Polymer Project Journal 4 Notes 2

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Polymer Project Journal 1 Planning Notes

I am working on an economic issue in China. Have you ever wondered why some people are very rich and some others are very poor? Well, I have. therefore my research question is: Why is the income gap of the rich and the poor so huge in China? From this research, I hope to gain the knowledge of the answer to my research question and find a way to improve it if possible. I would also like my peers to notice this problem and appreciate their lives in a rich and well-educated family.

Hello, I am Archie Augustine age 46. I am a survivor of the American revolutionary war. Back then, I was a young boy who grew up in a rich family. My dream as a little kid was to carry on my father’s business and become a rich and famous man so my dad will be proud of me. But after an accident that happened to my parents in the “French and Indian War”,  my life had changed, and my dream was crushed. I was alone, no-one was there to support me anymore. There would always be a cloud of loneliness and depression surrounding me wherever I went. I had no hope. Until one day, a British man named Benjamin Williams pulled me up from my puddle of darkness, there was a shining bright light on his face. Finally, my lord and savior had arrived, finally, someone who also cared about me. After a few years, we became partners and started a tea business. We sold tea to both British and American citizens for a living.

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As soon as the “New world” had become independent, the colonists decided to name it the United States of America. There were things that changed and other things that stayed the same. What did not change after the independence of America was the rights of women and slavery. Even though women were a huge factor in winning the revolutionary war, they were still treated the same way as before and did not get any additional attention. Moving on, slavery is still a thing until now. Although it is forbidden in certain countries, there are still other places that allow slavery. Now, to the changes. A huge change after the war was that as said above, the Americans finally gained freedom and became an independent country. By being independent, they have the right to create their own government to rule themselves instead of  having a monarchy with all the power like the British





January 11, 2018

Have you ever thought why bugs exist on earth? Some say they are a bunch of disgusting, tiny creatures that annoy us. Well, I agree with part of their argument. Sure, bugs can be disgusting and annoying, and sometimes they could give us diseases that might lead us to sickness and even death. There are also insects that suck most of your blood out of your body and even eat it afterward! Therefore, it is very understandable to hate bugs. However, bugs are also very useful to humans… if you want to know more, I recommend you read this book, as it is swarming with all kinds of gross but valuable facts about bugs that I guarantee you didn’t even know about. The central idea of this book “Bugged” by Sarah Albee is that although bugs are disgusting, they are useful to humans, without them our lives would be much harder.

There are a lot of types of bugs and insects, and they all have different specialties. For example, mosquitos, butterflies, and bees. mosquitos feed on nectar and water. Female Mosquitos drink the blood of a living object, like humans and animals. They suck our blood out with their long and sharp needles. They use the protein and iron in the blood to make eggs. As you can see, this type of insect can be harmful to us. Next, butterflies are harmless and peaceful, they feed on nectar, sap flowers, rotting fruits, and animal dung. But some are poisonous, you will be fine as long as you don’t eat it. This type of insect is friendly to other living objects. Finally, bees are also harmless beings, if you don’t harm them that is. “Since ancient times, people realized that both honey and wax were highly useful products.” (Page 21) Beeswax has been used to embalm mummies and to make candles, cosmetics, batik fabric, and paints.  As you can see although some bugs could be relatively similar, different species of bugs still have some differences. some bugs like butterflies, ants, are harmless, other bugs could be dangerous as they attack living organisms. They also have different styles of life, or what they do for a living. However, although insects can be disgusting and annoying, they are actually very helpful to humanity. Bees can help us produce honey. Honey is very important to us, it is very beneficial to the human health and skin. There are also lots of food we eat that are made with honey, for example, Yogurt, herb, juices, desserts. Furthermore, some of our medical products such as flu vaccines were made from insects. Lastly, this might sound a bit cruel, but people also use insect’s bodies to make materials, and more advanced technology, they also do experiments on them.

In conclusion, according to my experiences with bugs, there is something that I must state out. I know this might be repetitive, but bugs are the most disgusting creatures I’ve ever seen in my entire life. They are one of my worst fears when I see them I often get goosebumps. Also, I have always been targeted by mosquitos, when there is a mosquito somewhere near me, it’s first priority will be to hunt me down. Most of the times they will choose me to bite out of everyone else. I am also afraid of touching them. Their tiny, slimy, hairy and sometimes wet body makes the hair on my neck stand up. Even though I am scared and hate bugs, I still appreciate them a lot because, without them, we wouldn’t have as advanced technology, medicines, good quality clothes, and honey.