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Military exemption in S-Korea
Actually, the most issue in Korea is military issue. The reason is 19 to 28 in 10years, all Korean men have to go to army for 18 months. 19- 28 old is the age of man have healthy body and men can move activity. Also, 19 to 28 is age for go to university and got the job. 18 months disturb adapting to the company and university. There are few exception that men don’t have to go to army. People have highly obstacles, physical condition, gather gold medal for Asian Game, and get medal from Olympics. The reason of military exemption to medalist, they represent the Korea and announce Korean to the continent or the world. It is because he/ she is considered to enhance national prestige.
Problem of the Olympics and Asian Games there are possible to choose the ability short fall player and the team is bad but they have famous player. In 2018 AG the problems were occurred that suitable to 2 problems. Son and Oh-Zi-Hwan. If you are fan of EPL, most people know Son. Player of the Tottenham. Before the AG Europe media reference Son’s army problem few times in a month routinely. Also, if Son goes to the army, it is also team lose from the Korea soccer national teat and Tottenham. Korea has a military soccer team for soccer players, but, the one of standard is ‘ graduate Korea elementary school to High school’. Son was played in Leverkusen  from 17 years old. So he didn’t graduate. If Son didn’t get gold medal in AG, he has to work in society….. Second problem was OH. Only 25 players can fit in to roster for the baseball. Usually, Korea pick 12 pitcher and 13 fielder. Except 9 starting lineup there are only 4 bench players. The demands for the bench players are multi position defenses or thrower like running speed. But Oh was not fit in to that conditions. So, people doubt Oh or his club gave money to Korea and make them to pick it
In my perspective the solutions are Korea can make a rule for devotion people to the world.
Before they player, they are Korean. Korea supported them to live comfortable. Like Road, subway. If they born in Korea, they should follow obligation. If they have good abilities to become nationalized they can do it.. But is loss for the Korea. So, fans don’t want to do it…

Boxer Rebeillion blog post

The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap the reason is they were trying to defend their own region and belief. Boxers want to make their own tradition. They belived
belifes are make people as a group and congruence made win in the war

Boxer Rebeillion blog post

The Boxers do not deserve a bad rap the reason is they were trying to defend their own region and belief. Boxers want to make their own tradition. They belived
belifes are make people as a group and congruence made win in the war

Resolution blog post : The finest hours #6 book cover

The Finest Hours (2) – book cover

Characteristics in my book cover. I chose light blue to my background color. Light color can emphasize other colors more outstand. In my book cover the size of words mean importance of my writing, if it is biggest, it represents most important.

Also, I followed the basic rule of book cover. Most book covers are up with big head title and authors name, and pictures. In back side book covers have summary of the book to interest the reader.

Save our maritime polices are main theme in this book. The main characters are travel save their polices.

I  summarized the book story in 3 sentences. Reason of I choose ersmm and people come from the ship, it was most image able part in this book. Captains are coming for save.


DT Patting Zoo project : Squirtle

MY biggest success: We fineshed our animals before the patting zoo, we spent a lot of time in DT class to make our animals are completely done. We successed this goals and we can show our animals to 1th grader

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is most students in DT class are beginner of the making robots, so making programs and making robots took a lot of time, that I thought. You should feel comfortable with robotics goods.




A Mid summer night’s dream

September (1)

Rising action & Climax of book

The title of book is The Finest Hours (The True Story of A Heroic Sea Rescue). It written by

Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman in 2016 May.


In 1951, Bernie, a coast guard in Wall Fleet, Mass., Was rescued as a police officer before his marriage to his girlfriend. “Police Bunny can you go to accident scene?” In winter, two oil tankers crashed due to the aftermath of the storm coming to the provinces, and the Coast Guard chief ordered Bunny to leave. But when Bunny was in need of a ride, he was a ridiculously small boat, so small that it was too small for the waves to hit. It is difficult to come back when we dispatch. The chief of staff did not know about the water supply there and eventually Bernie goes to the rescue. According to the order, Bernie departs and threatens to break the boat by hitting the strong waves. Even the compass is missing, Burnie and his colleagues. (pg.36)Fortunately, near the broken wood moved to island near by wreck. (pg.43)


The similar points between book’s main character and I are both afraid of situation setting to Bunny and I. Bunny had chivalrous but he heard many death stories and terrible scenes

from who visited their before Bunny. It made Bunny hesitate go to ocean. “ Bunny it will be hardest challenge had you ever try” My situation was similar as this. On the trip I had Via Foretta, I was excited to try but James which is climbed in front of me, he said I can’t try this course, James and I gave up together. Both scenes influence by earlier person.

I think rising action is Burnie and his servants go to find people and Survival report of them, because the basic story is in the ocean. The story compose on the boat, island. So stating point of ride the ship is rising action to make stories.


Exposition writting


Derek Jeter by Derek Jeter


The book is written by Derek Jeter and title is HIT & RUN. The book is about Jeter’s baseball life. The exposition of the book is childhood of Derek Jeter. I am focusing on conflict in the Derek’s child hood. Derek Jeter dreamed become athlete. Jeter was tallest person in his school, so his dad preferred basketball player, but Jeter wanted to become baseball player because he admired Babe Rus in Nework Yankes. Dad made Jeter learned basketball skills in California. However, even in California there aren’t baseball team, he dreamed. First conflict is his job. Man vs Man

Jeter’s dad wanted Jeter become athlete, but dad’s first goal to Jeter was get through in California college as  a study. However Jeter wanted to concentrate only playing sports.

It’s second conflict between his father and Jeter.

The last cosnflict is place of his shelter. He was very big fan of Yanks ,however he boned in TEXAS, so he wanted to move house to Yanks  become franchise. Jeter said ‘ dad I want to live in Yankes even our family can’t live together. Man vs society

I think all problems come from Dad and Jeter. They had different ideas.


Monkey’s Paw Poem & Found Poem



This poem was created with the words of “The Monkey’s Paw”. The book published by author  William W. Jacobs.   In the story, the setting was competing each other with chess game and planning about what they are going to do. My poem mention setting of this story.  In the story, there are ‘he spoke of his courageous adventures. I guessed and I knew this story is going to be experience some things. Like adventures. After chess when he left his house he is traveling natures. Tree, wood grass, throughout wind. I think until planning and starting adventures are rising action, and beginning of stories. So, in my poem I indicated moods of main character, and situation in rising action. I used shiver nervous and excite to describe moods. Most people have nervous mind, and exciting mind when they start new works.