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Who should I choose? My parents or citizens who lost families..?

In this book called “90 Miles to Havana by Enrique Flores-Galbis, a 11-year-old boy, named Julian is the main character. The two topics in this book is Preparedness and Preserve. He flees revolutionary Cuba without his parents with siblings to America and learns American enterprise during the journey.



Essential (must choose): Homeland or Death?

I was only a young girl named Maria Adriana Isadora, who grew up and became an independent woman with a job. After the revolution, I completely changed from the previous years. Before the revolution, I was just a 12 years old timid girl who were afraid of standing in front of others. But after the revolution I became completely different. I had to protect my country, I had to return peace for Cuba, I had to fight.

After the Cuban revolution somethings changed and somethings stayed the same. There was a subsequent shift from capitalism to communism and several Latin countries followed suit. After the Cuban government changed, the U.S. did not control Cuba anymore which benefited their relationship negatively. The things that were maintained were the male soldiers and that the peasants were still poor. Cuba promised  for the Cuban citizens to become wealthy but they never made it.   Also, the Cuban Revolution has continued to be one of the twentieth century’s most challenging phenomena, maintaining a powerful hold over people’s imaginations. It’s dynamics feed a never-ending story that – as we enter the twenty-first century – continues to defy easy explanation and comprehension.

MUST choose: Homeland or Death?!

This is a short vide about Cuban revolution. Basically, it shows the events during the 1952-1962s. Fidel Castro who was a Cuban communist revolutionary and politician who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister and then became a President. He said “It is not convenient, I warn you, to bestow justice from a hospital room surrounded by guards with bayonets because the citizens might think our justice is sick … and imprisoned.” due to fears of what Fidel would denounce, the hearing on his case was held in a hospital room kept away from the public eye, to which Fidel said.”

Here is the Cuba Revolution Video!

One day: Exhibition

One of my biggest challenges for me was that I had to change my project because the time was not enough for me to finish.

Looking back on this project, I learned various types of skills of crochet. For example, chaining and slip knot.

Knowing what I know now I would estimate the time that might take before I start because it took me too much time to finish the project.

One day was a good experience for me to try out new things that I have not done before for a long time.



1. three different colors of yarns

2. One 10.00mm and 5.0mm thick crochet hook

3. One wooden rod








Before you start…

Slip knot/Chain 3






Chain, insert into a whole, wist and pull (repeat)






(Change color)



Making circle shapes




Deco your walls!

1. I will make a wall design that could make my feeling comfortable with crochet

2. Things that might make me challenging is that I will have to maintain the order of colors.

3. I hope to learn some challenging skills that I have not learned previously


What would you choose? “The Hubble Deep Field” or “The Pale Blue Dot”?

The video called “The Hubble Deep Field” had more of an impact on me.


There were images of universe, and it appear clearly in a dark clear sky. Parts like “In 1995, the Hubble telescope stared for 10 days at a rather unremarkable patch of sky the results were nothing less than humbling on a universal scale… showed the  size of the Universe which was extremely large that we can not visualise through the Hubble telescope. “Out star is in a galaxy one five hundread thousand million of the Milky way… The pin wheel galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major a galaxy much like our own this is the spiral galaxy ever taken by the Hubble Telescope…Some are bigger  and some are smaller than our sun…

In my opinion, the video of the Hubble Deep Field had more of an impact one me.  Many photos especially the spiral galaxy were taken by the Hubble Scale Telescope. The Hubble Telescope included many informations or data of space, galaxies and the spiral galaxy which is the most clear and largest image ever taken. This may be a another part that scientist would discover about of astronomy. 


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