“Stay Alive”

May 9, 2019

In the book Alive by Scott Sigler, the protagonist M. Savage is characterized as an aggressive 12-year-old who was trying to survive and stay “alive” in an unknown and unfamiliar planet that they are being trapped in. The plot takes place in a coffin where the protagonist gets trapped inside and eventually escapes and saves […]

A Sip of Rebellion

March 13, 2019

My name is Eathon. A boy that lost his one and only family member when he was 15. Before this big turning point that happened in my ordinary life, I was a coward, and a person that never takes any risk. Though, I had changed throughout this revolution, I came from a faint-hearted person into […]

The Victory of Americans

March 4, 2019

Our video is about the process of americans gaining independence and forming their own society. The American Revolution started because of  the French and Indian War. This battle caused England to loose lots of things, so, they started making the colonists to pay tax. Afterwards, theses people couldn’t bear anymore and started the revolution. Eventually […]

A Life Of Being Different

December 13, 2018

This is a humanities project, we had to chose a book and talk about the concept. In The Skin Im In, by: Sharon G. Flake The theme is about not letting people control you and being who you really are. “It takes a long time to accept yourself for who you really are. To see the poetry […]