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Characterization Blog on Juliette – WOOL

Reckless decisions are made when you find out the truth that’s been hidden for generations, and that can lead to disastrous consequences. Living in a silo where the outside air kills in a matter of minutes, these consequences can result in extinction, which has occurred in a distant silo that the protagonist, Juliette, found when she was sent out to… Read more →

American Revolution Journal

This historical e-book includes three turning points from the start to finish of the American Revolution. Those include the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and the Declaration of Independence and how the protagonist supporting the British changed her view on them over the years. Since the American Revolution is mainly from the colonist’s point of view, this is on the… Read more →

The American Revolution in Plain English

Harrison, Lily and I’s video is about the American Revolution in Plain English which is a simple summary of the revolution using simple words and pictures. The American Revolution showed us what changed over the seven years in the revolution and what did not and how important it is to unite together to defeat Britain, in this case. The thirteen… Read more →

The Fifth of March – My Historical Fiction Novel

This historical fiction by Ann Rinaldi was a very intriguing book that revolved around the Boston Massacre. It showed the life of a servant of John Adam’s and the before, during and aftermath of the Massacre and was very descriptive. Although it was about the Boston Massacre, the female protagonist named Rachel developed a friendship with a British private called… Read more →