The Pale Blue Dot or The Hubble Deep Field?

Between The Pale Blue Dot and The Hubble Deep Field, I think The Hubble Deep Field has impacted me more than The Pale Blue Dot. I disliked the video, The Pale Blue Dot because, in the first part of the video they just tell us that everything has originated from earth, they are saying stuff that is too obvious. I liked the video, The Hubble Deep Field because it shows clear explanations about the Hubble Space Telescope and pictures that the Hubble Space Telescope has taken.

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Broke Stalin’s nose


In the story Breaking Stalin’s Nose, written by Eugene Yelchin, a boy called Sasha is the protagonist. He is Comrade Stalin’s son. Sasha respects his father a lot so he wants to be a pioneer like his father. Once he broke the nose of a statue of his father with the banner. He soon realized it was a huge problem, and also if it was exposed in school he should be arrested by the guard and become an enemy of Soviet people.

Hess, Dillon. “Fake Text Message | Make Fake Text Conversation.” Fake Text Message | Make Fake Text Conversation,

Blogging in December

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Nowhere is fair



Nowhere is fair

That day I shouldn’t have heard that.

I am a teen who is in the middle of the humongous city

with giant buildings,

with the stinky smell from a sewer,

with lots of cars parked and

with people walking around the street.

As soon as I looked around, I heard two people talking about women’s salary.

“I think the government made a great decision of reducing women’s salary”

“yeah I agree so now we can have more”

I didn’t say anything to them and just ran

Until I couldn’t see anybody anymore.

Huh huh huh…

It was hard to breathe. I couldn’t forget about it

When I was young I lived in a place where there were many

different types of inequalities

So, I left the place with hope but

My mind just reset

I just noticed that the whole world was unfair

Including here where I am


is fair


My task was to write a poem based on SDG goals

I chose 10th SDG, Reduced Inequalities

I chose this SDG because it was really interesting to write a poem about real life inequalities.


“Flashcard of a Math Symbol for Equal To.” Adventure 1: “A Scandal in Bohemia” | The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle | Lit2Go ETC,

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Boxing while Walking

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Quick description: One value I got from other group is that our dolphin can move its mouth

The suggestion I’ve got from another group was that we should make into 3D to make it realistic

and move the tail so it more looks like a dolphin






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