One Day 2017

At school for one day I worked with Arianna Bambagioni we made a music video because we really like singing and we got inspired so we thought maybe when people see our video they might get inspired and try new things like singing or dancing.

I learned that making a music video isn’t easy at all it takes time making it, singing it well, and editing it well. The music video went pretty well but the singing and the editing wasn’t so good. We had better times.

Our video had pretty good quality I know because we got feedback by friends and teachers, it isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst we at least tried.

I feel proud of the music video it turned out not bad i thought it was pretty good but it wasn’t great. I struggled with editing the video. It was really hard to edit.

I would edit and sing better because yesterday i did it but i tried to do it fast so it didn’t turn out good.

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Impact unit Reflection

I liked my impact project I really like cooking and my partners likes to cook too so we all decided to cook, in the first day that we had to cook we missed it because there was only one person and so then we canceled it. The second day we bought all the ingredients we needed and then we came a little late for cooking, but then we made fajitas the third day we made egg, bacon and cheese sandwich and we really liked it. Then we had to ask the people that we teached some questions and they answered the questions and we read them and enjoyed them.

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Goosebumps Frankenstein’s Dog

Goosebumps Frankenstein’s Dog by R.L. Stine

This book talks about this girl called Kat she has an uncle named Victor Frankenstein Kat wanted to visit his uncle so she went to his house and they were villagers and the villagers were saying that Kat’s uncle was building monsters and Kat believed everything they said but her uncle was building robots not monsters the villagers were scared because Frankenstein was building robots like him so they looked like him and they were smart too so they wanted to be Victor Frankenstein and they were mean so that’s why the villagers were so scared of Victor Frankenstein.

I don’t have any connections with this book.

Kat, Kat is a very smart person and she wants to know what his uncle does in his lab and what he creates she thinks her uncle is building monsters instead of robots.

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Goosebumps Frankenstein’s Dog

Kat is going to visit her uncle Victor Frankenstein for her video blog (a project for school so she thought if she could ask her uncle if she could video blog his house and his projects like robots). There was a village with people in it the villagers hated  Frankenstein they say that he’s building monsters and that his a mad scientist Kat didn’t believe it the villagers were hurting her a man came that man worked for Vic Frankenstein he brought her at big house n top of the hill. Vic Frankenstein had a dog called poochie he was so cute but something weird happened poochie talked.

This book has a connection with a book that was about monsters, Frankenstein, a dog, and a kid but I don’t remember the name of the book.

I want to talk about Victor Frankenstein. If Kat is a Frankenstein will she be a mad scientist too? Victor keeps a lot of secrets for example that he is building a monster, and that he is a mad scientist.


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Student Led Conference Reflection

At my student led conference my mom, my sister, and Arianna came at the student led conference with me.

I showed my mom half of my work because we had little of time and I showed her math, social studies, science, and I showed her all my stuff in my computer.

I had a lot of fun showing my mom my work I liked it a lot what I didn’t like was the time there was so little time

Next time I would change I would go faster because last time I went too slow and we had a bit of time and I couldn’t show everything to my mom.



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Human Body Reflection

When I was doing my human body presentation with Arianna was really hard because we didn’t practice and it was kind of hard because we didn’t know who would say what but then we decided who would say what.

We did the circulatory system it was so much fun we learned that The circulatory system is  also called the cardiovascular system or the vascular system it is an organ system that lets  blood circulate and transport nutrients, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and blood cells and I learned much more about diseases and cures.

I liked when our class were playing treasure hunt it was fun and it was fun to see people look for stuff.

I didn’t really like when we started the presentation because I was shy and I was really stressed


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Reading Journal Feb 26,2016

The Wednesday Wars

Mrs.Baker is an active women but sometimes shes mean. she always wants to win everytime with everyone.

My connection is an old book that I read but i dont remember the title.


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Reading Journal Feb 19,2016

The Wednesday Wars by: Gary D.Schmidt

This book talks about This boy called Holling HoodHood he’s in seventh grade his teacher is Mrs.Baker Holling is a guy that works and he likes to be the classrooms clown Mrs.Baker doesn’t really like him she’s making everything harder than it’s already is. Mrs.Baker starts to like Holling and everything is well for now.

Mrs. Baker changes a lot and starts to like Holling.

it has a connection with books that starts bad and finishes good

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Reading Journal 29/01/2016

The Vampire’s Vacation by Ron Roy. The Vampire’s Vacation it’s a  beautiful story and it’s kind of funny it’s a cool story.


There is 3 people called “Dink, Josh, Ruth Rose” They thought that some one called “Dr A. Cula” was actually Dracula so they saw Dr.A.Cula and they saw this guy that was all black and with glasses and his skin was very white and he never showed his teeth so they wondered if it was a vampire or not and so Josh thought it was a vampire so they started to spy him but they didn’t get any help but they when to Ellie’s and she had a band-Aid on her neck and then they found two other people with band-Aid on there neck so then they called the police and found out that he was not a vampire.

Josh is a secure guy if he thinks of something you have to trust him he loves mystery stories  and hates vampires.

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Muffins Better Than Muffins Math Reflection

Today we bake muffins and we are going to drink smoothies it was pretty cool to cook and eat at school. At the school’s kitchen we had so much fun and a lovely experience.

the smell of the muffins were delicious.

First we had to get all the ingredients and then we looked at the instructions and then we had to make smoothies.

and now lets try them!!!!!!

Im done trying them, they were delicious we added the ingredients by 1/2 or 1 3/4 etc… and so we had measuring cups or teaspoons. We had to be careful with the instructions and it was tricky because sometimes it was saying ” sugar, milk and cinnamon medium. I didn’t get it at all so I asked my friends and partners. After all the fun stuff we had to clean up the kitchen and it was cool and not cool.

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