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Ignite Week Express It – Conclusion

Looking back on this project, I learned how to work with plastics regarding the melting, the cooling and the cutting of this material. Knowing what I know now, I would change the material of my third prototype because my third prototype was supposed to be my last, however, it wasn’t because the plastic I used (PP) was too brittle. For example, while the material was cooling a monstrous crack developed on along the middle. A mistake I learned from the most was that I shouldn’t make plastic cakes too thick because then the laser cutter won’t be able to cut it, even when the laser cutter cut my thick plastic cake up to eight times the cake wouldn’t allow the laser to cut through, ultimately making me have to manually cut the pieces out. One skill I think I can use in the future is my upgraded skills in adobe illustrator. One thing I am proud of doing is trying new things, which in this case is using plastic which is a new material for me.

Ignite Week Express It – Create and improve

I have started creating these ID card holders ever since Tuesday of the week and ever since then, I have made an average of 1 prototype a day.  My first prototype was one that was made out of a previously made plastic ‘cake’, the purpose of that prototype was just to see what is good and needs to be changed, in this prototype I realized that one of the pieces wasn’t necessary so after that prototype I decided to make a better looking carboard prototype which would be cut by the laser cutter, after making this prototype I decided to go with the same design and that went to my third prototype which I chose to be made out of PP type 5 plastic which at first I thought was okay but only after actually cutting it out realized the material is brittle therefore will be less durable, all I changed between the third and fourth prototype is the kind of plastic from type 5 PP to type 2 HDPE. HDPE theoretically was going to be more durable, because HDPE is the material bottle caps are made of and bottle caps are far from fragile or brittle. After finishing the construction of the final piece I saw that HDPE met its standard. The only difficulties I went through is the adhesive I used, I thought that superglue was the best option and while it was it wasn’t giving the best adhering, however, I really didn’t have any other choice.

Ignite Week Express It 2019 – Develop and Planned

When designing this wallet I thought about how thick I need to make it based on how many cards I would want to be able to fit inside of the wallet, upon further notice with my group we decided to make a small wallet and also bigger version. while making this wallet I would need to know how to safely apply acrylic glue to such a delicate structure that could potentially fall apart in the process of gluing the pieces to together, therefore my skills in that would need to be developed, another skill that I would develop is Adobe Illustrator design. I have prior knowledge in both of those skills however it will take a long time before I can come close to perfection. testing this wouldn’t be very hard, because I want to make this for the students of ISB and they should be the correct people to ask for feedback on my prototype.

Ignite Week Express It 2019 – Define and Inquire

While brainstorming for this design challenge, which is to make a wearable out of recycled plastic, I thought of many different kinds of wearables. For example, I thought of a bracelet that doubles as a flashlight or I thought of a magnetically closing backpack, but both of those things either seemed difficult or useless to others or me. After thinking more I remembered a wallet I saw online it is called the “Fantom Wallet”, I wanted to make a similar design, however instead of holding money it would hold students’ ID cards, so not only would it be useful to everyone else but also myself. Upon thinking more I also remembered seeing a multitool online too, and coincidentally it was advertised to be credit card sized which means it can go with the wallet/ID card holder. The challenges  I might face could be that the plastic won’t stay together with the adhesive I choose or I might face the problem that it won’t fit a card. Although these are problems I can test the first prototype that I make and make sure the final one is perfect.


(Left) Fantom wallets (Right) multitool card

Teacher for a Day

When I was signing in for this I had mixed feelings, I thought of things like, are the kids going to actually listen to me? or how much work will it be to control 2nd graders? luckily I had a brother who is in 2nd grade, thinking that he was the standard for 2nd graders I was terrified. But after preparing an amazing class for these kids, even my brother started listening to me (I got his class). The preparation was also quite hard because it was hard to know what these kids are learning and what they already have learned, then again I have been a 2nd grader before so I just integrated things that kids like, for example for my passion project I had them do something I did for design tech when I was in 6th grade, which is lego balloon cart race. I think they just liked the idea of playing with legos in class, and we had two races and they were really fun for the kids, even as an 8th grader I think that its okay to take a break from class and that is why I chose to do something fun.

Project Consume Reflection

Project overview

In this project, our goal was to create a video between 2-5 minutes long, which is supposed to explain the negative affect plastic usage has on the environment. we also looked at sustainability, how they were related and what kind of a relationship they had. While looking at consumption and sustainability we also talked about the three sides of the story or pillars of sustainability, economy, environment, and society.

Project reflection

Throughout this project, I have had peaks and valleys, for example, I remember peaking when finalizing my draft, but also diving into a low valley when I was given negative feedback on my final piece. when it came to presenting not all of my subjects were open to sharing their opinion, the pieces of information that I did get tells me that my final piece did, in fact, change their minds, mainly understanding the impact of plastic usage. What I think affected my final piece significantly was, me going off design or off plan when creating it. I did not follow my plan, which received positive feedback.

The answer to the driving question.

I believe the relationship between consumption and sustainability similar to that of a dependent and independent variable consumption is the independent variable while sustainability is the dependent variable, depending on consumption our road to sustainability either becomes more or less clear, and most likely when consumption rises, our chances at having a sustainable world become slimmer. we can make a sustainable change while also meeting our own needs by finding alternatives to plastics.

Make It: Reflection Ignite Week Iconic FA

Looking back at this project I have learned two skills in design, particularly to prototype thoroughly and I learned some extra skills in Adobe Illustrator design, these are both skills I will use in the future because Design is a big passion that I have. although there were a few pros’, with good things come bad things, in the case of this project I didn’t have any dead ends, instead, I had obstacles that I have surpassed in meaningful ways. Overall this project was fun and meaningful while adding to FA’s unique design. My L21 focus area was creativity and innovation, I improved my skills in creativity when I was given obstacles. then I had to creatively get past these obstacles.

Make It: Create and improve Iconic FA

In the making of our LED lights, my group and I have made quite a few varying prototypes, our final one, however, was merely a drawing. although it was not physically available to check it was approved. our other designs and prototypes also could’ve worked with the problem of size, our first Idea was way too big and then our second one just wouldn’t have worked because of no way to assemble the LED light with the acrylic piece. Once we were at rock bottom our facilitator Mr. Geoff helped us recreate a simple design that integrates the acrylic slab with a frame plus a slot to put our LED light.

pic no. 1 is our third prototype.

pic no. 2 is our first prototype.

pic no. 3 is the picture of our final prototype.

pic no. 4 & 5 is the adobe illustrator files to laser cut the final design.

Make It: Develop and Plan Iconic FA

while planning my group and I had little to manipulate in our design. the only thing that we could bring to the table, this was the  numbers 7 and 8 on top of our led panels to symbolize grade 7 or 8 we made many designs and at the end agreed on two  in particular. the first picture shows how we are going to hook everything up and as far as we know, materials. the second shows the design for the numbers.

Make It: Define and inquire Iconic FA

My audience in this project is mainly students because I am trying to give out essential information to them through visual objects. I have noticed during my 7th-grade year in FA that students lacked the information of when they are allowed to use certain rooms, that is why I want to make a solar powered light that symbolizes whether the room is available or otherwise, if the light is on then the room is available and vice versa. I was inspired by the bright lighted ‘OPEN’ signs on barber shops and restaurants.

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