Found Poem


My ’30 Word Poem’

My life- by Yao


listening to music,

is my hobby;

I like China and Europe;

My good friends,

my family,

They are my important people in my life.

This is my life.


Words I chose

China- because I am Chinese, I like my country.

Music- Because I like listing music, like play the drums and piano

Europe- Because Europe is looking very great and there are many histories here.

Holiday books

On Winter holiday, I read the book is about the super hero spiderman. This book is very interesting, is like a spiderman is to help the need help’s people, he fight with monsters step very cool. When he is fight the monster, he always to use the hisĀ gossamer fight with monster.

My OCHA Character Profile for the Phoenix Project

Garden on August 25

Today I did wipe off the cannot generational sun flowers.

My first week back at school

The best part of my first week was Grade 7 amazing race because it is amazing and interesting. I didn’t enjoy science class this week because my science is not good. Mr. Jason help improve by teaching the hard words.

I want to share this article with my classmate because this article is interesting.

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