This My Daughter Wave-ly Jong

I would not like my mom to be Waverly’s mom I can’t even imagine how I could live and here are some reasons why I would not like to live with her, she is moody, a show-off and a strict mom. She always would be mad when her children talked back to her no matter if they are right or wrong and is always pretending to be a know it all.

She is moody that when even someone says something bad to her, her mood chges instantly even when she is super happy she still gets mad at small things she. For example. “It’s just so embarrassing.” “….Embarrass you be my daughter?” Her voice was cracking with anger (Tan 5). As you can see she got mad at Waverly for saying something back at her. Not to mention she is always changing her mood she was happy right before Waverly said that to her and when they were at the church during Christmas she thanked the benefactor that gave them the chess set, but when they got home she told them to throw it away even though she was just gladly accepting it “When we got home, my mother told Vincent to throw the chess set away.” (5).

Nobody likes somebody that brags or show-off something every time they see them, Waverly’s mom is always like that like that. “This my daughter Wave-ly Jong,” she said to whoever looked her way.”  (5). Before Waverly became a champion chess player her mom never bragged about her, but after she was famous she always wanted Waverly to be with her whenever they went somewhere she was showing her off like she just won a great big trophy to something important a even though Waverly did everything her mom pretended that she did all the work so that she could win taking all the responsibility. She did not even do anything Waverly did all of it she used her precious lifesavers that she got from Christmas  so that she could even play chess against her brothers


Waverly is probably such a good child that listens and behaves because her mom is really strict. This is one of the good traits she has to me I think a strict parent leads children away from being spoiled brats that do nothing by themselves. “Bite back your tongue,” scolded my mother when I cried loudly (1) this shows that she does not want Waverly to whine or cry when she wants something really badly, but when she finished shopping she still bought the plums for Waverly this shows that she cares about her but also is strict with her so she turns out into a good person that can survive without getting everything they want, but she Is sometimes too strict for example when she would not allow her to play in the local chess tournaments and sometimes she does not give them enough freedom to choose what they wanted to do


Even though Waverly’s mother is always moody, a big show-off and a very strict mom she still help Waverly become the girl she is now you can say that she deserves a little bit of the credit for Waverly become a chess champion. But can you live through what Waverly lived through when you don’t even have your own voice to anything, when you get shown off all the time even when your mother can’t even pronounce her own daughters name correctly?


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My First week

My first week of 8th grade that I thought was going to be boring turned into one of the best days ever. I learned about things that I would do in the 8th grade class like Star night, 8th Grade Formal, and the Mentoring Trips. I met up with my friends and had fun, but I made a lot of new friends too in 6th and 7th grade. I learned how to use the blog which was really fun because I could check what my friends wrote on the blog. P.E was really fun too because I had many great choices that I had  instead of having one choice. I met my new teachers for my classes except for Ms.Jill who taught my Math last year everybody was really nice, but I know that every day will not be that good from here on out.

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8th Grade Thoughts

  1. What Are You Looking Forward to In Grade Eight Humanities?
  • In Humanities I am looking forward to learning more about the Chinese Revolution and about the Capstone Project
  1. What Challenges Will You Face in
  • Some challenges I will face is that I might not have enough ideas about one thing and get frustrated and that I might get overwhelmed
  1. What Is Your Plan to Meet Those Challenges?
  • I will ask my fellow peers or my teacher for help when I don’t have any ideas about what I am writing or going to write about. I Will not get overwhelmed by my studies by organizing myself and try to balance my schedule
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Hello world!

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