NASA’s Future Mission!!!

Where in our solar system should NASA focus future missions?

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, should focus their future mission on exploring Saturn’s moon Enceladus because of the following evidence from previous explorations and the possibility of life and water. Firstly, NASA should first start exploring Saturn’s moon Enceladus because there is a strong possibility that this moon might contain some living organism. According to the new exploration from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, it found a liquid under the icy surface of Enceladus. Water is a source of life. In addition, the article also shows that they found hydrogens from the south pole and found carbon dioxide. This means that there could be chemical reactions happening that could support life and there could possibly have microbes on the planet. As water and organism are sooner discovered more deeply, humans could find new species to investigate and protect, moreover, possibly making a new environment to live in that suits humans need. In sum, NASA should focus their future mission on Saturn’s moon Enceladus first.

Precious Plastic Reflection Post

Our One day Project!!!!!


Throughout the day, we made two earphone winder using plastic #2 and #5, firstly it was because of our curiosity, secondly is because we want to test which one is easier to make. Overall, it was quite successful; however, we still encounter many problems. Some challenged we faced are that the there were only on mold, therefore time was a big issue. Secondly, the first trial did not work that well, it was burned and bumpy; however, we managed to sand it to improve the surface. Putting all the pieces of plastic we melted was quite easy, and it came out mostly the way we wanted and expected.

If we were to do this again, I will change the type of plastic used. Plastic-type five is easier to melt, taking less time to melt. Moreover, the surface is also smoother than plastic-type two.


Lastly, using plastic and make them into other useful things makes a great impact on the environment. Oceans are polluted and the air is polluted caused tremendous amounts of plastic and other garbage. This is a making effective project and also conveys a great message.


Below is our wonderful presentation!

Oneday Precious Plastic Presentation


Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic!!!!!


For one day, we decided to attend Precious Plastic. It really attracts me because it represents the plastic pollution we are facing today, furthermore, it is also eco-friendly and conveys a great message to everyone.

Our plan for One day is to make an Earphone Winder, similar to the one in the image above. People tend to frustrate in situations when earphones are tangles together, therefore, it is very helpful and convenient to have an earphone winder.

For our product, we are going to make two winders, one is a square and another is a circle shaped. The length of the square one is 5 centimeters, and the diameter of the circle shaped one is also 5cm. The middle connecting part will both be a 1cm diameter and 2 cm height cylinder. The colors we will use are dark blue, light blue and white.


Looking forward to it!!!!!!

The Pale Blue Dot


Claim: I think the video named “Pale Blue Dot” is more humbling and more inspiring to me.

Evidence: In 1990, NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft captured an image of earth from a record distance of 3.7 billion miles.

Reasons: Firstly, the video included many fascinating images taken by real telescopes and spacecraft’s, giving us a great view of what the vast universe looks like. Furthermore, it included many shocking facts with statistics, including launching the spacecraft and what they discovered a billion miles away from earth. Moreover, the video mentioned lots of information of the earth, clips of humans, animals, capturing the creatures and the uniqueness of the Pale Blue Dot, it also made me realize how small earth is compared to the vast universe. Although this blue dot might not make a major difference in the universe, this is where we humans and all the creatures once lived, the only place we call home. It is where supreme leaders were nurtured, it is where all creature ever existed. However, it is also where people died, and where the war started. Therefore, we should cherish the value of the Blue dot and how much the earth gave us. In addition, the video had a great design flow, started off with the Blue dot, and ending off the same, it gave the audience a big shot with the core idea. In conclusion, The Pale Blue Dot is more inspiring because it made me realize what the Pale Blue Dot is and what the earth is in the vast universe.

Be Careful Who to Trust


I am the Cheese by Stephanie




In the I AM THE CHEESE by Robert Cormier, the author developed the theme of never trusting anyone throughout the course of the story. An elder man warned the protagonist, to not trust anyone at the start of the story to foreshadow the Theme, then later in the story, he found out that his parents were lying to him, and possibly everyone was lying to him. Adam then becomes a spy himself, mistrustful his family, alienated from his parents. This brings out the theme to never believe others. For the design part, I used the boy sitting on a chair with thousands of swords that penetrated his body to symbolize Adam and all the anxiety he needs to face, then I used the mask to symbolize lies and deceive. Lastly, I used the color black because the story was full of mysteries.


Image citations:

“r/MrRobot – How Can ITake off a Mask When It’s Stops Being a Mask When It’s as Much a Part of Me as I Am?” Reddit,

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A Never Balanced Scale



The drizzling rain reflected on the walls in the office as the lightning came by,

that day in June, I asked for a slight rise in salary,

because I think it is right that women are paid the same as male counterparts.

But his words gushed out like a thunderstorm that whipped my face.

“It’s the market price, as its required, git out of here, men are desperate for your position.”

Tightening my fist, I tried to hold the river of tears, and stepped out the door.

“I’m gonna come back,” I whispered to myself.


They say that the society tells us, you are a woman and that should be your role,

Like a doll strung along by the hands of society.

When you wish to scream but end up murmuring,

When you wish to sprint but forced to remain still.


