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Butterfly Effects!

Citation: Bradbury, Ray. “A Sound of Thunder.” A Sound of Thunder, 14 Sept. 2018,

Have you ever had a situation that you choose little things but made a big difference? The main theme of the story is that little things can make a big difference.

There is a man called Eckels, who hires a time travel company to take him on a hunting expedition in the age of the dinosaurs, but you should never put yourself in a danger. In the scene when Eckels asked, “Does this safari guarantee I come back alive?” To the official. The official said, “We guarantee nothing.” This tells the trip is not going to be safe (Bradbury 222). This quote tells that this trip isn’t going to be safe because the official tells Eckels that they aren’t responsible for safety again and again.

Sometimes, people get curios about something that are interesting or looks fun. But not like Eckels we should make an appropriate choice so that we won’t get repent of our last actions.

A man called Travis said, “He hasn’t seen us yet.”  And Eckels respond “It can’t be killed.”

This tells that Eckels doesn’t wants to kill dinosaurs anymore (Bradbury 230). Throughout the story, you will notice that Eckels went to the past to hunt the dinosaurs because he just wanted to go. Only because he just wanted to go to the past and hunt for animals, he was in a dangerous situation and almost got killed.

The characters, plot and the problems in the story of a book called “A Sound of Thunder” written by Ray Bradbury, are all linked to many important themes of how all actions have results. Abundant images and its effect on the reader is what made this story interesting and easy to send the moral messages.







Are you a HUMANIST???!!!

Am I a HUMANIST?! by Stella.Kim

Drum Players come in!

This afternoon we had a trial run posting an audio file to our blogs. James played a piece for us on the Drums. Have a listen!

Fish Cheeks for Christmas?!

Fish Cheeks for Christmas?!

Are you one of the people who struggles when you’re adapting to a new environment? Well, you’re not the only one who struggles about it. It’s because people are unfamiliar with new environment.

In Amy tan’s Fish Cheeks, Robert is an American who is white as Mary in the manager and blond-haired boy. He has never experienced the Chinese’s tradition and he has no idea what to do.

Robert is an unfamiliar child with a new environment. According to the text: the narrator said,: “My relatives murmured with pleasure when my mother brought out the whole steamed fish cheeks and Robert grimaced. (Tan 1). This shows Robert is a child who is unfamiliar with a new environment because when the minister’s family went to have dinner, Robert grimaced but the narrator noticed that Robert grimaced. This passage tells Man vs.Self because the one who doesn’t like the fish cheek is him self. This is a internal conflict as well, Robert struggle eating the Chinese Fish cheek him self.

Just like Robert, I am one of the people who struggles when adapting to new environment. When I went to other countries, I disliked the food. This happened in Australia. When I went to the restaurant, they gave me a bread with the sauce that I really disliked. It was for my breakfast. I hated all kinds of sauce since I was young. Even though I just saw the bread with the sauce I felt sick. When I returned to a hotel, I couldn’t get in a deep sleep because the bed felt very uncomfortable for me. I fell in a sleep dreaming about my room’s bed. This is one of the experience from my life when I struggled to adapt in a new environment.


Wanted”found internal conflict poem”!


My poem was taken from page one, it is a short story called the “Bass, the River and Shelia Mant”W.D. Wetherell. In the rising action, this conflict illustrates the narrator’s hard work trying show his love to his crush Shelia. But Shelia never looks at him. In this passage, it shows that it’s an internal conflict. The narrator gets mad of himself because Shelia has no any interest to him. This shows that the passage is telling Man vs Self. At the last part of the story, the narrator waits for the crush until she had left. Then the narrator says” my logging was like a madness and I couldn’t stop. This sentence shows the narrator’s feeling of its self.

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