Ignite Week Final


For this Ignite Express It I decided to focus on Collaboration, as Collaboration is important for future world events, such as preparing for a project, creating a space station, and such. I need to grow in this because through time I was getting less and less fond of collaboration.

I used collaboration in this project as when you have to make a fight scene, both have to collaborate to make it perfect. The puncher punches, and naps (or not), and the receiver will have to react accordingly and nap (or not). This concept is called action and reaction.

I enjoyed learning about Jiujitsu and Muay Thai this project because I get to touch base on martial arts I haven’t learned before. This skill will benefit me in the future because if people decide to bully me or bully my friend I can always intervene. Overall, I have grown in collaboration, creativity and overall strength, because I collaborated well with my fighting partner(s), I created a fight scene from scratch, and I also learnt martial arts.

Ignite Express It Create and Improve

Creating the fight scene, I found out that napping was actually really hard if you can’t coordinate very well with your partner.  But even though hard, I managed to pull off a few naps here and there.

1 mistake I learned was that some things in combat you just can’t make it fake. When I tried to “stageify” Ray jumping on me it was impossible. I then proceeded to go with it.

A skill I can use in the future is what I learned about the martial arts. Jiujitsu and muay thai are very important defense arts.

I’m actually very proud of my scene, even though it lacked many things, because of one thing. Fluidity. It went very well, with little mistakes.

Ignite Express It Develop and Plan

In the Develop and Plan stage, me and my partner Ray developed a skit where we included Shakespearean insults and martial arts (Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

I had the inspiration from the train fight scene in 007: Spectre. Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_eZw262fhM

While creating the skit, I found out the knapping is pretty hard to do, as you need to time it perfectly with the person getting hit, where BJJ doesn’t require napping, so we chose BJJ as the dominant martial arts.



Ignite Express It Define and Inquire

This Ignite Week, I have chosen Bard and Brawl: A Shakespearean Combat Scene, from the inspiration of Muay Thai and Shakespeare.

Inspirations (detailed): I’ve done Muay Thai for a month now, and I think this will improve my combat skills. It will also help me improve in Drama.


What are the details of what you are trying to do? We are trying to create a realistic fight scene will Shakespearean insults.

What are you trying to acheive? I am trying to learn about stage fight and how to simulate sound.

What tasks in this project will be challenging? You have to fake the fight but still keep it very realistic to the audience.


hello it’s ivana trump here (jk)

I’m doing that standup comedy thing concerning:

American healthcare systems

Scottish people and grammar issues

Wire (adult)



challenges: laughing issue adult issue communism issue


hope to learn how to make people laugh to bad jokes

On the concept of American Imperialism

This is based on personal opinion. If you are offended, please do not take it to mind.


​America has media manipulation. As some Americans think, Iran is a supporter of terrorism. That is true in some cases. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the two superpowers in the Middle East, and they both have extremist groups clashing against the other sect or Islam. But you cannot say Iran is (as Trump would say it) the leading supporter of terrorism in the world. Most terrorist attacks are made by ISIS, not Iran, or Saudi Arabia. The U.S. never actually states the Arabian Kingdom when talking about terrorism. It’s just because Saudi Arabia is an ally, and Iran is an enemy.

​Syria calls Israel “Occupied Palestine”, and I personally agree. Israel was Palestine before NATO decided to occupy the land for the Jews to stay in. I think it was a nice idea, but they didn’t consider the Palestinians’ feelings, didn’t they? They were oppressed and called terrorists. When the Nazis occupied France, the resistance was called Freedom Fighters, but when the Jews occupied Palestine the resistance was called terrorists. There was a reason why the U.S. called the resistance “Terrorists”. Because it was against American plans. The Nazi’s were America’s enemies, so the resistance to them were called freedom fighters. But the Israeli are allies, so the resistance to them are called terrorists.

​Another thing: America rarely states anything about the Syrian air attacks it did, but made public outcry in the attacks on Nice, France. 80+ died in a Syrian drone attack by the Yanks, and 84 died in the Nice attack. But only in the latter did the American media report. They also tend to report Russian air attacks. But only the Russian and Iranian ones. Not the American ones.

​Now, do you see the corruption here? If you don’t, read the Russian, European, and Iranian news (with translation of course) and the American news to catch up on all the details about current events, or you might just be seeing one point of view.