Cuban Revolution

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Castro’s Fight for Cuba

Cuba was once famous of their music and food. First Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus. After Cuba was colonized by Spain. Cubans took roughly 60 years to gain their freedom. In 1889 Spanish and US went to war. After the treaty of Paris US took power over the Cuba. When Batista became the president of Cuba, he was control by the US government. Castro was upset with Batista and began a revolution against him. Through 1955 to 1957 Castro and “Che” attacked Batista with Guerrilla Warfare. Finally, in 1959 ousted the horrible leader Batista. In 1962 Cuba was still fighting with the US. This led to the Cuba Missile Crisis.


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Boxer & Foreigner

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Give Me Lysander or Give Me Death

The character I picked from Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare is Hermia. I picked this picture for Hermia because I think Hermia is a beautiful blonde haired lady.

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Tug of my Heart

The found poem above was taken from “The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant” by: W.D. Wetherell on page four at the fourth and fifth paragraph. It shows the internal conflict of when “the boy”, the protagonist, is making a decision between the bass and Sheila. Both of them are the “tug of (his) heart”. This shows that the character is forced to make a decision between the bass or Sheila. In the denouement the protagonist was not happy because he let the bass go and he gave up his passion for Sheila.


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