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Project Trade Up Reflection

One thing that I found interesting to learn about in this lesson was the opium wars. They helped me understand why societies want things and how the societies get those things. One thing that I learned about myself in this project is that I can be too bossy, and I am not good at functioning under stress. I can use this knowledge to improve in the future. Before this project, I used to think that trade wars consisted of just banning goods from other societies, but now I know that trade wars also involve putting tariffs on imports. I think that the most important thing to take away from this project is that societies meet their needs by trading and interacting with other societies. One thing I still have questions about is how can we, as citizens, impact macroeconomics?


A Sofa Introduces Themselves in Chinese

你好!Here is a Chinese video of some couch talking about themselves in Chinese.

Burning The Ladder We’re Trying To Climb Up

The way that we are treating food right now is like setting fire to a ladder that you’re trying to climb up. It makes it much harder for you to progress, and one day the fire will spread and, well, eventually burn you alive.

Food hasn’t always been a problem. However, after the industrial revolution, healthcare has become much better, and the human population is skyrocketing to dangerous amounts, giving us more mouths to feed and not enough food to feed them.

Some of the current problems that we face in relation to feeding our future are that agriculture takes up too much space, the current systems we have for farming are inefficient, too many people are wasting food, and finally, meat is unsustainable and the appetite for it is growing.

I think that nobody will change anything because food and global warming where already known problems for a long time, but nobody’s done much so far. Fifty years from now, I’m guessing that the the space used to grow food will only increase, and it might even spread out into public spaces. I’m also guessing that there will be more famines due to less water supplies and the world heating up, and everywhere will be incredibly overpopulated.

Grief–As a pet?

For One Day, I made the introduction to a short story about experiencing grief in the form of a comic. I only made the introduction, because, well, I only had one day!

I feel like I did a good job managing my time well, as I managed completed the page a couple minutes before the end of class.

Next time, I’d like to work harder on the story itself instead of the art, I should’ve simplified the art and then completed the whole story.

I hope that I’ll continue working on this story over the break, however, I might not ever end up finishing it.

Extra Process Photos:

Genius Hour; My Youtube Channel

In genuis hour I made a Youtube channel and uploaded a few videos. Originally I wanted to make a video game, but I realized that it was too much work and I wouldn’t be able to finish it, so I made a Youtube channel and a speed-paint instead.

Here’s my process journal:

Water Wheel Thing

I created a tiny portable water wheel. It is spinnable, however, the water wheel is not light enough to be pushed by water when it is attached to the motor. In my chosen L21 focus area–problem solving–I improved on being able to make something feasible without it being too simple.

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