Project overview

In this project, our goal was to create a video between 2-5 minutes long, which is supposed to explain the negative affect plastic usage has on the environment. we also looked at sustainability, how they were related and what kind of a relationship they had. While looking at consumption and sustainability we also talked about the three sides of the story or pillars of sustainability, economy, environment, and society.

Project reflection

Throughout this project, I have had peaks and valleys, for example, I remember peaking when finalizing my draft, but also diving into a low valley when I was given negative feedback on my final piece. when it came to presenting not all of my subjects were open to sharing their opinion, the pieces of information that I did get tells me that my final piece did, in fact, change their minds, mainly understanding the impact of plastic usage. What I think affected my final piece significantly was, me going off design or off plan when creating it. I did not follow my plan, which received positive feedback.

The answer to the driving question.

I believe the relationship between consumption and sustainability similar to that of a dependent and independent variable consumption is the independent variable while sustainability is the dependent variable, depending on consumption our road to sustainability either becomes more or less clear, and most likely when consumption rises, our chances at having a sustainable world become slimmer. we can make a sustainable change while also meeting our own needs by finding alternatives to plastics.