Thunder of the Past

Thinking of time traveling to the past? Have you thought of the whole sequence that might happen after a change in the past from time traveling, it’s not just exaggerating. In the short story “A Sound of Thunder”, the author Ray Bradbury tried to show that we should pay attention to minor things that may lead to serious consequences.


The author has been foreshadowing that danger will occur in the near future. When the protagonist Eckel herd the sign released: “Anything happened to you, we’re not responsible, those dinosaurs are hungry.” “We don’t want anyone going who’ll panic at the first shot, six safaris were killed last year, and a dozen hunters” (Bradbury 224). The safari guide told Eckel multiple times to “be careful, stay on the path, never step off” (Bradbury 227). Despite the endless reminders from Travis, it also shows that something bad is going to happen, stepping off means that Eckel is ignoring and violating the details. It also teaches us a lesson that there are reasons why people don’t allow us to do certain things, this little bit of foreshadowing insists the reader that Eckel might face some serious problem When you step off the path, things happen that you do not intend, you might change the whole course of the past just by a small action. Additionally, when the safari arrived, Eckel recognized a huge mistake, therefore he ran off the path without any proper permission. Continuously, the author showed the theme of the story when the protagonist recognized the change he made in the future from a small action that is unnoticeable to many of us. In the scene where Eckel cried “Not a little thing like that! Not a butterfly” (Bradbury 236). “It couldn’t change things. Killing one butterfly couldn’t be that important! Could it?” (Bradbury 236). By killing one single butterfly, Eckel altered the history, the past and possibly the future. His actions resulted in a different spelling on the sign and a different man that’s been elected as the president. The main cause of all of this is by the very small action of Eckel in the past. He stepped off the path originated for them, and resulted in a disastrous change in the future. We probably won’t go on a Time travel safari tour; however, this theme is closely related to us. Sometimes, little things and details often come as the most important, it could make a huge difference or result in a serious consequence. One small action, it may seem really minor, but it could possibly change your own future and many other people’s future as well.


Being You, Being Prouder

Ever felt the pain of trying to be someone you aren’t, ever tried to fit in a community that you don’t originally come from. Amy is struggling to fit in as an American and being ashamed of leaving a Chinese heritage in her heart, her parents want her to be proud of her true self in the story “Fish Cheeks.”

Amy, the protagonist is Chinese but tries to be an American. The author writes, “I prayed for this blond-haired boy, Robert, and a slim new American nose” (Tan 1). Not only praying for an American appearance but also hoping for an American outfit. Amy’s mother handed her an early gift “it was a miniskirt in beige tweed” (2). This shows she is very desperately of trying to fit into the American community but she couldn’t ignore all the differences between a true American and herself. Since the difference is clearly spotted, she’s embarrassed by all the actions and manners of her family. She is ashamed of all the Chinese heritages that couldn’t be wiped away. The narrator mentioned “I wanted to disappear” (1). She was embarrassed by all of her family members. She isn’t confident enough to face who she truly is; she isn’t appreciated of all her appearance given by her parents. However, Amy’s mother has told Amy “but on the inside, you must always be Chinese” (2). This shows that Amy’s mother wants her to be proud of being Chinese she said that “the only shame is to have shame” (2). You should never be ashamed of who you are, you should appreciate how much your parents gave you. Be confident and be the best of you, there is no need to compare with others.


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Conflict Found

The found poem Above was taken from page four of the story “The Bass, The River, and Sheila Mant” by W.D Wetherell. It shows an internal conflict, Man VS Self by the protagonist of the story. In the rising action of the story, the conflict illustrates how the protagonist is suffering between the biggest fish he had ever caught or impress a girl that thinks fishing is dumb. In the passage, the situation forces the character to make a tough decision between the bass, a lifelong passion or to impress Sheila, the girl he is in love with. He suffers between the bass and the girl until he finally chose to please Sheila but lost everything. As the last part of the story mentioned, “there would be other Sheila Mants in my life, other fish, and though I came close once or twice, it was these secret, hidden tuggings in the night that claimed me, and I never made the same mistake again” (Wetherell page 4). The narrator will never be conflicted between his passions and Sheila. Being true to yourself and your own passion is more important than impressing others.


Take Hold of your Future

Though The Future of the Food unit, we realized that there are many problems humans are creating. When the human population increases, there are difficulties to feed all the mouths, but humans are not changing anything they do. Therefore FA students are finding different solutions such as changing our diet into sustainable diets, reducing food waste etc. It only seems like a little, but changing diets can make a huge impact,  animals are raised differently, with different effects on the planet, even changing a diet from beef to chickens can make a huge improvement. For our project, we are making the sustainable dish for the future, our group uses what we think the most sustainable ingredients. Through all the research done, our group notices that agriculture has the worst effect on the environment, producing more greenhouse gases than cars, and uses extraordinary amounts of land and energy, but lastly the food is wasted before it goes into humans mouth. Whether the invention of agriculture is good or bad may vary between person perspective, but I think that that the invention of agriculture, in general, is a bad invention, producing more food and domesticated animals, but also with a huge negative impact on the earth. In conclusion, at the beginning of the unit, I use to think that our unit will be about population growth and peoples improvements and how humans are improving their diets, in a good way, but now after the unit, I think that humans don’t really bother caring about their own planet, they grow food with a purpose of feeding the population, but then waste it before going into humans mouth. I wonder if humans are just uneducated about this topic and their actions or do they just don’t care about their home.