“Crazy Rich Asians” Exposition



This book, “Crazy Rich Asians”, exposition takes place in a lot of different places at a lot of different times, because of backstories and all of the characters. The three main characters that this is circled around is Rachel, Nick (her boyfriend) and Elanor (Nick’s mother). The settings in the book seem to always be glamourous, since almost everyone is this book is rich. The people who are rich, like Elanor, are crazy rich, and are always surrounded by people who are also rich, and this quote describes it. “The Dorchester of the Ritz might let this kind in, but this was the Calthrope, owned by Calthrope-Cavendish-Gores since the reign of George IV…” Nick’s mother doesn’t want her family to be associated with ‘poor’ people, and none of her family wants to, either. They surround themselves with glamour and live in mansions. “A white travertine fortress that spanned the swimming pool like a postmodern Taj Mahal. To get there you either hat to follow to footpath that wound along the coral rock gardens or take the shortcut through the service wing.” Rachel isn’t rich, unlike everyone in Nick’s family. She hangs out in cafes and lives in an apartment. “‘You sure about this?’ Rachel asked again, blowing softly on the surface of her steaming cup of tea. They were sitting at their usual window table at Tea and Sympathy…” Nick is in the middle. He is shown at places that aren’t for the 0.1%, but also some places that are. He is rich, but he doesn’t act like it. He has sympathy for people who weren’t as lucky as him, and he wants Rachel to meet her parents and to merge the world of the rich, with his mother and the rest of his family, and the world of the middle-class, with his girlfriend.

Band Recording

In this recording, I think I could have had better sounds and tones, as well as better rhythms.

Am I a Humanist?

This is a very engaging title

cool band.

“The Monkey’s Paw” Found Poem

This found poem was made with the words of Williams Jacobs from “The Monkey’s Paw”. In this story, Mr. White is given a monkeys paw that grants him three wishes, but the wishes have consequences, as he soon learns. The topic of this found poem is conflict, which I found as ‘Man vs Supernatural’. I know this because in the story the soldier says: “‘An old fakir put a spell on it. He was a very holy man and he wanted to show that fate ruled people’s lives, and that to interfere with fate only caused deep sadness.’” I decided to focus the poem around the wishes that Mr. White makes and their negative effects, because that is the problem in the story. The first negative effect is when Herbert, Mr. White’s son, dies, “Having buried their son in a huge new cemetery two miles away, the old couple came back to a house full of shadow and silence.” And the other two negative effects to the story are when the son comes back to them, in the same state he was when he died, and when they wished him away again, killing him for a second time.

I used a picture of a monkey’s paw as the background of my poem because it’s what was causing the problem in the story, and it was the talisman that was granting the wishes. The monkey’s paw is the most important part of the story, and there wouldn’t be the same effect if it was a wand or a magic lamp. When positioning the words on the poem, I tried to put everything that Mr. White said or did on the left and everything else towards the right because he is the protagonist in the story. He’s the one who is making the wishes, “‘I wish for two hundred pounds,’ said the old man distinctly.” And “He raised his hand. ‘I wish my son alive again.’” If there was a word or phrase that was more important the rest, like the knocking, I would try to make it bigger. I created this is preview, the default picture application, by copy and pasting the words on to the picture of the monkey’s paw.

30 Word Poem

Haven’t done much

By Tucker Long 8-6


Thirteen years old, haven’t done much

Sitting unaccompanied, watching TV or reading comics.

Obsessed with sports and music,

But not good at either.

Trombones and baseball bats,

Guitars and basketballs

Dot Me

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