CER A sound of Thunder

In this story A sound of Thunder, we can learn that we should always listen and follow the instructions so that we do not cause trouble and to stay safe.  There was a hunter called Eckels, he has gone to the past to kill the dinosaur but he was too afraid, he did not listen to instructions, he went off the path and stepped on a butterfly. Since he stepped on the butterfly he changed the president of United States and made the society into a dictatorship

Travis, the main character is well experienced at hunting animals and gives instructions to his teammates because it could change the future and cause trouble. In the scene where Travis said, “We don’t want to change the future. We don’t belong here.” (Bradbury 4) proves that the future will change as the past changes. The reader can see that the future will change just because of one little creature’s death. This is because all of the creatures in the world are related to each other in different kinds of ways. Since Travis said that, he knew something bad could happen if you don’t follow instructions and

Eckels, another main character from the story, is well experienced at hunting animals as well but he ignores the rules and advice from Travis.  When Eckels comes back from the past, he notices that he has stepped on the butterfly when he was out of the path. Since he stepped on the butterfly, the future had changed. Instead of Keith, in the other future, Lyman won the presidential election. “No. it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No!” (Bradbury 15). If he followed the instructions he would have not changed the future and Lyman would not have won the presidential election. Travis said to follow the instruction because he knew that Eckels might change the future in a bad way

The author said you should follow the instructions and rules to keep it safe. For example, in schools they have instruction ‘No running in the hall’. This rule is important to follow because if you run in the hall, you can bump into somebody or trip over and hurt myself.

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Are you a Humanist?

Renaissance by Suhan Jin

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Shame on fish

The narrator has a crush on Robert who gets easily embarrassed about Chinese cultures and cooking. The narrator has a crush on minister’s son Robert. According to the text, “I fell in love minister’s son” (Tan 1). The readers can see that the narrator wants to get a good eye on the minister’s son Robert. Later in the story, the narrator also gets embarrassed by Chinese culture. The narrator doesn’t want to be Chinese. According to the text, “you want to be the same as American girls on the outside” (Tan 2). We can predict that she doesn’t like Chinese cultures and like American cultures and because of that she wants to be an American. The narrator has a crush on Robert who is not confident about Chinese cultures and has a wish of being an American girl.

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Poem I found inside a story



The found poem above was taken from W.D Wetherell page four of The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant. It shows the internal conflict Person VS Self between the bass and Sheila Mant. In the climax of the story, the protagonist had to choose between Sheila Mant and the biggest bass he has ever hooked in his life. In this passage, the conflict led the boy to unfortunate because the boy got neither of them. This conflict was resolved when he decided to make the girl happy instead of his bass.


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Suhan’s Feed the Future blog post

During this Feed the Future unit we learned how to keep the environment sustainable which we have learned for 2month. I used sunflower seed shells to represent the sustainability of the environment. Sunflower seed shells are biodegradable which doesn’t affect and pollute the environment. We wrote Sci-fi about assuming what is going to happen in the future. In my opinion, one of our Sci-fi’s from FA will be true.

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