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My team, Sophia, Lily and I set out to make a polymer that helps relieve stress. Our target audience is teenagers because that is normally an age where they can get really stressed at. We decided on making a satisfying slime that is eco-friendly and biodegradable and since slime is something that teens normally play with, we thought it fit quite well with what we were going for. However, we had no idea what makes slime non eco-friendly! After some research online, we found that the “glue” that keeps the slime together is borax, which is not biodegradable. However, Sophia quickly found out how we could make easy, eco-friendly slime, and that is by using guar gum and water. But, we wanted our slime to be thicker than the ones shown so we decided to add some washing detergent.

This was our first prototype that was what we were looking for:

It was not as squishy or flexible as we wanted, so we decided to change the ratios of guar gum and water. our second try was a bit better:

It was much more flexible, water-like and felt much more like slime than our first prototype. But, we thought we could make it more liquid-ish as it would be very satisfying and changed around the amount of materials yet again. Our third (and final) product turned out like this:

When you took it out of the plastic bag, you will see that it looks clear, a lot like water, but it still stuck together quite well. Because we thought this as our final product, we decided to make two more trials to make sure that the characteristics of the slime is consistent. We managed to make one successful trial before the lesson was over:

Overall, Sophia, Lily and I have made great progress in the past few lessons to come up with an eco-friendly slime that the three of us are very proud of!

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  1. Mr.W
    May 27, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    Does the Tide make the slime thicker? I would be surprised. It will clean the slime :).
    I’m curious how you will package this and test it.

    Enjoyed the visuals.

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