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1.    2. Claim: I think guar gum, water, and tide made our slime prototype the most successful. Evidence: From our testing process, you could see that the slime made from these three ingredients looked like a replica of normal slime and feels a lot like it, too. Reasoning: Mixing guar gum and water creates a thick liquid because water… Read more →


My team and I have finally reached our final results! They turned out extremely well, almost exactly like how we wanted it to turn out. The hard slime is a bit harder to squeeze, which is the point. The medium is fairly easy to squeeze, and the soft one is quite flexible. Our proportions were perfect because when we put… Read more →


My team has already found what we wanted in our slimes. Regarding physical properties, it wasn’t that important what color it is, etc. except for the texture of it since the slimes are going to be put into balloons and be used as a stress ball. From previous experiments, we have realized that the slime always left behind a rather… Read more →

POLYMERS – #2 Blog

My team, Sophia, Lily and I set out to make a polymer that helps relieve stress. Our target audience is teenagers because that is normally an age where they can get really stressed at. We decided on making a satisfying slime that is eco-friendly and biodegradable and since slime is something that teens normally play with, we thought it fit… Read more →

POLYMERS – #1 Blog

What are polymers and how do they work? The most simple definition for polymers is that they are many molecules joint together like a long chain. The process of that is called polymerization. Monomers can undergo polymerization and they are formed when two separate molecules of the same or different types bind by sharing by sharing pairs of electrons. There… Read more →

How Big is Our Solar System?

It’s hard to imagine how big the Solar System really is. Whenever we search it up on the internet, research information from books, the result is always in big, big numbers. Numbers like 58K km or 108.2M km, is just too big for our minds to comprehend, but is what we’re faced with when we want to know how big… Read more →