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For this ignite week, the L21 area I chose to work on was responsibility and self-management. I think that I’ve grown in that area by learning how to set a reasonable goal for myself and learning how to settle with “good enough”. I know that I’ve grown in this area because I originally wanted to make my project several pages long and work until I went to bed. I realized that doing that was stressing me out and it was unsustainable, so I cut down my project to one page.


This week I enjoyed and found it challenging to try to change my drawing style slightly to fit mob psycho 100’s style. Originally I attempted to completely copy the anime style that mob psycho 100 uses, however, I realized that doing so was too hard for me, wasn’t very enjoyable, and did not look good on the final product.

So, I adjusted my style slightly and incorporated the way I colored lines into the drawing and I think it turned out pretty well.  I think learning how to adjust how I draw and trying to draw in a slightly more anatomically-correct style will benefit me in the future by making me more flexible in my art.

Overall, this ignite week has helped me to develop my own art style and learn how to set realistic goals.


Express it Create and Improve

While I was creating this, I realized that I set the goal for what I had to complete way too high, and I would have to work every night until I went to sleep to complete my work. I realised that this would not be fun for me, and I wanted to have time to work on my other homework. So, I decided to cut down the number of articles and I only ended up making one page instead of several.

Because I did this, I actually ended up having more time to work on each drawing and I was able to produce better quality work.

I didn’t really have several prototypes, but I do have the sketches I drew of each drawing before I did my line art.

Express It Develop and Plan

In order to prepare, first I wrote down all my ideas for articles & ads and then I drew a rough sketch of what my newspaper would look like so I could see where all the photos and words would go.


Express It Define and Inquire

Originally I had two ideas: either to make an animation from the game “Night in the Woods” or  a magazine full of people’s final products in the class “Fandom”.

However, I decided that I wasn’t very interested in making the animation and the magazine’s final product wouldn’t look very good, so. I changed my idea to make a magazine in the world of “Mob Psycho 100”, making ads, writing articles, and drawing photos.

My audience is people who have watched “Mob Psycho 100”. The L21 area that I am focusing on is “responsibility and self management”.


Knock Stuff Down, Find Treats, and Escape!

Want to play my game? Here’s the link!








I wanted to work on this game during one day because I had half-completed it during winter break but never got the chance to work on it because I was so busy with  school work.

I made stages 1-5 and stage 7 previously, and on One Day I made stages 8-10 and stage 6, the achievements system, a title screen, and a few extra objects in the stages I had made previously.

Here are some photos of my progress:





One thing I did well was figuring out how to make the achievements system- I’m pretty happy with that. I also really enjoy the moment where you jump on the grandma and wake her up.

One of the many challenges I had was figuring out how to delete the clones of objects after the cat walks into the next stage. The reason I had to do that was because Scratch only allows a certain amount of clones, and if there are too many, sprites won’t clone themselves anymore. I fixed this by having it so every time you walk into a stage, it deletes every clone before making a new clone. This may seem like a simple solution, however, it took me a long time to figure out.

I think that One Day is important because it gives you an opportunity to work on and learn more about something you’re passionate about.





Steve Jobs 的爱好

你好,我是Steve Jobs的鬼。我在二零一一年 十月 五日死了。我是叙利亚人。我每天都穿黑色毛衣。我的头发是白色和灰色。我没有很多的头发,可是,我很英俊。



我的加有六口人。我,我妻子,三个女儿,和一个儿子。 我很忙,所以 我不会经常看我的家人。 

我有很多的爱好。我的爱好之一是看书。我的姐姐Mona Simpson 写很多书,我最喜欢看她的书。我的姐姐的书之一是“Casebook”。

我还喜欢英文书法。从一九七二年我开始学书法。我的书法老师叫R­obert Pallandino。苹果电脑的字体有我的文书法。


我也喜欢用我的IPOD听音乐。我常常听“Bob Dylan” 的音乐。


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