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Conflict of Red Queen

  1. Connect with the conflict. Write a text-to-self response in which you connect with how the protagonist overcomes one of the conflicts listed in the definitions above. (You may need to include a spoiler alert.) Who or what has the main character been struggling against? Ask yourself if you’ve overcome a similar struggle. Your first paragraph must explore one type of conflict in your independent novel and provide MLA formatted quotesto show yourunderstanding of the type of conflict (man vs self, man, society). Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph, in which you describe your own struggle to overcome the same type of conflict that the protagonist struggles to overcome. Include specific examples from your own life. Here is an example.




I read a book Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. The story is about the oppressing and governing of the high privilege status in their society. The main character is Mare who is a eighteen year old, pickpocket and red blood girl. Where she lives is the place that red blood people’s village. The village is dirty, small and dense. Why the red blood people should live here small, dirty area is that the society is for all the silver blood people. Silver blood people have special power. The first is ‘Whisper’, can read others mind and control. The second is “Burnner’, can control the fire. The third is ‘Nimp’, can control the water. The fourth is ‘Magnetrum’, can control the metal. Like these, silver blood people can possess other special powers. So, it is natural that this society is governed by only silver blood ones who they have the powerful authority and wealth in the country. They discriminated the red blood people as a slave for their lives, sent to the army and not having the social wealth. Sliver blood people treat them not a human just things. Nevertheless, red blood people can’ t resist because of sliver blood people’s special power.




  1. Man vs Society
  • Silver blood people treat red blood people as a slavery, army supplement. And they can’t resist any other social systems. The red blood people are not allowed to let in the silver blood people’s society. If they step into the silver blood people’s society, they must punished. This is just only part of the superiority for silver blood people. Red blood people have no freedom. They are living in a oppression and domination of the sliver blood people.



‘Our backs are bent because of the inevitable disappointment and unresponsive hopes and labor of things we have lost in our lives.’ _Mare p17


‘A long time ago, my dad said we were ants. Red ants burning in the light of the silver sun.’ _Mare p86


  1. Man vs Family
  • Cal who is the first prince looks strong and loved by the king. Maven who is the second prince looks wick and not loved by the king just a shadow of Cal. Maven is treated just a person will just left as second prince not the heir.


  1. Man vs self
  • She faces her conflicts with the thinking of a red not a silver, she cant trust herself, and she cant adjust to the life of a Silver. She worries about her family and she worries that she isn’t worrying about her families enough.





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