On the concept of American Imperialism

This is based on personal opinion. If you are offended, please do not take it to mind.


​America has media manipulation. As some Americans think, Iran is a supporter of terrorism. That is true in some cases. Iran and Saudi Arabia are the two superpowers in the Middle East, and they both have extremist groups clashing against the other sect or Islam. But you cannot say Iran is (as Trump would say it) the leading supporter of terrorism in the world. Most terrorist attacks are made by ISIS, not Iran, or Saudi Arabia. The U.S. never actually states the Arabian Kingdom when talking about terrorism. It’s just because Saudi Arabia is an ally, and Iran is an enemy.

​Syria calls Israel “Occupied Palestine”, and I personally agree. Israel was Palestine before NATO decided to occupy the land for the Jews to stay in. I think it was a nice idea, but they didn’t consider the Palestinians’ feelings, didn’t they? They were oppressed and called terrorists. When the Nazis occupied France, the resistance was called Freedom Fighters, but when the Jews occupied Palestine the resistance was called terrorists. There was a reason why the U.S. called the resistance “Terrorists”. Because it was against American plans. The Nazi’s were America’s enemies, so the resistance to them were called freedom fighters. But the Israeli are allies, so the resistance to them are called terrorists.

​Another thing: America rarely states anything about the Syrian air attacks it did, but made public outcry in the attacks on Nice, France. 80+ died in a Syrian drone attack by the Yanks, and 84 died in the Nice attack. But only in the latter did the American media report. They also tend to report Russian air attacks. But only the Russian and Iranian ones. Not the American ones.

​Now, do you see the corruption here? If you don’t, read the Russian, European, and Iranian news (with translation of course) and the American news to catch up on all the details about current events, or you might just be seeing one point of view.

Hold your Head Up High

I chose swimming as I looked at the rest of the choices (Rock-Climbing, Fitness, Gymnastics, Dance), and none of them felt to be a good choice, so I took swimming as my PE choice. I was also pressured by my parents and friends to choose swimming. Muscular and cardiac endurance was also one of my weak points, and swimming took care of those. I learnt many things, like how to do freestyle the right way, and many more.


Project Consume – Why you can’t eat money

Project Overview

In Project Consume we researched single-use plastics to find out their chemical structure and researched how to make a sustainable change. We made videos explaining the disastrous systems the world has in place. Third World extraction (Trashing other’s people countries for personal gain, usually south-east asian, south american and african states), the sale of garbage (Selling garbage to poor countries at a minimum price), and under-minimum-wage children making T-Shirts for Black Friday, were all on the list.

Feedback I got

People thought my video wasn’t that boring, contrary to common belief that a 6:03 minute long video would bore them to the bones. They thought my art was good, but the music was too loud.


We can make a sustainable change, not by the famous 3 Rs, but the forgotten one. REFUSE, the only way to stop the system in crisis. Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, all come in later than the production and extraction steps. Even though we recycle, the damage has already been done. Recycling is actually the worst of the best. Recycling is not sustainable, as you need energy to produce the object, energy to recycle it, and energy to make another product, and even with recycling in the system not everything is recyclable. A way of saying consumerism is, “Buying junk you don’t need, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like.”

Buying something on the scale of Black Friday or 11/11 is completely unsustainable, as the amount of packaging waste will skyrocket, and the actual product will also wreak havoc in the landfills. Refusing is the best way to stop this mayhem, as you can stop the product at the consumption stage and steadily, with the concept of supply and demand, make the corporation go out of business.

Here’s a further explaination:


Make It Exhibit and Reflect

Final Product




This project was a tight project, with many retrys and other. We were happy of our final product though, and we attracted lots of visitors with our “real sound” WWI sound effect.

Do not listen to this with headphones:


There has been some organization problems, but we’ve gotten through this without much argument, so it was a success.