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ONEday 2017

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ONEday 2017 – Rock climbing video

By Soumesh, Addie, and Jovan



My project for ONEday was to make a simple rock climbing video/tutorial that would allow people to learn and understand about rock climbing.


This took a couple of steps like gathering all for the materials, setting up the cameras, filming, and editing.

This also had a couple of challenges and successes. A challenge was figuring out how to transfer all of the footage from the go-pros to my computer. I think the rest was pretty easy.


The Lightning Theif

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Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.07.32 AM

Like Historical?  Sci – fi? Adventure? Does it matter!? This book is so awesome you’ll love it no matter what. Percy as the main character, Greek hero/ teenager, tries to find the thief that stole the lightning bolt that is owned by  Zeus while fighting off everyone who thinks he, Percy himself, stole it.

While it’s the first book in the series, Percy is still get used to being an adventurous hero while being the normal high schooler he was born to be, or maybe he was born to be both…?

The Collaboration of Our Sumo Robot Group

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Cissy, Olivia and I communicated and shared our ideas to each other and chose which idea was best for Destructobot. We didn’t argue a lot and tried to fix problems together like when our robot didn’t fit in the box. One of our strengths as a team was when we divided and conquered. We split up and did separate steps to complete one stage of building. One of our weaknesses was that sometimes we argued and fussed about who would do what. Then other groups, I don’t  think we bragged about our robot winning, but I also don’t think we showed enough spirit. I would say our rating for our collaboration would be-

1   2   3   4  5

Hello world!

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