One Day 2019 Grade 8 Yao


I decided to study how can play Mahjong and the culture of Mahjong.

I am good at Chinese Chess because I am helping Brandon and Boyan how can play the Chinese Chess and some basic rule of the Chinese Chess.

I learned how can play Mahjong. The rule is you need to have the same card on your row that you win this game. And I learned a lot of culture of the Mahjong, Mahjong was made in China, there are 144 cards in this game.

My challenge is to teach the Chinese when teaching Chinese Chess for Brandon and Boyan. Before I teach, I feel nervous, because I think I am not good at teaching. But when I teaching, I feel is good, it is very easy to teach.

Science Blog Post

I think our universe is very big because the lab paper shows that the earth is very small in sun and the distance is very long for the lab. And we were trying the lab of the distance of earth to the sun, the distance is very long for that.

The Rap Song

My brainstorm

Current Blog post-Spacecraft will bring back asteroid dust in 2023

This article is talking about on Monday, December 3, 2018, There is asteroid dust it will bring back in 2023. Asteroid dust the name is Bennu, Bennu is just over 1,600 feet across. The spacecraft is about the size of a big car. It will scoop up some rocks and dust. The spacecraft will send these pieces to Earth. A Japanese spacecraft has been at another asteroid. It is also finding samples. This rock is named Ryugu, Ryugu’s pieces should be here by 2020.


Boxer Rebellion

I think the Boxer Rebellion sometimes is good but sometimes is not good. Because the if it good, it saves the Chinese traditional and is help a lot of Chinese. But the not good is Boxer Rebellion is killed a lot of Chinese Christian and a lot of foreign people. In Chinese, this is good, but in foreign it is not good.

Book Cover

Why I am designing this book cover? Because I like Percy Jackson. In this story, I am learning about if there is something is too hard, you can try to find your friend and they can help you. We need to teamwork, teamwork is can do anything that is very difficult. I feel the plot is very good, too. Because it continues writing about the Percy Jackson one: The Thief of God Fire, Luke he is not dead and he wants to destruct this world but at the end, he is died by the one eye giant who on the island. The conflict is shown why Annabeth she hates one-eyed giants. Because when she is young, her friend dies of the one-eyed giant. But, Percy’s brother is one eye giant, she always wants one eye giant to leave Percy. When Percy and Luke are fighting together, Luke he is trying attacks on Percy, But Luke he didn’t successful, because Percy’s brother is helping him, and he drops into the water. But, he is the sea of God’s son, when he has the wounds, the water is can fix it. So, he doesn’t die, he helps Percy they are killing the evil titan Kronos.

Lysander VS Demetrius

Connect with the conflict- The Son Of Neptune

  • Connect with the conflict. Write a text-to-self response in which you connect with the protagonist’s struggle to overcome one of the conflicts listed in the definitions above. Who or what is the main character struggling against? Ask yourself if you’ve also struggled in the same way. Your first paragraph must explore one type of conflict in your independent novel and provide MLA formatted quotesto show your understanding of the type of conflict. Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph, in which you describe your own struggle to overcome the same type of conflict that the protagonist struggles to overcome. Include specific examples from your own life.


My book is “The Son Of Neptune”,  in this book there are many conflicts.

– Hazel remembered this from her own arrival. A lot of kids brought letters from older demigods in the outside world, adults who were veterans of the camp. Some recruits had rick and famous sponsors. Some were third or fourth-generation campers. A good letter could get you a position in the better cohorts, sometimes even special jobs like legion messenger, which made you exempt from the grunt work like digging ditches or conjugating Latin verbs.   – What’s wrong for Hazel?


– Hazel couldn’t leave him hanging. She stepped out of like and said, “ What Frank means is that Percy saved both our lives. I am a full member of the legion. I will stand for Percy Jackson.

Frank glanced at her gratefully, but the other campers started to mutter. Hazel was barely eligible. She’d only gotten her stripe a earned it for her had been mostly an accident. Besides, she was a daughter of Pluto, and a member of the disgraced Fifth Cohort. She wasn’t doing Percy much of a favor by giving him her support.                – Why Frank glanced at her gratefully?


– Reyna looked at Percy with pity. “ Congratulations, Percy Jackson. You stand on probatio. You will be given a tablet with your name you complete an act of valor, you will become a full member of the Twelfth Legion Fulminata. Serve Rome, obey the rules of the legion, and defend the camp with honor Senatus Populusque Romanus!”        – Reyna is sad some word about Percy

– Hazel waved at Percy, who made his way through the crowd with Nico at his side. To Hazel’s surprise, Nico was beaming at her.

  “Good job, Sis,”he said. “ That took guts, standing for him.”

He had never called her Sis before. She wondered if that was what he had called Bianca.

One of the guards had given Percy his probation nameplate. Percy strung it on his leather necklace with strange beads.

“Thanks, Hazel,” he said. “Um, what exactly does it mean – your standing for me?”

“I guarantee your good behavior,” Hazel explained. “ I teach you the rules, answer your questions, make sure you don’t disgrace the legion.”

“ And . . . if I do something wrong?”

“ Then I get killed along with you,”Hazel said. “ Hungry? Let’s eat.”   – Percy and Hazel is talking each other and they solve the things.


Found Poem