave trades. This is why alternate solutions are better choices. Agriculture of course contributed to climate change, but we don’t need to remove it, we actually need to improve it. 50 years from now I expect scientists to have woken up to understand more about this topic and stop denying climate change isn’t there. Maybe if scientists stopped predicting non-positive outcomes rather should they try to dodge that bullet.

The best 7 weeks of 2017

Chengdu v Datong Phoenix Project


The Nuclear War

This is a Humanities project on poetry with the original piece “The Future Ancients” by Luka Lesson]

please watch my Imovie


One Day 2017

For one day I wanted to start and finish a website where I have my own personal blog is there for people to look at, the cons are that on this website no one else can post their pictures or thoughts, that’s why I am encouraging other people to make their own blog page on wix like I did and then send the link to their friends. Like I said I used wix as the program to make my blog because in this program it’ much easier than coding (at least for me it is easier) this goal took me 3-4 hours to accomplish leaving me about 2 hours to work on my PowerPoint on One Day 2017


the action full story of wonder

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.01.54 AM

Do you like seeing characters improve in a good way, or socially do you like some tragedy sometimes uplifting parts in a book? Well you totally have to try Wonder, by RJ Polacio, because it has all those parts. Another reason I would recommend this book is you see it from some of the people’s points of view. If you want to know more just read the book. Continue reading

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