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Ignite Week – personalise it

Define and Inquire:

For this ignite week, Jun and I have decided to create a marble run. We were inspired by a group called OkGo, who creates very creative marble race tracks. We hope we are able to create marble run that will send marbles across the Nexus.

However, I feel that a possible challenge will be allowing the marbles to stay on the track because we have to balance track width and length with the amount of resources. The larger the track, the harder it is to sustain material amount.


What I am doing well as a collaborator is that I am able to work with my team mates to achieve a goal that we want to achieve. We are able to have discussions about a certain topic that effects the whole team. This is important because if we are unable to communicate with each other, we would be very inefficient and we would waste a lot of time.

An area I can work better at is delegating jobs as the organiser. Sometimes, when we only have 1 task left to be done, there would be two of us sitting out and only one of us doing the work. I believe that I need to be able to delegate jobs better so that we can work efficiently and finish all tasks on time.

Prototype 2.0

Our prototypes. Note that at the time this blog post was written, the Spiderman design was not completed

Three things I learned are a) Our product is liked by many students b) People enjoy things that they can relate to or things they find funny c) modern jokes are most popular.

Two wonders I have are a) What can I do to make my Spiderman less demon-like b) Will our product sell that well (you never know what will happen)?

I don’t have anything I want to change or improve.


Two or three things our business will continue doing are a) keeping up the effeciency of our task completion b) staying with the sticker idea.

Two things we could use to improve our product are a) making a solid design and marketing plan b) raising the prices.

An Idea that I have that I would consider would be to have a customized sticker stand, where we can charge extra for people to give us a description and we will make a sticker out of them.

Mission and Team

Our group (Noodle Boss)’s mission statement is “better stickers for a better education”. My responsibilities on the team are to be the organiser and head designer, so I design and manufacture the

Market research


Survey sheet attached above

Three things I have learned from our survey and market research is that a) we have a good product that is easy to mass produce b) our survey results prove our product has a high chance of succeeding in the market c) Our audience is targeted for Middle School students, but because stickers are a huge market we have other age groups that are potential customers.

My two wonders are a) I wonder whether or not my survey and market research is going to sell well like how I predict it would b) Because Ms. Lemley told us that a minor issue that would occur is that we might have to hand cut our stickers, will we have an alternative solution to that?

One thing I might change about our product is the diversity of our sticker designs. We are mostly fixed towards a food topic, but I wonder if we would get more customers by having a variety of sticker designs. That would face a challenge of being able to cut that many stickers out by hand.

Initial Idea

My team mates for this unit are Kevin and Justin Zhang, and our idea for this project is to manufacture shark and dragon keychains and stickers of different types to sell at the PTA store.

Keychain designs

We have 2 prototypes for our shark keychain design. The differences are not too drastic, but there is a big difference. The first type is the grey design (grey on TinkerCad), which the mouth is moveable and the fins are positioned parallel. The other design, however, has a fixed mouth positionand the fins are not parallel. The bodies on both designs are moveable and both are the same length (10cm x 4cm).

dragon skull

The next keychain is the Dragon design. It is meant to be a dragon skull with a ring attached at the back of the skull to link to a chain. In my opinion, I think this is a very cool design. It is the same length as the sharks, and it allows us more variety in our products.


dragon sticker designs


Our initial inspirations were images of animals that were made out of words. For example, the image you see on the right is the word dragon making up a dragon. We got inspired from these designs for our stickers.



Driving question

Driving question:

Looking back on Project ReCharge, I learned that solving Child Labor is a very complex issues and there are many perspectives that need to be taken in account for. For example, the two biggest arguments that contradict each other are the cost of buying and selling fairtrade chocolate and the usage of child labor. Before this project I used to think that you could just simply sole a problem by patching up the small problems within. Now I think that with every good thing you do, bad things will always follow. For example, from the documentary we watched, the more Kailash freed children the more human traffickers there were to be against him and the more violent his raids were. Looking back on Project ReCharge, I realize that solutions will not satisfy everyone, but as long as they satisfy an overwhelming majority, then they are generally acceptable solutions. For example, the reason why our proposal for Mr. Hurworth passed was because despite the fact that we knew not may students would be happy, we knew that the majority the school would be pleased with the decision.



This is our drama performance after 5 sessions of drama. We were doing something called “Process Drama” to develop an understanding of a topic through acting. In drama, we were trying to understand the topic of status and power.

March 9th field study

Today is March 9th and we went out again to the Wenyu river after 2 months. We were on our usual routine – collecting data on the temperature and the dissolved oxygen amount. Today was a beautiful – there was a lot of sun and very little wind.

In March, the second site had 17.06 mg/l of dissolved oxygen and was 10 degrees celsius. Our third site had 11.64 mg/L of dissolved oxygen and was 8 degrees celsius.

I notice that there is a more consistent trend in our newer site than site 2. Site 3’s data shows that as the temperature increases, so does the amount of dissolved oxygen. Site 2 is slightly stranger, due to the fact that though the temperature decreased before having a increasing trend, the dissolved oxygen amount still kept increasing – we we found slightly weird. Next time, I wonder whether the trend will keep up, or will something unexpected happen.

Express it: Reflection

We started our project from a blank piece of paper. we were brainstorming ideas of what we were going to do. We did extra research to find images for references. Eventually, I decided to go with a triangle wolf design. We then sketched our designs on a paper template to see what it would be like. After being satisfied with the outcome, I choose to draw the design on the actual board. I first used pencil to trace the lines of the triangles. Afterwards, I was ready to use the paint markers. Due to the fact that we had limited amount of colour variety, I chose to take it home and paint some there. When I finished, I was ready to spray paint the top black. Luckily, I didn’t have the drip effect on my board, so I was quite pleased. When everything was dried up, I attached the wheels onto my skateboard and my project was finished.


A challenge that I faced was spray painting. We had to be extremely careful because we could easily ruin our design. If we sprayed slowly, the paint would get too concentrated and would start to drip. If we were quick, we could possibly ruin the design on the deck of our skateboards. But eventually, I managed to successfully spare paint my deck.

A highlight of the week was the attaching of skateboard wheels. I was in charge of assembling my own, but eventually around 6 people asked me to assist them in assembling. It was fun trying to screw in the bolts and was satisfying when we finished.

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