Exposition writting


Derek Jeter by Derek Jeter


The book is written by Derek Jeter and title is HIT & RUN. The book is about Jeter’s baseball life. The exposition of the book is childhood of Derek Jeter. I am focusing on conflict in the Derek’s child hood. Derek Jeter dreamed become athlete. Jeter was tallest person in his school, so his dad preferred basketball player, but Jeter wanted to become baseball player because he admired Babe Rus in Nework Yankes. Dad made Jeter learned basketball skills in California. However, even in California there aren’t baseball team, he dreamed. First conflict is his job. Man vs Man

Jeter’s dad wanted Jeter become athlete, but dad’s first goal to Jeter was get through in California college as  a study. However Jeter wanted to concentrate only playing sports.

It’s second conflict between his father and Jeter.

The last cosnflict is place of his shelter. He was very big fan of Yanks ,however he boned in TEXAS, so he wanted to move house to Yanks  become franchise. Jeter said ‘ dad I want to live in Yankes even our family can’t live together. Man vs society

I think all problems come from Dad and Jeter. They had different ideas.


Monkey’s Paw Poem & Found Poem



This poem was created with the words of “The Monkey’s Paw”. The book published by author  William W. Jacobs.   In the story, the setting was competing each other with chess game and planning about what they are going to do. My poem mention setting of this story.  In the story, there are ‘he spoke of his courageous adventures. I guessed and I knew this story is going to be experience some things. Like adventures. After chess when he left his house he is traveling natures. Tree, wood grass, throughout wind. I think until planning and starting adventures are rising action, and beginning of stories. So, in my poem I indicated moods of main character, and situation in rising action. I used shiver nervous and excite to describe moods. Most people have nervous mind, and exciting mind when they start new works.


30 words poem

Choose Options Cautiously

by Theo

13 years old sporty, economize, and calm

Like to play football, baseball, and basketball

Time, money is most important in my life

Keep my pace peaceful

Choose options cautiously



1.Sporty (adj)

People who like to watch and play sports

I chose this word because this word would be best word to describe who am I. I started many sports when I was under elementary scholar. I Enjoying playing sports and watching sports. Like basketball, baseball, football. I have player’s uniforms about those sports.

2.Economize (verb)

Economize mean is saving your own possessions for future

I chose this word because I educated my parents about marking when I get allowance or spend money. It makes a habit of organizing.


Calm mean is keep your pace peaceful.

I chose this word because I always learn calm every sports matches. If I lose my calm, I can’t demonstrate my abilities.

Dot me poster

Berry Bonze

This book is about Berry Bonze. He is selcet in the Major Laegue legend 12. He hitted more than 700 homeruns. It rank top of the homerun career. Lots of  baseball fans love he, but many people  critiicism Berry Bonze, because during he player in Major league he ate unlawfulness medice. It used by grow up muscles. However, he got 7times of MVP, it’s proof of he is greatest  hitter in Major League history. 

gardening work 8/25

Today 7-5 students go to garden because we remove some weeds and see plants growth. SO today I do remove weeds and clean other things in garden.

My first week back at school

  • The best part of my first week at school was last Monday because I met my friends at school so I was so happy.
  • During the first week, I didn’t really enjoy eat food because cafeteria food is not delicious than my home food and it’s too expensive
  • During EAL time I went to focus on improving my vocabulary because my vocabulary is really bad so I think it’s difficult to talk each other.
  • I would like to share this article because this story is about airplane board It means airplane go to some where(usually travel) I like to go to travel so I choose that topic.                                                                                                                                   https://newsela.com/read/pilotless-planes-passengers-survey/id/33668/

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