Sign of Life on Moon?


  • I think that the future missions of NASA in our solar system should be directed to one of Saturn’s moon’s, Europa.
  • Evidence:

    • “Scientists suspect that warm, liquid water lives under Europa’s thick ice shell. Given that, this moon is considered a “top candidate” by NASA for life on another world in our solar system. “(Newsela)
    • “The finding (in Europa) is raising hopes for signs of life outside Earth.” (Newsela)
    • “Europa is much older and any potential life there has had more time to emerge.”  (Newsela)
    • “Voytek said her money is still on Europa for potential life, versus Enceladus(one of Saturn’s other moons) since Europa is much older and any potential life there has had more time to emerge.” (Newsela)
    • Reasoning:

      • It is pretty that we should direct our future  missions of our solar system  towards the exploration of extra-terrestrial life, even if might just be bacteria, it means that life can sustain.  It would be of great benefit if we have contact with alien species not only to learn from them, but to learn them. Physics and Chemistry are the same on every planet, but biology is different in every environment. According to the evidence listed above, Europa, is considered the top candidate of a chance for alien life in our solar system and it would be quite useless spending time and money to look at the planet and not go even take so samples. Plus, Europa had existed long before Enceladus (as said in the evidence), so if there really is life on both moons, Europa’s life form should be more evolved than Enceladus’s. So, I think that it is the most reasonable to direct NASA’s main focus on a Mission in hopes of finding life on Europa

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Our Blue Planet

Who doesn’t love the ocean, it provides us with almost everything we need, but we are also destroying our oceans. When you look at our planet from outer space you can see that there is a vast space of nothing behind our planet showing that we basically have nowhere to go if we destroy our planet, that this is the only home we will ever have. I noticed this from a picture called the “Earthrise,” also in that picture most of the earth was blue showing us how big the ocean really was. The marine world is falling apart, coral reefs are dying by the second and we are destroying colonies of fish every month.

I personally love coral reefs. I recently went snorkeling in Thailand, Phuket islands, the coral reefs there were beautiful, but when I went to a beach on one of the islands I found so many dead corals in the sand. Global warming is the main coral killer and it is caused by men. After years of debarment Australia’s federal government declared one-third of the Great barrier reef a protected zone. Also, there is silt and nutrients flowing into the ocean. The stilt which causes young corals to not be able to recover a bleached spot by cutting it off from light and the nutrients can cause an algae explosion and to many crown of thorns star fish which can cause the coral reefs turn to waste lands “If we learned anything in the last 10 years, it’s how to kill a coral reef.” (Spotts, 33) this quote shows us how much damage we did. He could have said we learned many new technique and that we invented amazing things, but he said that we learned how to destroy coral reefs.

Most people like eating fish they provide us with high proteins, but did you know that all of the fish species are dying from over fishing? Overfishing can cause an unequal balance in the food chain of the marine ecosystems because we are not the only living things on this planet that eat fish. Many other marine animals depend on the fishes that we are taking out of the oceans. “In California waters, for instance, three of the top five commercial catches are not even fish. They are squid, crabs, and sea urchins.” (66) This is now California’s fishing industry. Its historic fishing industry was once known for the sardine fishery and also the largest tuna fishery industry. Over fishing started centuries ago but it started accelerating after World War Two, when technologies such as sonar, satellite data, and global positioning systems. This allowed them to track schools of fish, which caused the fishes habitat to be destroyed.

The marine ecosystem is a crucial piece of our planet. We cannot survive without the ocean, but they can survive without us, so why are we destroying the ocean, they did nothing to us. We are one of the main problems that our planet is dying, we cause global warming, which is killing the coral reefs and we are destroying the food chain by overfishing. In the future, is our planet going to be blue or brown?

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Swimming memories

During this unit I did many things including Breast stroke and Diving. At first my Main Goal was to improve my breaststroke  but by the end I changed my goal to diving instead . I am doing pretty well with my diving I can dive from the diving block but I still need .

I still need to improve my stream line and jump higher.

this Pe period we did many different activities for different stokes we learned how more efficiently swim and some of us did diving

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Golden Dawn Tangerine

Tangerine by Edward Bloor is filled with many different things. Paul Fisher is Boy that moves from place to place. He has to make new friends every time he moves. He loves soccer more than any other sport and soccer means a lot to him. He is partially blinded when his brother, Erik Fisher sprayed paint into his eyes as a joke and his family did not even want Paul to know the truth about his eyes at the start. Paul’s life is based on many different things, including his passion for soccer, his friends, and his family.

Soccer was one of the main things Paul had. He always loved soccer it gave him a thrill.  Soccer gave him so much friends and happiness, but when his school said that he could not play soccer because of his eyes, it was like his heart was broken. After he moved to Tangerine Middle it was like the best thing in the world. “Not every day is a good day. You may feel like hell and some you may feel like nothing could be worse. Keep your head up, because someday you will have your day. It could be tomorrow or the next day, but that day will come, and it will be the best day of your life, just you wait.” (Ash Sweeny). That day for Paul was the day that Lake Windsor middle school said that you could switch schools. This was great to him because he got to play soccer again which was a big part of him.

