My First Week

My first week in grade 8 was awesome. Because I was in FA last year in 7th grade, I didn’t know anyone the first day of school. My last year best friends Jun, Eric and Jordan left, and that made me think more miserable. The first day of school I only knew few of the classmates not even half. And I am still struggling to remember names. Even though I am struggling classmates and teacher has been really friendly to me so I felt like a 8th grade community. The three main subjects, Algebra 1, Humanities and Science was different than FA which is kind of “refreshing”. With the new food company, it felt like I was attending a completely a new school. I want to thank all my friends, teachers and Principal for the new and fun first week.

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Last Year of Humanities Challenges and What I am Looking Forward

  1. What are you looking forward to in Grade 8 Humanities?

I am looking forward on my improvement on writing and reading. Since every day we do either reading or writing. Also I am looking forward to sharing current events. I become a philistine when it gets to politics and all sorts or economy questions around the world.


  1. What challenges will you face?

 I will face reading challenges. Reading is one of my weakest point. Reading every two days will obviously increase my reading skills, however I am pretty positive that it will not gain my interest on reading.


  1. What is your plan to meet those challenges

I should try to be organized and focus longer. Thing that can distract me should be cleaned away. Reading everyday at least 10 pages each might be they way to step one step forward to being a good reader.

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What is my food?

There are many ways to feed the future. When we first started the unit we had to write a 3 ideas of the project, 2 questions on the project and one metaphor/emoji, the 3-2-1. In the end of this unit, I was able to compare before and after the unit. By 2050 the world population is going to build up to 9 billion, and by then the world will lack resources. This is important because, wheat, meat and other industrial farmed foods will not be able to last long. Because of that, in this unit we also had to find a sustainable dish where we could feed the future. In order to accomplish this goal, we had to research what was the appropriate product to use in our sustainable dish. In our case we came up with kelp and glass noodles because we were making sustainable ramen. Therefore, I realized, that there are many ways to be able to feed the future.

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Heart + (Jar+Flower)= Awesome

Before 1DAY even started I was kind of mad of the fact that we had to choose out from the category. There was numerous  amounts of fun activities and choices. Such as, Go Carting, skiing, roller coster making, etc.. However there was a topic that stood out to me and it was Gift Making. I normally don’t like making stuff for somebody but for some reason I just wanted to sign up for this subject. While 1DAY my thoughts of choosing a category changed I actually enjoyed a lot. I was able to accomplish a lot. First I had to hammer in the nails then spray paint the back wood. Lastly,  use yarn to surround the nails. As you could see below the color matched up the yarn and I think it would match up the flower. I learned that trying something new is also very awesome.


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Is the Phoenix community going to move to Datong or Stay?

Sichuan VS Datong

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My ONEday Project 2017

img_6139img_6135My one day project was to build a soccer goal and a ball. The goal was build one of each (ball and goal). The goal was made out of PVC pipes. We chose to use that because It was light and easy to build. The ball was a home made ball so it did not contain any professional materials. We only used duct tape, tissue, and ballon.




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Holes Full of Treasures

The book HOLES was written by the author, Louis Sachar. It was published in 1998. The book summary is like this. The main character Stanley is under a curse. It began when his great-great-grandfather stole a no-use-dirty pig. 8b34dTMoi2avHBgtpmjhbZpzSo now, because of that he has to dig holes. The holes must be 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. Every day in this hole-digging camp they build character. In this camp Stanley makes friends and becomes more polite. However, why are they doing this? Is the warden looking for something?

I highly recommend this book. I think this book will make you laugh and make your heart all bouncy. This book’s lexile isn’t very high so I think you will enjoy the book. Again I highly recommend this book.

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Hello world!

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