While brainstorming for this design challenge, which is to make a wearable out of recycled plastic, I thought of many different kinds of wearables. For example, I thought of a bracelet that doubles as a flashlight or I thought of a magnetically closing backpack, but both of those things either seemed difficult or useless to others or me. After thinking more I remembered a wallet I saw online it is called the “Fantom Wallet”, I wanted to make a similar design, however instead of holding money it would hold students’ ID cards, so not only would it be useful to everyone else but also myself. Upon thinking more I also remembered seeing a multitool online too, and coincidentally it was advertised to be credit card sized which means it can go with the wallet/ID card holder. The challenges¬† I might face could be that the plastic won’t stay together with the adhesive I choose or I might face the problem that it won’t fit a card. Although these are problems I can test the first prototype that I make and make sure the final one is perfect.


(Left) Fantom wallets (Right) multitool card