Who likes SUGAR?!

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Free Week Challenge

By: Vivian Xu


At school, we had a Sugar Free Week Challenge. We learned that eating healthy foods can guide us to a healthy choice of foods that is good for our body. Eating healthy foods is very hard because all foods contain sugar, sodium (salt), and oil. Everyone likes sugar. (who doesn’t??) Sugar is sweet and tasty. Sugary foods are tough to avoid from being dictated from eating too much of it. Instead, we should eat foods that are recommended from MyPlate. MyPlate tells us that we have to eat from five different groups of food which are fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy to create a healthy meal for our body. Some examples of fruits are apples, grapes, and bananas. Carrots, pepper, and eggplants are good sources of vegetables. Rice, noodles, and bread are considered as grain foods. Protein foods are like fish (meat), eggs, and beans. Foods that contain diary is also very important. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are dairy products. So eating these 5 different group of foods is very good for our body.


From what I learned, eating the right foods is definitely important. Eating nutritious foods can avoid disease that can affect our body greatly. Every meal, I choose wisely and properly of what kinds of foods I should eat.


I should tell my family about eating too much sugary foods is not for our body. This can encourage them to make healthy foods every day.


At school (during lunch), I suggest that we should decrease the amount of unhealthy foods that they serve and replace it as nutritious foods.


The Sugar Free Week Challenge really impact me and the people around us!!



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The Genius Files is an amazing book. It is an mystery book with a little nonfiction in it. The Mc Donald’s family traveled around the United States for summer vacation. During the trip, a group of black suited murders has a target on a boy and a girl . The kids avoided many opticals from the murders.

Dan Guttman puts creative ideas in this fabulous book. Clues are found during each time when murdering plan comes. The book brings you to a variety of emotions. You’ll never know what’s going to happen in the book. The book includes lots of turing points in each chapter. This book is a inspiring book that you can’t stop reading.




Hello world!

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