Impact Pooject Reflection

Clair and I are going a project call Lives of the street cats and I’m doing Introduction Proof of impact Sustainability and Conclusion. Claire did Plan and Prezi. We are using home things to make a cat house.


Reading Journal April 22


In this book Amara has a sister. Amara like animals. Amara Christmas wish is”A SNAKE!” So Amara gets a snake, but in the way to home the snake run away. So the Sister Raina is craze. And some day ago Raina found the snake. So Raina give Amara a beg to get the snake, the they but it back to natural.

Human Body

The human Body is like a leader, because is can let you to talk, let you to think, let you to do every thing, and for me this is important because with out the body you and not life. This year as I learned about the human body my main focus was: Digestive system. this system is important for every human because with it the food go in for your mouth the esophagus to stomach the gastric juice help to drake down the food even more. Also the small intestine suck up the nutrition and the large intestine is the the nutrition to push the food down out of the body


1.  Explain why you think it is important to know how to find equivalent fractions with common denominators.
2.  What is one part of this unit that you really learned well.  Why?
the frection .
3.  What is something you are still struggling with from this unit?  How are you going to get better?
to littsen
4.  What do you think should be next and why do you think this?

Lot in a Fun Park

a boy was lost is Fun Park and he said my mom and dad was lost too. the a man help the find his mom and dad.

the man use a plon and rite his name onis

Dracula By:Bram Stoker 2/19/2016

This book is about Dracula he a dad Character at the morning he will but he in to a box. If he didn’t went to the box he will dead.

This book is about Dracula. There was 4 Dracula 1 is a man and other is woman. A man name Jonathan he went to Dracula house and he a was sit on char a 3 woman run want to kill the Jonathan, but thee sun came .


This book is about Dracula. There was a woman called Luck Western.   She was bit by a Dracula. She was alive, but one night she died. So the people put her in to a coffin, but at night she opened the coffin to  get out and walk around.

Math and cooking

In the cooking lab we lead about how to make a good cake.

  • 1/5  flow
  • 1/3 sugar
  • 1/3 oil
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup of the milk
  • a big bow

mick them togther

Math Unit 3 Reflection

Explain how you would find the product of 28 x 74.

First do the 28 x 4 and you’s 7 x28 and plus is .

What was the best part of this unit? Explain

The polygon capture game.

What was the most challenging part of this unit?  Explain.

The round to the nearest number.

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