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February 13, 2019




Create a new blog post that includes:

-Inspiration(images you used)

-How you decomposed the shape simpler parts

-At least two tools that you used in fustin 360 and what how it helped your design

-An image of where you are now


These are the images that inspired me to make my balancing jet. At first, I wanted to create a rocket because it is simple and easy to make. Just bam, there you go, a rocket. It is a very decent choice with minimal trouble. However, after thinking a little more, I realized that a rocket isn’t what I wanted to make. As it is too decent, it wouldn’t be satisfying when I finish the project. So I decided to change it to a jet. In my opinion, jets are very cool, as their shapes and structures are so smooth. Therefore, modeling a jet was my final decision.


I started modeling by making a horizontal cone. Which is the body of the jet. As I continued modeling, I pulled and added sides to create different parts of the body. I made the head and the end first as it is the front and the back part of the cone. So it is easy to make. I had trouble with making the head and the beak round. This was because there was always errors when I fill in the holes. After making the beak and the end, I added the wings. Making the wings were the most challenging part of this project. Since i am not too familiar with using Fusion 360, I often experiment with the tools and make random changes to my jet. By the time i have realized that I went too far, there were already too many errors. When I pressed finish form to check my project, it spams me with errors and the application crashes. The application was lagging really badly for me. Basically, at that point, the software would crash whenever I add even a little bit of detail. I asked Mr. Beatty about this and he suggested me to delete a part of my work and redoing it, it would be much easier than fixing all the small details of the mistakes I have made. I also learned that when making more different parts of my project, I should add more sides so there is more detail that I can fix. I did not know that, so when changing a detail in one place, it affects the whole shape. More sides equal to moredetails, and that will help me make my project look better. However, the more sides I add, the laggier the software will be, therefore I have to be considerative when adding sides.


One of my favorite tools in Fusion 360 is the wield edges. This is because I use it a lot. It is used to connect two points, and for a beginner like me, I like to break down the parts I have to make, and then join them together. Of course, there are other tools that can do this job as well, like bridging.  I like this more because bridging often fails to work for me, and this is more straight forward. Furthermore, wield edges also comes in handy when fixing an error. When we deletethe sides that are causing the error, it will create a hole. You can easily fill in the hole, or even modify it by connecting the points.

My second favorite tool is symmetry. The reason for this is pretty obvious. Symmetry helps avoid all sorts of trouble. When I have this tool turned on, it helps by not making the shape look weird when I work on one side of it, it will copy what I did, and copies it perfectly onto the other side. This tool helps saves a lot of time and trouble. Without this, my project might be uneven, and also i have to spend double the time to complete my project.


This is where i am right now. I am basically done with my project, but i still have to repolish the wings to make them look better.



This was the work I did in the first class on Wednesday and Tuesday. I gathered all the materials needed to make this product. It was challenging to gather the materials as some of them were not working, especially the battery. At first, I used two small batteries placed in a battery box, but there were a lot of problems, also they were not strong enough. Therefore I was trying different kinds of battery until I found this big one which is strong and suitable for my project.
Since I was sick on Friday, I did not go to class.