In the making of our LED lights, my group and I have made quite a few varying prototypes, our final one, however, was merely a drawing. although it was not physically available to check it was approved. our other designs and prototypes also could’ve worked with the problem of size, our first Idea was way too big and then our second one just wouldn’t have worked because of no way to assemble the LED light with the acrylic piece. Once we were at rock bottom our facilitator Mr. Geoff helped us recreate a simple design that integrates the acrylic slab with a frame plus a slot to put our LED light.

pic no. 1 is our third prototype.

pic no. 2 is our first prototype.

pic no. 3 is the picture of our final prototype.

pic no. 4 & 5 is the adobe illustrator files to laser cut the final design.