Standing in the avenue, where people mingled together,

I hear that men are superior, warriors.

Men have guns and women have pots,

men have valuable opinions and women shouldn’t think.

It’s just obnoxious that women are to complete stagnation.


Loving the job, and the case of the survival of my family,

I interviewed, submitted applications, interviewed again like a domino endlessly falling.

We don’t have bullets or bulletproof vests, our muscles not as robust as yours.

But, women need to balance the scale.


I tighten my fist, up the stairs I go,

to the familiar office, to the familiar door.

A handful of offers, a field that matches my effort.

Freeing myself from the hands of society, to

change the definition of women and what equality should mean.


Yet a single country could say that,

They have achieved gender inequality and had balanced the scale.




During Humanities class, we were assigned to write a narrative poem based on an SDG Goal that we cared about. What I chose was Gender Inequality, my poem is called Never Balanced Scale” which is from the perspective of women where she stood up and asked for a rise in Salary that matches her effort.





Character Change of The Aged Mother

Imagine a cruel leader that rules your community, without any freedom, without any rights and you had to obey any law made even if it’s unreasonable. In the story “The Aged Mother”, by Matsuo Basho. The emperor declared the decree of killing all the aged people because he thought that the aged ones are useless and helpless that couldn’t contribute to their community, but the wisdom of the mother taught him a lesson and he realized that aged people are useful in their own unique way and learned their importance to the kingdom.


At the beginning of the story, the governor, a despotic cruel leader doesn’t listen to others opinion and doesn’t show empathy to anyone. According to the Passage, “the entire province was given strict orders to immediately put to death all aged people. Those were barbarous days, and the custom of abandoning old people to die was not uncommon” (Basho 1).  Although the emperor was a worrier, but he had a fixed mindset that all aged men are to die, no one tried to go against the laws and had to send their own parents to death. The Emperor never showed a sense of empathy, those days were hard and disastrous for people in the community. However, the governor changed as the story progresses, The governor was impressed by the wisdom and cleverness, the emperor notices his mistake and abolished the cruel law he made for his own benefit and for the benefit of all as he thought of. The governor cried: “’shining needs more than the strength of the youth, Ah! I should have forgotten the well-known saying, with the crown of snore, there cometh wisdom. That very hour the cruel law was abolished, and the custom drifted into as far a past that only legends remain’” (Basho Page 1). The law has been abolished after the governor has re-considered the law, he had forgotten the importance of the elderly ones and the unique ways the elderly could influence the community the same as the strong youth ones.

Through the passage and looking through what influenced the character’s characterization, and the lesson the character learned. The governor changed because he noticed the importance of the elder ones and the wisdom of them, everyone is equal and have different unique ways that contribute to the community.


Citation: Basho, Matsuo. “The Aged Mother.” Short Stories and Classic Literature,

A Midsummer Nights Dream: Lysander’s Magazine Cover

William Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This magazine cover is based on the topic of characterization, including personality and appearance. The character on the cover is named Lysander, the man who is in love with Hermia. I chose this design that bolds out “True Love or Not” to show what this man is about in the story and adding subtitles to show his personalities and what other characters think of Lysander.

Thunder of the Past

Thinking of time traveling to the past? Have you thought of the whole sequence that might happen after a change in the past from time traveling, it’s not just exaggerating. In the short story “A Sound of Thunder”, the author Ray Bradbury tried to show that we should pay attention to minor things that may lead to serious consequences.


The author has been foreshadowing that danger will occur in the near future. When the protagonist Eckel herd the sign released: “Anything happened to you, we’re not responsible, those dinosaurs are hungry.” “We don’t want anyone going who’ll panic at the first shot, six safaris were killed last year, and a dozen hunters” (Bradbury 224). The safari guide told Eckel multiple times to “be careful, stay on the path, never step off” (Bradbury 227). Despite the endless reminders from Travis, it also shows that something bad is going to happen, stepping off means that Eckel is ignoring and violating the details. It also teaches us a lesson that there are reasons why people don’t allow us to do certain things, this little bit of foreshadowing insists the reader that Eckel might face some serious problem When you step off the path, things happen that you do not intend, you might change the whole course of the past just by a small action. Additionally, when the safari arrived, Eckel recognized a huge mistake, therefore he ran off the path without any proper permission. Continuously, the author showed the theme of the story when the protagonist recognized the change he made in the future from a small action that is unnoticeable to many of us. In the scene where Eckel cried “Not a little thing like that! Not a butterfly” (Bradbury 236). “It couldn’t change things. Killing one butterfly couldn’t be that important! Could it?” (Bradbury 236). By killing one single butterfly, Eckel altered the history, the past and possibly the future. His actions resulted in a different spelling on the sign and a different man that’s been elected as the president. The main cause of all of this is by the very small action of Eckel in the past. He stepped off the path originated for them, and resulted in a disastrous change in the future. We probably won’t go on a Time travel safari tour; however, this theme is closely related to us. Sometimes, little things and details often come as the most important, it could make a huge difference or result in a serious consequence. One small action, it may seem really minor, but it could possibly change your own future and many other people’s future as well.


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