His friends were a main part of his life. He had friends from Lake Windsor Middle School and Tangerine middle such as Joey Costello, Tino Cruz, Theresa Cruz,Victor Guzman, Gino Deluca and etc. These people really helped him when he just got here. They made him feel like he was in a friendly environment and gave him the courage to face his fears because he knew that his friends were all with him. They help him when he was in trouble and he helped Tino and Theresa’s, Luis Cruz during the freeze (extremely cold temperatures) trying to save the Golden Dawn tangerines

Families are extremely important part of everyone’s life. Paul’s family is great, but they just do not pay as much attention to him as to Erik. “As usual when Erik appears, the attention switched from me to him.” (Edward Bloor 64). Paul and Erik’s father never paid as much attention to Paul as to Erik because their dad likes football more. His mom was always there for Paul and was great, but Paul blames her mom that he can’t play soccer at Lake Windsor middle school. And his brother, Erik fisher, he sprayed paint in his little brother’s eyes because he thought it was funny, he bullies all the kids at school, and he even killed a guy named Luis Cruz. I think his family is great but would be better if the parents payed more attention to Paul and if Erik was not such a bad person.

Paul Fisher’s life is based on his love of soccer, his supportive friends, and his family. He faces many different troubles during his first year at Lake Windsor middle school and Tangerine Middle, but he fought through all of them and kept his head up high. He faced his fear of his brother and got justice for Luis Cruz creator of the Golden Dawn Tangerine

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Tangerine Multimedia

I made mine post a magazine because I thought a magazine could say all the things that I wanted to say from the cover. I used a picture of a solar eclipse because Paul was said his eyes was hurt by the solar eclipse because he stared at it for to long. Paul who was a amazing young boy got his eyes hurt when he was a young boy. His parents tries to hide the truth from him but in the end he remembers his past, his brother  sprayed white spray paint in his eyes when he was five. He went from a private school were he could not play soccer to a public school were he could. He was sad when he was at the private school because he could not play soccer, but when he went to the public school it was like the best thing in his life because he got to play soccer. His parents were a main part of his life but his father cared more about American football that his other son Erik Fisher played. They still cared for Paul just not as much as Erik. In the end Paul faced his fears and told the police everything he saw that Erik did.

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Catchy Title: swam swam^3.0

during this unit of swimming I did many things, but I mostly focused on breast stroke every class. I choose breast stroke because I wanted to improve this stroke. I learnt  many things including facing down when you go under water, close hands when breast stroking, and keeping my legs closed after I pushed. My coach and I discussed that I should keep my hands closed and legs together because it will help me get to speed. I want to focus more on my kick in breast stroke to build up leg muscles

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Unforgettable past

Who’s side are you on

watch this documentary

and see which side you will pick

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To Give is to Get Back

The Martian by Andy Weir is a book filled with adventures, struggles, and humours jokes at the worst of time. Mark Watney has survived his troubles with his sense of humour, his many techniques and skills , and his willingness to get home.

I love Mark Watney’s sense of humour it makes me laugh evetime even when he is in a dangerous situation. Mark Watney always makes the best of every situation he cheers up his teammates and I don’t think if he did not have this crucial skill he would not have survived his experience on mars. For example “hell yeah I am a botanist, fear my botany powers.” (Weir 13). He said this on his fourteenth so log on mars. This made me laugh when I read it, he probably did not want all bad thongs about him in the logs if he died he wanted to make them remember that he was funny.

Mark Watney has many skills such as being a botanist which means he studies plants and also a pretty good engineer. Mark would not have survived a month if he did not have these skills, because he faced so many troubles such as growing food for example “my botany background may come useful after all” (11)  if he did not have his botany abilities then he would not have planted as many potatoes or not grown they well, they could have just died. Also he could not have done the engineering for all the things when they broke down, if it was anybody living on, mars in the group of six special people, mark would have done better and have a higher chance to survive the every single one of them.

His sense that he could get home pushed him through all the troubles and hardships he faced mentally. He missed his mother a lot which helped him push through. He missed his friends who though he was dead a lot. He missed everyone a and everything back on earth a lot, for example “ Also, “hi, mom” (113)‘he said this when he was talking to NASA. He could  have said anything he wanted but he said that. This show how much he misses the real world and his Family and friends. Many times he thought about how things were going back down at earth or how his teammates were but he did not just wait for death he pushed through and emerged victorious

Mark Watney has survived many Hardships with his awkward sense of humour, many different skills that helped him, and his willingness to go back to earth. Mark has survived many hardships over his trips during his time on mars. Even though he almost died like five times and had to spend three years in space it all paid off. He gave and got something back

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This book Is about how a Astronaut survived a deadly storm but everyone thought that he died and he had to survive 560 days or 550 sols. can you even believe spending that much time by yourself on a planet desperately trying to survive and communicate. He lives in a rocker for 90 sols he had to be cramped up in a tiny little car for three months, but in the end he still fights through everything he faced even though all the troubles for example when the sand storm hit he did not know but later on he found a way to solve it like every other problem. In the end he fought through everything and made back on the Hermes and the whole entire world was cheering him on  and worked so hard to help him get back to earth.I choose the orangish background because Mark Watney had to live with that ever single day

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