Sugar free


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Sugar week









The reason we did sugar free week which is a week with no caster sugar is because we want to have and stay with a healthy diet. Although there is energy from sugar, but eating too much was a problem. During this week, there was a few differences by not eating much caster sugar by those candy’s, and also eating these super sugary foods. Sometime during this week I really wanted to eat, so sometimes it went a bit frustrated.

At first when Mrs. Hamada told us that it is sugar free week, I thought that it will be pretty easy, but when the first day has arrived, it was really hard not to eat those h=unhealthy stuff. I have realized that I have been a lot of unhealthy things.

Some things that I changed are eating more vegetable and fruits that are really healthy or our body. Usually while I am at home, I am used to drink juices, and also I thought that juice that is from apple, or oranges are really healthy, but actually there Is a lot of sugar. Also in my family, we have changed by making food that does not have much sugar.


Summing up, I felt pretty good during this week, because I knew that I have been eating really healthy food. But it is also really challenging, because I usually eat a lot of sugar, but this I can’t eat that much sugar.