Feed the Future: Cricket Meal!!

Over this unit, I have learned a lot about what the future can evolve into if current trends continue. In the beginning of this project, we spent time learning and researching about population growth and how scientists claim in 2050 the population can increase to 9 billion people.┬áThe main goal of this project was to create a dish that is made using sustainable and healthy ingredients that can be used to feed people in the near future. Our group originally wanted to create a meal using vegan meat but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any in Beijing so we changed our plan and created a meal using crickets! We designed a plate that includes a portion of mashed potatoes, cricket flour bread, and grilled cauliflower. Our meal was inspired by future food creations. Not only did we create a dish but we learned new things about agriculture and how it is affecting the environment today. Scientists claim how Industrial farming is polluting air, water, soil and is contributing to global warming. In readers and writers class we lastly created science fiction inspired stories that address a point of view on what life will be like 50 years from now. This was a very interesting and unique unit, I enjoyed it very much!