Claim: I think guar gum, water, and tide made our slime prototype the most successful.

Evidence: From our testing process, you could see that the slime made from these three ingredients looked like a replica of normal slime and feels a lot like it, too.

Reasoning: Mixing guar gum and water creates a thick liquid because water raises guar gum’s viscosity. The two will create a more thickened and sticky substance. When liquid tide is added, it helps thicken the paste more depending on how much you add. It also keeps the paste together and gives more of a slime feel to it. This results in a more glossy looking appearance and the slime won’t feel like mush.



I learnt a lot throughout this Dream On Project about polymers and how to make our own. The first or so lessons taught me a lot about what polymers are and how they work. I think to properly understand how polymers work, is by making our own polymers. Because of this project, we were able to do that. I learnt a lot on the way, about getting just the right ratios to make our polymers, and using sustainable ingredients. When we finished making our product, we had to make a pitch about why customers should buy our product. My team made a powerpoint and a poster that included a lot of positive aspects about our slime and general information on how the product came together. I think our pitch is/will be quite successful because we were very informative, had pictures, talked about our goals for our product (in depth) and much more. We also talked about the sustainability of our product. Our slime is made from eco-friendly and biodegradable ingredients: Water, tide, and guar gum. However, the balloons we put our slime in is not biodegradable. If we were given more time, we would buy biodegradable balloons however for now, we put our slime in non eco-friendly balloons for the sake of presentation. But overall, our product is very sustainable because it was one of the goals we wanted to pursuit while making our slimes.

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  1. Mr W
    June 9, 2019 at 5:26 pm

    Using Tide was an interesting discovery. You should post the powerpoint :). It was interesting reading the stress ball journey.

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