I have started creating these ID card holders ever since Tuesday of the week and ever since then, I have made an average of 1 prototype a day.  My first prototype was one that was made out of a previously made plastic ‘cake’, the purpose of that prototype was just to see what is good and needs to be changed, in this prototype I realized that one of the pieces wasn’t necessary so after that prototype I decided to make a better looking carboard prototype which would be cut by the laser cutter, after making this prototype I decided to go with the same design and that went to my third prototype which I chose to be made out of PP type 5 plastic which at first I thought was okay but only after actually cutting it out realized the material is brittle therefore will be less durable, all I changed between the third and fourth prototype is the kind of plastic from type 5 PP to type 2 HDPE. HDPE theoretically was going to be more durable, because HDPE is the material bottle caps are made of and bottle caps are far from fragile or brittle. After finishing the construction of the final piece I saw that HDPE met its standard. The only difficulties I went through is the adhesive I used, I thought that superglue was the best option and while it was it wasn’t giving the best adhering, however, I really didn’t have any other choice.